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Edifier Studio 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers (R1700BT) $139 Delivered @ Dick Smith by Kogan


I've been keeping an eye on these, and noticed Dick Smiths 48hrs free shipping coupon code this morning. I tested it, and confirmed it works.
Cheaper than all previous posted deals including shipping.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    Thanks OP! been in the market, this is a fantastic deal.

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      A good deal indeed!

      The big brother of these, the R2000DB is also on special for $245 including shipping, for those wanting more power and better bass and sound quality.

      Amazon reviews of it are also good.

      • R2000DB seem to have 5 inch woofer (4 inch for r1700db), larger tweeter and more powerful amplifiers.
        Better chance of filling a larger room I would say.

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        Thanks for the info, decided to go with R2000DB eventhough if it is quite significantly more expensive. Sound quality and bass is definitely better than its little brother.

  • Any reviews of these ?

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      Excellent desktop speakers - you won't be disappointed.

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      Plenty online. Seems a little too bassy for my tastes.

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      Here’s mine:
      They’re great

      • I have Logitech Z4's which I have been pretty impressed with soundwise (but they are getting a bit old in the tooth), but the sub can be a bit annoying.

        And then saw these and though .. hmmm .. should I pull the trigger?

        • I had a pair of edifier for a few years before i moved on to pair of Aktimate speakers.
          They were really nice and a step up from most of the speakers i had tried before.

    • I bought these for 200 like 4 years. They are not worth 200 but worth 139… if you are picky with sound…dont get em… in general they are good but to my ear i dont like em…

      • I will agree, the sound signature is not to my taste.

      • Thanks guys for the honest appraisal. Will give them a miss for now .. I am quite happy with the sounds from my Logitech Z4s even if the mrs doesnt like the thudding of the sub LOL

        • chingy did say “if you are picky with sound”.
          If you listen to the Logitech Z4’s you seem quite easy going with the sound, you may like the Edifier’s.
          (My guess is you’ll find the sound refreshing)
          Have heard good things from people who moved on from Logitech.
          And I’m sure the missus will like them better too.

  • Would anyone know if these are suitable to connect to a TV? Like the one in this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/445190

    • yes but you have to sit still & alone at the same spot with them pointing at your ears on the same level

      this is not meant for movies/surround sound

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        no deal, I must have the ability to do laps of the room while watching TV

        • -1

          wait till you have friends or family watching sports or movies on 2.0 bookshelf speaker, while hugging together in the centre of TV

          makes sense ? or forever alone watching TV

          • @phunkydude: I dunno about these in particular, but there's nothing wrong with 2.0 speaker setup for tv/movies.

            My s1000db is set up in the living room and doubles as the tv audio, and they are great. Crisp highs and lots of bass, wide enough sound stage that people sitting on the end of our L shaped couch don't have any problem with them.

        • +1

          So much room for activities!

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        What are you on about? Of course these aren't surround sound, there's only two of them; they're stereo - just like all TV's, and the vast majority of sound bars.

        • bookshelf meant for near field position pointed straight on level field to each of your ears for optimum SQ

          totally different sound projection from typical soundbar

          not all 2.0 created equal nor are they function the same

          don't get mad, i'm not on anything, just letting OP know if he has friends sitting on a row / not centre, sound will be off

          • @phunkydude: Yeah I think most people (friends/ozbargainers) will not be too fussed.
            I made a similar comment about the built-in upward facing angle.
            But come to think of it most people will not mind too much.
            Just listen to them with Speakers both facing straight forward.
            They can be used for TV (only possible issue: no optical input).

            If you are into speakers and audio as such, you would notice these things and it would probably affect your decisions.

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      I use an older model with my TV and they work great. Better than a soundbar

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      Don't buy these if you have a Hisense TV. The frequency used for Netflix is the same as the speakers (i.e. if you try to change the volume while a netflix show is running via the smart app it will pause etc.)

    • I got a Samsung TV and it only had HDMI and optical for speakers. My edifiers made the tv volume remote not work since they don't have HDMI arc capabilities (need a 2nd remote to control tv volume). Not sure if your tv has the same problem

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    I bought these 1 year ago for about $200. I can vouch for their high quality and overall ease of use. I have them connected to my PC via RCA cables into a Behringer Mixer. When I want to use my phone or other devices for music I press the volume button in for bluetooth. It also comes with a remote which is handy. These speakers can get very loud with next to no distortion, certainly worth the price.

