expired 3 DAY DEAL - SANYO Projector PDGDSU30 - $399 + FREE Delivery Only @ Dicksmith.com.au!


3 DAY DEAL - SANYO Projector PDGDSU30 - $399 + FREE Delivery only @ dicksmith.com.au!

Sanyo PDG-DSU30 uses a 180-watt UHP lamp and provides outstanding brightness of 2,500 lumens from its compact body. With a weight of only 2.3kg, PDG-DSU30 is a great projector for portable use from room to room.

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    800x600 SVGA Res, deal breaker.


      not surprised given the price…
      but correct. SVGA isn't good enough for a projector. I have an XGA which does the job, but I'd prefer a higher def.. Bring on 2k as a standard… surely TV manufacturers must be getting close to pushing it to keep up sales? Every man, woman, child and their dog have FullHD TV's now (one for each of them)!


    Old Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    But enough resolution for DVDs: PAL DVD's are 576x720, so not really worth going bigger, if you only want to use it to display DVD.
    If you go Blu-ray you need a FULL-HD instead. Much more $$$


    Not a bad deal if you mainly want it for professional presentations etc; or the occasional DVD; but not really what you'd call a HT projector ATM. :)


    I wouldn't call it a bargain, I got a Sanyo projector with almost identical specs for $379 from DSE in 2007 - it was fine as a budget large SD TV display, reliable over 3000 hours though had a few issues with the fan spinning up at random intervals for 10+ hours after being powered off. Without DVI or HDMI it's not really worth considering unless you are planning to keep using legacy S-Video/VGA/Composite devices.