Save Money on Slabs of Beer (Damaged Cartons) - Woolworths

Hey Guys,

I'm not sure if this has been shared before, but I have successfully received a discount a number of times by taking a damaged box of beer to the counter and asking for a discount. Discounts have ranged from $5-$10 a carton. Another tack is to take an undamaged box to the counter and mentioning there is a damaged one.

Apparently they hate having any damaged boxes in stock as most people won't take them.

Happy drinkin.

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    Surprising. Having worked in a bottle-o during Uni, you’d think they’d just sell the “damaged” slabs as 6packs (assuming the product in question is sold in smaller packs)

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      This is what happens when company gets so big and everything is driven by a computer system. If system has no provision for converting case of beer into 6packs, there is not much staff can do about it regardless how much sense does it make. They need to sell it as a case of beer. Good on OP for exploiting this.

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        You know basically every bottle shop will happily open up a slab and sell you a six pack or singles?

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          I can understand what lubos is saying.

          I went to a Bunnings to get washers and the loose ones were out. I needed 4. The boxes come in 200. I asked if they can open a box and sell them as loose.

          Apparently they cannot and they made a special order for me filled out a few forms to get a call when the product comes in, got a call… For $1.20, most expensive sale for 4 washers.


          I've always just ripped open cartons myself for six packs (if loose six packs aren't already there).


        I work in a big bottle o chain and the computer already has SOO as singles, not sure what bottle shop OP is going to but yeah not going to work in most places for sure


    …best PSA of the day

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    I buy chipped pavers at bunnings, take them all and they usually cost $1ea instead of $10 ea. Big cracked ones were cut in 1/3 and used for matching garden edges (i just bury the cut edge and throw the rest away)

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    Costco often does similar with its scratch and dent area. Damaged packaging, display items, last run stock, multiple stock items where someone has pinched one of the items.

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    You can do this with everything.

    See a nice designer shirt or bag? Squirt some ketchup or use your sharpie.

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      People like you ruin it for everyone else.


        Rofl was sarcasm

        Note in ops op

        Another tack is to take an undamaged box to the counter and mentioning there is a damaged one.

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          Unfortunately there are people who deliberately damage the boxes to get a discount. I usually give the discounts for the people who never ask for it. At least this is the practice in my store.

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    Yeah I work at BWS, this doesn't happen.
    You must be lucky OP, especially for $10 discounts.

    The carton is completely superficial as people rip into at home anyway.

    Usually goes like this

    Customer"can I a get a discount?"
    Staff "why? Is the beer damaged?"

    As another commenter said I might take a dollar or two off if they don't ask.

    It's true the case sits there a little longer as people are pedantic about packaging but it all sells, either as the damaged carton or as 6 packs.


      I work at Liquorland and have customers want to start a fight about it once in a blue moon, its a complete no. The actual beer isn't damaged. Only big discounts happen when the product is close to being out of date or on clearance.

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        There's no button to press for a discount on these so called damages, if you change the price for a non valid reason you would be risking your job


    Used by dates on micro breweries worked for me at Dm's hold the phone torch to the neck of the bottle towards you easiest way to see the date.
    Scored some Mallee Bull Mildura Brewery 3 weeks out of date years back can't remember how much but if I didn't pick it they would have sold me full price.
    Mate scored some Korean lite beer for $7.50 a carton he come back to buy a heap more and they put it up to $15 the next day they mustn't have put excise tax on it at that price


    BWS won't discount for a damaged box. They will simply open the box and put the 6 packs in the display fridge.

    If any stubbies or cans are damaged, they will be written off and thrown. They will not be sold cheap. And to make sure they are not taken by staff, the manager checks the written off stubbies/cans before tipping them down the sink.


      Must be a store specific policy, my local BWS regularly has a stand next to the front counter with a whole heap of damaged singles that they sell for 50c, $1, $2 etc depending on what it is. I'll often get beer or cider to cook with from it.


    How does a damaged box impact the beverage


    Why would they reduce the price of case of beer just because carton is damaged (unless it is a very low selling beer or it is close to best before date), when they make more profit selling 6 packs/ singles. If that’s the case based on clientele of the certain shop there will be heaps of damaged cartons.


    I call BWS… oops BS!