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[Pre-Order] Xiaomi 70mai Pro Dashcam 1944P HD Car DVR Camera English Version US $56.86 (~AU $81.84) Shipped @ Banggood


This is the English Version.

  1. 24-Hour Monitor Always -on Protection of car.
    With time lapse function and motion detection supported by G-sensor, 70 mai Pro can help recording during parking mode.
  2. 1944P Super High Definition .
    5 mega pixel, 1944P resolution with WDR that adjusts the exposure balance capaturing in greater detail both in darkness and
    strong light and produces a more clear and vibrant image.
  3. Advanced Driver Assistance System Boost Your Driving Safety
    Real time Alert warns you when veening off the lane and when about to hit another vehicle ahead.
  4. With DeFog Algorithm
    Reduce distortion or degradation of images and reproduce a clear vision while driving in snow, smoke and haze environment.

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  • When is the expected delivery if ordered now

  • +1

    Out of the warehouse by 6 April. Shipping is 7-25 working days. I have never ordered from them, but heard shipping can take 3-4 weeks.

    • BTW GST needs to be factored into price in title, which is now done

  • Had a few dash cams, these are amazing. My English version can do 24/7 but my Chinese version randomly turns off (same sd, same settings)… Weird. The fog and rain clarity is incredible!

    • +1

      how did you get 1 so fast while this is still pre-order

      • -1

        I have had the chinese 70mai pro for around 8 weeks and English one for about 5 (it was quite good, so ordered one front and back). They have been out for a while, perhaps it's preorder on Bangood because it may be a new line for them?

        • I had a quick look for any options for the 70 mai pro and couldn't identify a back option. Is this for the chinese version only?

          • @nerd1: Nah I just got two, both are identical. One is front and one is rear facing :)

      • I have the English version from Indiegogo last year. It was US$69 for dash cam + GPS module + 32GB SD card.

        • How does it go against extreme heat conditions? Any issues?

          • +3

            @coolndeep: I live in Melbourne where the highest temperature this summer was 42.8°C according to the BoM. No issues parking on a rooftop for hours in direct sunlight.

          • +1

            @coolndeep: I can also attest to this. They have been handling the extreme heat in bne and gc very well… Last week we had a few 39/40 days. I park in the street at home and in the sun for work,never had any issues. Previous cams did have battery issues in the sun.

    • How does it go against extreme heat conditions? Any issues?

    • -1

      If the unit randomly turns off how is it amazing? It seems like more shit build quality from Xiaomi, you have an accident and go to get the video and it's gone due to some fault.

      • +1

        Wow is this a joke? People mentioning the units randomly shutting off, another mentioned they had multiple batteries cook and the units not good in the Australian heat and i get negged.

        Whatever go ahead and buy it, make sure you come back in just over 12 months when the warranty is gone and it's crapped out or when you have an accident and find it wasn't recording.

  • How much for gps optional?

  • +2

    Battery dashcam does not suit Australian Conditions.

    • Has a maximum operating temp of 60c .

      • +2

        Which I believe would be problematic given temperatures in a car parked outdoors can exceed that on a hot day which much of Australia can get. Capacitor models are better suited although I guess there’s nothing stopping people removing the cam on those extreme days.

      • +2

        Had 2 batteries cook due to the summer heat. Whilst it wont fail straight away, the heat will sigificantly reduce the battery life span.

        Besides would rather avoid having lithium battery fire risk in the car.

    • +1

      Capacitor is better suited, correct?

      • Yes go with something like a Viofo A129

        • I checked and they have an operating temperature of up to 65 degrees? So not much better.

  • It's worth getting the GPS. Allows for a few extra settings otherwise not available, including lane detection and motion detection from vehicles ahead.

    I bought these dash cans back with the preorder and been using for a few months now.

    Usb cables are nice and long, can install discretely behind the head board.

    They also have park mode so will continue to record if they detect motion when you're parked.

    In the event of an accident it will tag and bring a couple of clips together around the time of accident.

    They are also voice activated, so it is possible to take snaps or flag video

    • does this GPS record your speed on the video?
      Does it have the feature of alerting you for speed cameras?

      • +2

        No speed or position on video. The GPS module is simply for ADAS:

        • Lane departure warning (when over 80 km/h)
        • Vehicle movement detection (alerts you if the vehicle ahead starts moving while you're stationary)
        • Collision warning - I turn this off to avoid hearing "be aware of the vehicle ahead" 10 times per trip. My car already has a much better built-in collision warning system anyway.
        • Thanks :)

    • azazal and aryan12, how did your 70mai pro go over the summer. I keep seeing the comment ragnarok1983 posted about batteries and Australian summer.

      • You can build a dashcam for Australian heat.

        Would a company in China do that? How would they even test it? I doubt they know the weather we get here.

      • no worry none of the $35/$55 70mai blew up

    • How does it go against extreme heat conditions? Any issues?

  • How can it do 24 hour video recording?

    • It does't. The battery would not last.
      The camera gets activated if the car gets hit. This feature works when you hardwire it.

      • Even if i hardwire it, will this unit has 12v battery drain protection or it need to come with the hard wiring kit?

  • extra $25 for gps module

  • I bought two of this, one chinese version and one english version from local ebay seller ($89). Very good camera, I like the look, easy install, good made and reliable, static sticker, very good day time quality, easy to use and link. With the just passed Sydney's hottest summer, it can withstand whole day baking on it. The minor complain from me is night time quality is so so, probably can says not that good at all, the record time is only one minus per file, video deform at the edge, doesn't take 128gb card(regarding to the meun).

  • +1

    note that the camera does not understand English commands well and may not record during accident. (happen to me).
    also no support from manufacturer.

    • Wouldn't you just have this recording 24/7 when you are driving?

      • set at max resolution / 64 gb filled up within 24 hours.

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