Free Small Fries / Soft Serve Cone with Any Purchase for Completing Survey @ McDonald's


Free choice from a small fries, three pack of nuggets or a soft serve when you leave feedback at McDonald's. Purchase (of another product) required to claim this item.

They will email your coupon a day or few after you've left feedback.

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      …now thank you very much
      I need somebody with a human touch
      Hey you always on the run
      Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun


      Thought was all free untill saw the word choice is yours.

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    It says you “with any purchase”
    Can you get it without purchasing anything?

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    Can confirm this works. BTW tartar sauce is the cheapest item to purchase (@40c), if you just want the fries/cone/nuggets.


      Now a sauce with nuggets for 40c… that's a good idea!

      Can you do an inception style feedback loop getting nuggets with sauce every few days for 40c though?

      Although… Cadbury flake with the ice cream is tempting :) Heck… even sauce on fries is a good idea!

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        That's what I thought I'd do initially, but actually they just send you an email that you show the cashier and they manually add on to your order. So, you wouldn't need to keep doing the feedback, one is enough. It has unlimited uses, but I doubt that they'd let you use it again after you used it already right in front of them.

        As for sauce on fries, there's a reason why they do loaded fries, and it's not because it looks nice.. give it a go, you won't regret it :)

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      What kind of feedback are you providing on a purchase of tartar sauce?


        No, you provide the feedback before you buy the tartar sauce, then when you get the voucher you go into store and buy the cheapest item (tartar sauce) and use the voucher with it, as the voucher requires a purchase to be made to be applied.

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    Just to add some more info (OP you might wanna edit this into your post), the voucher has unlimited uses, they email it to you, but it's only usable for 7 days and only at the branch that you select whilst doing the feedback.

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    Here's an older deal (with link to an older yet deal) for past discussion.
    And another one

    Note: used to be 10 mcbites not 3 McNuggets

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    Thanks OP. Ice cream cone, 3 nugs with spicy sauce and a cup of 'courtesy' iced water for 70c.


    What are they worth?
    What's the cheapest item on the menu?


      Read above.

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      Worth? Well, it's subjective, but both the nuggets and the fries are about $2-3, whilst the cone goes for around 70c.

      Cheapest item is tartar sauce, 40c.

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      Cost wise the nuggets are $3 or so normally
      Small fries vary from around $1.95-$2.15
      Soft serve varies from 60 to 70 cents.

      Also, if you are spending $3 don't forget you can claim a free medium drink (soft drink/orange juice - or small coffee in VIC) with Studentedge.

      Cheeseburger + small chips + small drink + free nuggets + sauce + free coffee/medium OJ for $3 was so good. (3 for $3)

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    I prefer the hungry Jack's survey voucher. Buy a $2 cheesy cheeseburger, get small fries and drink for free, making a nice snack meal.

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      get small fries and drink for free

      A small soft drink might cost around 3-4 cents. Fries they sell for $1 (cost much less)
      Very smart.

      I prefer it too (actually prefer shake and win over both) but Hungry Jack's aren't in that many locations.