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[PS4] Bloodborne [OOS], The Last of Us Remastered & More PS Hits $10 Each + Delivery (Free with Prime / $49 Spend) @ Amazon

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  • Why cant Killzone be $10
    It is the only one I care about but is never on sale

    • You're not missing much

    • Are you in sydney?

    • Killzone is pretty cheap on ebay, I bought it brand new for 10 ish around a month ago.


      Don't know if the link will work for you or if it violates some rules.

      • Cheers Zylam, bought No Mans Sky off of them when it was $10 actually haha

        • All good buddy! Haha oh nice, I have yet to grab No Man's Sky, now that it's on Xbox too might grab it there someday!

          • @Zylam Marex: I actually already own Killzone on disc, just, it is some dual language version with box all in chinese and doesnt sound right in the disc drive, I bought it for $5 a while ago and didnt realise till it was too late to return.

            • @JMxoxo: LOL oh wow that sounds like some doggy stuff, yeah I'd keep that away from the console if it sounds like it's going to break the drive!

              But wow 5, that is impressive there. I think the best I've ever done is find Ryse for 7 at JB hifi in like 2015 or something!

            • @JMxoxo: Maybe it's a Hong Kong version? There's no such thing as a dodgy version. If it's not a PS4 disc it won't work on the PS4.

              • @HandsomeMonkey: Yeah it is, not a dodgy version etc just dodgy disc really, not worthrisking the drive over an old cheap game haha
                Was in some clearance bin at JB a couple years ago and was pre owned

  • Guys. I don’t need Bloodborne in my life, right? God of War is still in its plastic wrap since that last deal…

    • Bloodborne is one of the main reasons to own a ps4.
      Should come packaged with it like Mario and duck hunt.

      • That and Knack.

        • I honestly hope your joking

          • @RoostersMan: He is. He meant KNACK 2 BAYBEE

          • -11 votes

            @RoostersMan: I don't subscribe to the circle-jerk that is Bloodborne.

            It's massively overhyped in my honest opinion, because the graphics are only average, and the gameplay is a love/hate thing (mostly hate). This is going to sound like simple complaint, and it sure isn't a popular opinion on any threads where Bloodborne is involved. I haven't played the other Demon Souls titles, and I'm not too into the medieval setting in games, so this was always going to be a questionable experience for me. And I'm no stranger to tactical games, or with harder settings, as long as the control scheme is good and not unnecessarily complicated and I'm having fun playing it.

            What I didn't know, is that you start off the game with pretty bad weapons/items.
            It takes a long time to get them upgraded. The checkpoints are spread far apart, especially the first to the second one. You do NOT need to kill every enemy or collect every item (something people are conditioned from most games). Every time you die, you lose your real-life time, your items, any items you picked previously, with the enemies respawning at full health.

            So if you aren't good at this game in the start:
            …and 95% people aren't because the controls aren't that great, lack of maps can be disorientating, you're getting used to things etc because its a new game, then….
            …well, then you're going to die over a dozen times as you acclimate to the game.

            And at that point, it means you're going to have much less items to successfully complete the checkpoint run. Meaning the game gets harder and harder. Which means it requires more effort, more time, and gets repetitive fast… which makes the ingredients for a non-fun experience.

            If you have played the game and beat it, sure, learn some secrets, and start it over. This time you will start as more of an Amateur/Professional, and pass the checkpoints with much better ease and less time, meaning you actually get an enjoyable experience. But for mainstream people, this isn't a great game, so the fans shouldn't hype it up as a great game. People that are attracted to games like Bloodborne will already have knowledge of it. And if you doubt me, just Google it ad see the amount of people complaining with the main advice is "stop playing this game, or git gud".

            I just finished GoW on the Hard Difficulty, and honestly it was a greater challenge than Bloodborne. But since the game is much better designed in terms of controls, orientation, items… it doesn't feel like a chore. When I make a mistake and die, then I know it wasn't a poor design, but moreso my shortcoming and I generally know what I did wrong and how to do better. This isn't quite the case (or clear cut) with Bloodborne. Besides, GoW allows you to decrease the difficulty if you like. Before Bloodborne, I recommend people play GoW twice (first on easy and focus only on main mission, second time on hard and focus on side quests while retaining your upgrades).

            • @Kangal: At no point in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

            • @Kangal: Gow is awesome though.

              I did get a bit bored fighting the giants/golem things I must say.

              Bloodborne is very difficult. If you can manage to get on it's level, it is something else.
              Not sure I can remember too many games that took my breath away like it

            • @Kangal: I was talking about Knack :)

            • @Kangal: GoW on hard difficulty is just enemies hitting harder and you doing the same old shit over and over again, it gets old

              • @Freestyle: Tend to agree here. That and the HP of the enemies are frustratingly high. I felt like I was hitting pillows. I preferred playing GOW on normal difficulty.