  • I read one comment about not being able to switch Bluetooth off and anyone being able to pair with them. This might not be a good thing for me at all.

  • Thanks OP, was in the market looking for one of these.

  • Does this work on PC?
    How's the Bass on it?

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      PC, yep.
      Bass, good.

    • For that price (i got on last deal) its fantastic. Adjustable bass, good sound quality for my PC set up and amazing for BT for s8. I was more of a headset person, now unless i need voicechat I use this

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    I need some new desktop speakers for my PC, thanks :)

  • I would love some speakers on my bookshelf. Can anyone who already has some tell me how they organised the power cord? Ideally I'd love to go through the wall but not sure how involved this is - can I do it myself or do I need a sparky?

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      Ideally I'd love to go through the wall but not sure how involved this is

      Pretty simple. Just run head on at full speed.

      • +2

        or Bikies…let me see if I can find a code for that xD

    • I'm assuming the bookshelf you're using is built-in and solid?

      • Yep correct

    • +1

      legally you'd need a sparky. You can't run a fixed (power or phone) cable unless you're licenced. A "fixed" cable is anything permanently fixed in place - even if it's an extension cable, including running the cable through a roof cavity or wall.

      The laws are unnecessarily strict in Australia (IMO).

      • Thanks for the response. I'm pretty sure there is a fireblock I'd need to deal with too, bit too much effort/$ for a clean look.

  • +1

    I have the smaller version EDIfier R1280DB connected to my Kogan TV (with very weak inbuilt speakers) for more than a year. Quality is very good and it looks nice next to tv too. I got it back then with some discount voucher and free shipping, paid about $90 delivered

    So, this offer version is bigger and delivers more output than mine.. I can't recommend enough on this product of high quality for the amount of money paid.

    • For some reason these speakers (R1700DB/R2000DB) are built with a slight angle up (for desktop use I’m guessing), unlike the R1280’s which are at a normal angle.
      This can be slightly problematic for TV or on top of a cabinet etc, as depending on the distance they may be off axis vertically.

      • Good thoughts,

        My tv cabinet is low height and won't complain if there's a slight angle up

        Pretty good value for money

      • Edit typo: R1700BT

      • Edit: *depending on your distance from speakers they may be…

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    Got these hooked up to a chromecast audio - works really well, highly recommend.

    • +2

      Poor old Chromecast Audio :(

  • So I found this after a little browse on another website for $99.

    no idea if the website is credible though. Postage to Canberra estimates at $12.31 bringing the total to $111.31

    not bad

    URL: https://www.ht.com.au/cart/1/part/BK844-Edifier-R1010BT-2.0-...

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      Cheaper at Kogan

    • It's different speakers, checkout both specs to compare

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    Damn, great price. Bought these for $180 a few months back.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, purchased 2, not sure why, but this is OzBargain!

    • +3

      Double the savings!

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    What are these like compared to the z623 (which I own)?

      • +3

        jeez… who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?

        Was hoping to hear from some people on here who owned them and could give their input. Not be an ass about a question

    • +2

      Edifier has Bluetooth connectivity and probably better sound quality, but less bass.

  • They are good speakers. Mind that they don't have optical inputs, so if you have a newer TV without analog options you need a converter…

    I like them on the TV and the sound is good for music and movies.

    Problem is that when running Netflix on the TV I get loud static sounds and can't use the speakers… No prob when running Netflix via ps4… I'm running the speakers through an active optical to rca converter.
    Anyone having similar problems or any solution?

    For that piece the speakers are a great buy!

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    Nice find OP. Would totally buy a pair at that price if a didn't already have a pair :D

  • Bought 1 set, thanks!

  • Hmm, I am seeing a lot of negative reviews about Dick Smith's deliveries though. Was worried that even though it is cheap, delivery might be a problem. Anyone got any comments?

    • +1

      Never had a problem with deliveries… either with the old or the new Dick Smith.

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    I bought this a long while back at full price. At $139 they're worth the money. Good for general music (pop, classical etc), and also good for movies.

    They're good value for money for sure.

  • PCCaseGear in Melbourne has them at the same price currently.

    and Black

    • Yeah, but plus $34 for postage (to WA)

  • +1

    There’s a cheap compact subwoofer option here if anyone’s interested in getting more low-end for movies, there’s a few left from original quantity.
    Yes it’s basically the same price as the speakers, but you won’t find anything much cheaper around.
    Will extend your sub-bass frequencies,
    There is a pass-through feature on the sub & if cross-them-over well (turn the bass knob down on the Edifiers, turn the crossover frequency up a little on the sub, to let the sub carry out the heavy work), then you can drive your Edifiers louder and harder without distortion.

