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Xbox One Play N Charge Kit for $19 @ JB Hi-Fi


JB HiFi has the official Xbox One Play N Charge Kit for $19 (so does Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.au/Xbox-One-Play-Charge-Kit/dp/B0773R...).

Other retails are charging $25+ for the official version or $19 for an aftermarket alternative.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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  • For this official one I think you can plug in the cable to the controller itself and use it as a wired controller while charging? Whereas the aftermarket ones you plug the cable into the battery pack itself?

  • Just get some eneloops.

    • Or the popular new el-cheapo alternative that is likely just a rebranded version. The white Ikea LADDA's.

      • all NI-MH cells that say made in japan (Energizer, Duracell, IKEA, Amazon) all come out of the Panasonic factory so yes they are all eneloops.

    • Eneloops are definitely viable, but if you nab a pair of Xbox Plug N Plays at a competitive price, the convenience is well worth it, plus it adds to resale value if you decide to sell your controller.

  • Will it work on the white xbox One s controller?

  • The cable's trash. Battery is great, but have already replaced cable (luckily just a micro-usb)

    If you find a cheaper alternative with a legitimate Xbox battery, I'd do that.

    $19 isn't bad though.

    • sometimes orange indicator doesn't work properly when its charging with this cable

      • It barely ever worked for me. Then it would have trouble connecting/charging.

        Now I'm using a different one. Gives me no indicator, but I at least know it'll charge..

  • Highly recommended. Been using it for the past couple of weeks and haven't had to charge it yet. Also the cable included is long.

  • Is anyone using this with an elite controller? I've read that the battery pack is lighter than using AAs.

    I'm thinking it would be more convenient as you can just plug it into a powerbank and continue playing. This is how I've been playing with my ps4 controller anyway.

  • I've been using a Brooks X One adapter for a while now because I love the Xbox One Elite controller paddles which allow independent button presses and right stick.

    It's a battery - but it also allows the Xbox One controller to be used on Switch and PS4 including gyro controls and touchpad via emulation. Of course it can still be used on Xbox and Windows 10 wireless adapter.

    Then it also allows on-the-fly button remapping (including macro sequences) and setting turbo (rapidly hit button automatically)

    The claimed 4 hours use time seems way to conservative.

    You will need to plug it into via USB to charge it (slim chance there's a dock but maybe it could be 3D printed). Everything is controlled using the XBOne controller and one button on the device which you need to learn. It's easy enough to remember how to switch devices but there's a small learning curve to everything, remapping and turbos is a little harder. There's a printed manual that's well documented and produced although it is just a sheet of paper.

    It does nothing good for how the controller looks but it functions very very well. My one peeve is it doesn't automatically switch off meaning you have to hit the button. It likely doesn't use much power if they left it like this though and like I said the fours hours use figure they provide seems conservative to me as it seems to last longer albeit that I haven't timed it.

    At $60 or so (Amazon, ebay) it's a lot more expensive than a battery obviously but if you want this kind of product you get a hell of a lot for your money.

    No affiliation just love the product.

  • I just bought 3 of these from JB, ask them for a deal and they’ll likely reduce even further, they ended up doing 3 for $50 for me 😊

  • I am in the process of attaching an 18650 to the bottom of my controller, with a protection board inside the battery case, 1 3500mah 18650 should be equivalent to 3.5 eneloop pros or 2 of these play and charge kits

    • Using the pinouts for the battery pack, or the AA terminals??

      I'm assuming theres VCC,GND, and two wires for temp sensor… but I've not seen this actually documented anywhere. It'd be ideal to have native charging - then you wouldn't even need the protection circuit.

      • The protection circuit is mainly to prevent over-discharge as the xbox controller will only turn off at 2V and that is too low for a LI-Ion, I plan on using a tp4056 board for protection and somehow connecting onto the 5v usb power from the internal power I know VCC and ground are opposite ends.

  • I bought a battery from EB Games for $4 and used my own usb cable. https://ebgames.com.au/xbox-one-207082-Xbox-One---Rechargeab...

  • Thanks, I've been meaning to get two of these for ages :)

  • Amazon no longer $19