expired Honolulu, Hawaii Return fr. SYD $456 / MEL $478 / OOL $590 / BNE $628 / ADL $642 / CNS $692 / PER $778 on Jetstar via Flightscou


Dates: May to early December
Airline: Jetstar
From: Most major Australian cities
To: HNL (Honolulu)
FF: Qantas Frequent Flyer program

Skytrax: 4th best Low Cost Airline of 2018

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  • +5 votes

    They need to stop marketing dreamliner flights as something special or luxurious since they’re far from new now and have so many seats jammed in there It was always a con anyway.

    • +4 votes

      Better air pressure, more fuel efficient if concerned about the environment, plane-wide controlled dimming windows to prevent that shock wakeup as someone opens a window at sunrise?

      I mean it's still a low cost carrier, but it's definitely one of the better planes to fly on.

    • +1 vote

      I once paid extra to fly this route Qantas instead of Jetstar thinking it would be nicer. The Qantas plane felt like something out of the 1980s and was awful, as was the food (I normally find Qantas food pretty good).
      For whatever reason, Qantas seems to treat this route like the scrapyard for its fleet. I wish I'd flown the cheaper Jetstar option with a shiny new Dreamliner.


    i'd rather they market "clarify" it as a dreamliner and not max8 ….


    I have traveled on Jetstar dreamliner to hawaii.. i could feel the difference.
    I have seen cheaper fare when they have free return flight promo.


    How strict is Jetstar with carry-on weight and size ?

    • +1 vote

      Roll the dice. I've been on many flights where there's no questions or scales. Then on a trip to Hobart I had my bag weighed and I was slightly over. They do this in advance and provide a tag to show you're compliant. I just went and took out a heavy jacket and wore it onto the plane instead. Dumb, but they have to weed out the idiots who are trying to take on a semi trailer load of bags onboard. Just don't be one of those people and be prepared to wear or carry in your pockets if necessary. Best advice is use a light bag or small suitcase to begin with. It will keep the overall weight down and not raise suspicion.

    • +1 vote

      Flying internationally, I've had carry-on bags weighed 100% of the time on check in


        Only at check in ? That's easy to beat.


          For international, yeah, although there's no guarantee that they won't start weighing again at boarding.

          They weigh at check in and then tag your bags - it would be pretty easy to beat if you got your empty bag weighed, then went away and loaded everything in before you went to the gate.

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