                Bloodborne is a masterpiece imo. It's one of the only games that I still feel emotion for long after it's been completed. Albeit, I'm a big dark souls fan so I came in with a predisposition to their gamestyle.

                • @malich: yeah, not like GoW bosses were innovative in any shape anyway

                  The valkyries were the hardest of the bunch but each of them follow a specific pattern with one or 2 unique moves added in

                  The first valk took me a while to kill but after that mostly 1-2 shots lol

                  GoW is more about the combat than the bosses or even enemies, most only do one thing

      • Does anyone know if this is the non patched version where you can do the item duplication glitch & early access to forbidden forest?

        • That's an interesting question.
          Do these 'hits' editions contain updated game files.

          Even if it didn't, you'd have to upgrade to improve the loading times. They were pretty awful at launch.

    • Bloodbourne is the best game I have played on PS4 thus far.

    • Bloodborne is very good, but so is God of war. Bloodborne can be pretty frustrating at some parts but, some bosses were very challenging. It took me a while to truly appreciate it. God of war is a lot more accessible. I think its worth purchasing Bloodborne for this price anyways.

    • Bloodborne ruined a lot of other games for me. You start playing other action-adventure RPGs and realising how straightforward and pointless they are. Game tells you that you should press X so you press X and the game advances. Repeat with more buttons. Bloodborne was the first game to make me realise that games should be difficult, in the sense that they're most rewarding when you have to discover things for yourself: how to defeat an enemy, where to go, the story of the world you're in.

      I agree, it's the game of a console generation for me.

  • Was waiting for the amazon price match! Thanks!

  • Still sad Bloodborne not on PC :(

  • What happened to Ratchet & Clank?

  • Uncharted listings are now $24. Out of stock?

    • They're still $10 (seem to be on back-order), just select Amazon AU as the seller, I've updated the description for the links.

  • Wow why do playstation games depreciate so hard?

    • Sold many consoles

    • All business, reduce price when old to get more sales.

    • That's a good thing right? I saw Skyrim for the Switch in shops for 80 AUD and was like 'screw that Nintendo tax'…..

    • These are all old games that have been bestsellers - Sony re-released them under the PlayStation Hits label (formerly the Greatest Hits/Platinum label) at reduced prices - easy ways of getting into the PS4 library without breaking the bank. They also don't rely on their first party titles nearly as much as say Nintendo or to a lesser extent, Microsoft, and given they're the market leaders with the largest playerbase, doing this is fine if it can get more people into the PlayStation ecosystem.

  • Anyone know what times of the year there are usually console sales? Tempted to buy some games before I even get the console

  • amazon are copycats. I like it.

    • I wish they were instigators though. Although they have some good console sales occassionally.

  • Uncharted Nathan Drake collection link is uncharted 4 try this

  • That blood borne doesn’t come with the dlc?

    • No, unfortunately.
      Not sure why they don't include it.

      I suppose they figure if you enjoy the game, you'll buy the dlc anyway.

      Which you definitely well if you manage to finish this game.

  • Picked up Uncharted 4 thanks :)

  • Ooh, I'm like many posters here - pile of shame so high it would make trump happy… haven't opened any from the last Amazon ps4 game sale. Already played a long way through the last of us on PS3 so should really reconnect that console and keep going… or buy it again and make my stack bigger!

  • NOICE.

    Just ordered the Tomb Raider Special Edition for $39! Game + Steelbook + Tokatu figure = a price I'm okay with.

    Edit: Whoops, I didn't read the post properly. I ordered this through EB. Please feel free to remove.

    • Wish they'd have that discount for the Xbox version too. Wonder if it has to do with the fact that it's on gamepass.

  • Bloodborne 29$

  • I got too much backlog. Not sure if I should spend $10 lol

  • Little Big Planet 3 isn't as good as first 2. It's designed different and not as fun.

  • With so many good games and so little time, I don't play the 75% games, you know, those with a great concept but have a few flaws that you habe to work around. So now I only stick to the well reviewed games, while most of the games I play have been enjoyable (I (profanity) hate Battlefield 1 single player), it feels like I'm missing out.

  • +1 vote

    Bloodborne is $25, deal expired?

  • Bought all those games when it was $17, haven't touched single of them. I think I'll set a new low price to purchase games ->$10.

  • Ratchet and Clank is one of the greatest 3D platformers of all time. It's so underrated, so fun for a title aimed at young kids.

    Bloodborne is essential and Last of us.. Well if games could win Oscar's.. if you just got a PS4.

    Bloodborne is something I can't play in one sitting and great in small doses to get that Risk/Reward feeling.

    Actually all those Games are great for that price

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