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30% off BOSTANTEN Leather Belt (Waist Size 34-46) $17.49 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Bostanten Amazon AU


MATERIA: The men belts is made of genuine cowhide leather with new design buckle.
SIZE: 1.25"/3.5 CM wide belt Suitable for size 34-46 waist, plz buy one size larger than your waist.
EASY TRIM: Big and tall belts for men with easy removable buckle allows you to withdraw and trim the belt body to your ideal size.
VERSATILE: Ideal men accessory to wear as an everyday belt, goes great with uniform, jeans or formal wear.
Removable buckle, you can change belt sizes to match your daily style. Enclosed in an Elegant Gift Box.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Good quality! Been using for over 6 months. Recommended!

  • So if you are a 34ish buy the next size up? 36-39 seems excessive.

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      you can cut them down, just un-clip the end cut to make shorter and clip back in.

    • I'm a 34ish also normally so am abiy perplexed by this too. Sure you can cut them down but i thought the too excessively large you go you'll be cutting into or reducing the tracj underneath the belt that it clicks into place and holds?

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    Bought last time. Excellent.

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    I like mine. Pants still holding up. No scratches, no cracking of the leather. Used for 7 months.

    • Did you go the size up??beinf a 34ish it see.s 34-36 is perfect but then they tell you to go higher which is 36-39 which seems excessive??

      • You can very easily cut it shorter and reattach the buckle, but you can't make it longer. I'm not sure what size I got. I don't think I had a choice back then.

  • Says $24.98 on all sizes except 28-34 which is $74.78

    • I presume that's where that code comes in, haven't tried myself.

  • Im between 32 and 34… Should i just get the 34-36 and cut it to shortest it will allow?

    • I'm using same size and bought 36-39 last time. You can easily cut the belt if required

      • Does it not affect the track length that it clicks into by buying so large and cutting down to size?

        • nope as you cut the belt at the other end

  • Hi OP, do you have belt in brown. I would like to buy one black and one brown.

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    That buckles a bit out there for office wear, do you have alternative designs?

    • I agree. OP, can you give us a code that can apply to the Prong style belts?

  • I was looking at a $60 ratchet belt, but got 2 of these instead for about $25 each from Amazon. Very happy. They have been used everyday for about 3 months and still look new. Recommended, once you get a ratchet belt, all others suck.

  • Leather is so 2018

  • Does anyone know what these type of belt buckles are? I always just called them the lazy mans convenience belt given they have no holes. Always stocked up in trips to malaysia for example as many of the dept stores ones i frequent sold them. They're great in that given the track clicks in you can easily secure to your waist vs predetermined holes.

    I notice the majority of my buckles fine but the leather belts attached starting to frey and crack and split. Was hoping to find a proper name for these to look for more as im not flying on holidays anytime soon.

    Either that or any specialty online stores sell a heap of them?? Or even somewhere just to get the actual leather belt straps as a replacement… given i have all the buckles still? As i assume they all work the same?

    • You can get the belts without buckles on Ebay.
      Not much of a saving I think; but you can usually put your buckles on the new ones if you prefer the old ones.

    • "Ratchet", sometimes called "Sliding buckle" or "Automatic buckle" belts.

      • Thanks. Had no idea what these belt types were called. I only mentioned reusing old buckles merely because at least I know they match. If it isn't much savings happy to get buckle and belt in one. Any favourite or good stores to recommend for buying these "ratches" / "sliding buckle" belt only (no buckle)?

  • Current belt is about to fall apart… Thanks.

  • +1

    Mine arrived this morning. Impressive packaging….. I'm a tight size 34, and the 34-36 fits perfectly.

    • So for a comfortably /tight 34'er you recommend 34-36 for sure?

      • Yep. If you want to be safe it would be easy to adjust it, so go the longer size. I think the issue would be if you were on the other end eg if you were a 36, the 34-36 would likely be too short.

        • Yeah im def a 34. Some pants the 34 is still too tight but i assume their measurements are way out?? As most places i do find the 34 fits so i presume im generally 34.

          • @SaberX: Same. Most 34 pants are perfect, some are too tight. Obviously not the exact science you would hope! So sounds like the 34-36 belt would be good for you as well and save you the trouble of trimming it.

            • @PlasticSpaceman: yeap got the 34-36! also got connecd into buying a heap of the other 'related' belts…. all up i got whacked for $100, that's how they pull you in! haha.