    How to setup sub with other speakers:

  • These are fantastic speakers for that price! The sound from them is outstanding. My speakers arrived with a faulty speaker cable. I contacted Kogan about getting a new cable, but never heard back from them! Their warranty service isn't up to standard. So I contacted Edifier Australia. They don't keep spare speaker cables in stock! The cable has a mini din 4 plug at each end. No one in Australia appears to stock these cables unusual cables either!

    So Edifier has ordered one in for me from China, and I am still waiting, waiting waiting ……!

    • Yeah they use weird connections that are really old.
      Noticed this watching the review for the S350db.
      I think it was described as a printer plug from 10-15 years ago.
      Use what you can get I guess. Probably cheap surplus that functions just fine.

    • +3

      Do you have a multimeter? You can easily fix it or make a temp cable whilst waiting.

      • Thanks for the reply. I took the cable to a computer shop and they used a multimeter to verify it as a faulty cable. I had a 50/50 chance of chopping off the faulty plug and replacing it, but chose the wrong one! So I had to chop off the other plug as well. I have bought 2 new plugs at $3.90 each, whilst I wait months for the cable to come from China. Trouble is that the plugs and the pins are very small and fiddly. Too difficult for me to solder and I don't have all of the right gear anyway. Professional soldering can cost up to $50! It is a $22 cable, but Edifier are supplying it for fee under warranty.

        However, I then experimented and removed the plastic from the tips of the 4 very thin, copper wires, doubled and twisted each copper wire tip and forced these tips into both of the 4 din female sockets on each of the 2 speakers. And it works, the sound is excellent and will have to suffice until the new cable arrives. As the speakers sit on my large desk, there is no need to move them, and loosen these primitive connections! These bluetooth speakers are amazing quality for the price!


    • Think I've run into the same issue although I was tipping the 4 pin plug itself to be faulty rather than the cable itself. If I prop the cable up and take the weight off it (holding it in firmly) so it doesn't droop the left speaker works correctly, if you let go though it nearly completely drops out. I'll chuck a multimeter on my cable tonight to see if it's the problem though after reading this.

      I emailed Dicksmith yesterday, will be interesting to see if I hear anything back, bit worried hearing that you didn't get a response at all.

  • Would these be a good addition to my Marantz MR 1608 I scored in the recent JB Hifi deal.

    • +2

      The Marantz NR 1608 is a Home Theatre receiver with a built-in amplifier.
      You will be looking at passive-speakers to get your moneys worth out of the NR 1608.

      These Edifier’s are Active-speaker’s with built-in amplifier.
      These speakers do not need an amplifier to plug into, they plug straight into source (TV/CD player).

      • Thanks for the heads up. To be honest I grabbed the Marantz amp to upgrade my surround system… but am not that tech savvy …so just figuring it out as I go along. All advice is very welcome. 👍.

        • Here are some HiFi tips from a HiFi novice.

          • There is a certain point of diminishing returns for Audio equipment (decide yourself where this is).
          • Speakers in the same Series of same brand have a similar sound signature, same brand different Series can sound different.
          • Spend more on speakers than your amplifier.
        • https://youtu.be/Nn9o2ldUT7g
          A video I came across just now. May be helpful.

      • Yes …NR 1608 is the one. Damn auto correct.

        • Hi again totally munted.
          Just thought I would link you to these passive P17 Edifier speakers now on sale for $149 from this deal.
          They are the passive version of the R1700db in this post, and I think would be in your budget.
          Maybe a good start to get you into HiFi.

          • @thebadmachine: My Dali Zensor 1's have been shipped. So I decided to go that way to start. Set them up in 2.1 config and go from there. Maybe grow things later. 🤞…i did the right thing.

            • @totally munted: Nice way to start. The Dali’s at their price were definitely better option that the Edifier’s.
              Make sure your Marantz receiver is outputting in stereo mode when you hook them up.
              I think both your Marantz and the Dali’s have banana plug connections which are the best and easiest to hook up.

              Edit: when breaking them in (loosening them up) I recommend classical/acoustic (music that’s light in bass) for more than a week (~24hrs total) @medium volume, before giving them high volume levels. Some people prefer pink-noise, but I use personally use real music.

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