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Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $349.97 Click and Collect (RRP $499.95) @ David Jones


Hi all,

This is the much-loved headphones on OzBargain now at David Jones for a reasonable price.

Black version same price: https://www.davidjones.com/Product/22200990/WIRELESS-NOISE-C...
Silver version: https://www.davidjones.com//22200991/WIRELESS-NOISE-CANCELLI...

You can get 10% off DJ gift cards and use them to buy these with AGL rewards or Lumo Ameego rewards.

Please see https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/discounted_egift_cards more ways to get discount DJ gift cards through reward programs.

I don't believe Cash rewards is giving out cashback for DJ electronics.

Happy Shopping!

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David Jones
David Jones

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    A "Stunning" price is a little over the top when it has been almost $30 cheaper 4 different times in the past month

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    Not best offer, but good enough considering it is a physical store.

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    Might be worthwhile for those who are travelling international last minute and what TRS.

  • For the moment its the best deal. Not the best deal since its release. I would try cash rewards.

  • +1

    the black seems to be not available right now :(

    • Looks like it's gone back up to $499 now :(

  • click and collect is only available in some stores. delivery option is disabled. (white)

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    Combining 10% off DJ gift cards with CR/SB could make this come down to the $300 mark. I can't find any clauses which states DJ Electronics is exempt from cashback at CR or SB, any links to that OP?

    • I could be wrong but I read that the 5% cash back from DJ is only for cloths and accessories. No mention of electronics.

    • 315 to be exact.

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    Black is full price

  • +1

    deal is over

  • So this was available for 4 hours? Pretty lame.

    • Silver version is back to $349!

  • Black one is available again, but it was in store pickup only. After discounted gift cards and shopback, it cost me slightly less than $300.

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    DJs website is seriously screwy. If I click on the links above, sometimes I get the discounted price and sometimes the full price. If I reload I only get the full price. And I can't actually buy these items anyway as there is no button to achieve this task.

  • Did anyone go to JB match price?

  • I'm surprised no-one has mentioned price matching a sony kiosk. With the amex cashback I'm sure at least some of us have you'd be looking at $299.97 with the cashback.

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