expired [PS4] Anthem $29.95 + Delivery (Free Pickup Penshurst, NSW) @ The Gamesmen


After 1 month Anthem has already hit the clearance bins! PS4 version for $29.95 with free in store pickup at The Gamesmens Penshurst store, or $6.95 standard delivery.

Xbox One version still at $55.

I'm not sure when the deal ends, but the email I received says "this weeks deal", so I have placed the end date as the end of this week.

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The Gamesmen
The Gamesmen



    Wow two of their games under half price after a few weeks after release EA aren't doing themselves any favors 😂🤣

    have they fixed the bricking/crashing issue on ps4s at least ?


    why not xbox one??? ;(

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    If EA go away perhaps it'll give smaller devs and publishers more space in market to do their stuff.


      if EA goes away theres still a few more to go… ubisoft… activision… all haven't had great press in the past few years.


      This doesn't make any sense? EA going away won't affect Indie Devs or smaller publishers. It's not like their games will suddenly increase in availability or gain more popularity.

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        If the market isn't flooded with AAA tripe that's been advertised the hell out of yet rushed out and usually filled with micro-transactions (and sadly the hype often sells the garbage) then more people would be looking at other games. Small devs would be earning more coin in the long run as EA wouldn't have a grasp on the market. They also wouldn't get to buy good devs like Bioware and destroy them.


    Hahaha… priceless… such a waste of time this game. Been out a few weeks and already in the bargain bin. I really wanted this relationship to work. I tried. But Christ, it is trash at the moment. Wait for it to go down to about $10~15, buy it, then wait for all the patches and for the game to be worth playing. I love the game, but it just doesn’t seem to love me back…

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    the most annoying thing about this game is, the twitch.tv ads they force on you.
    "woah, this flyings siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick."


    Hi Amazon, please price match. Thanks.

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