TM Lewin 5 Shirts for $169.15 Delivered


obviously not as good a bargain as CT's 3 for 99 delivered
or VH's $12 ea
some shirts there for $32.50
free delivery for orders over $150

since I recently bought VH and CT I must be strong

thanks to mrderrickc for code AUAGLE17

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    I can only see 5 for $300 on the offers page.


    5 for 200 is not a bad deal, but i can only see 300??


    updated the link
    please let me know if it doesn't work


    Tm Lewin have such a limited non-iron range it's not worth it. Non-iron shirts huge benefit are not in the fact that you don't need to iron them (you do) but in the fact that they don't get anywhere near as many creases while wearing them throughout the day. You still look smart at the end of the day in one. For that reason CT is much better.

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      Non-iron shirts huge benefit are not in the fact that you don't need to iron them (you do)

      You're doing it wrong. I never need to iron my CT or TML non-iron shirts. The secret is not to tumble/spin dry them (e.g. use the 'delicate' setting), and then just take them straight out of the washing machine and hang them. I've found that both brands are equally great in terms of the lack of creases.

      In terms of the differences between the two, as someone else had mentioned in another post, when you raise your arms even slightly in the CT shirts, it drags the whole shirt upwards and untucks, whereas this doesn't happen with the TML shirts. However, the CT shirts do come with some classy brass collar stays whereas the TML shirts only come with plastic ones.

      Good deals to wait for are when CT sell 3 for $99, and when TML sell 5 for $149.


    Blah - only 1 colour in non-iron in my size in sale stock … seems to be pretty average patterns and colours available through the sale … all of the good ones in non-iron aren't available with this deal :(

    I bought 3 CT shirts from the deal the other day … but have just had to return them … the sizing was very bad on the Slim shirts around the shoulders/arms … wayyyy too much room …Shame, as they seemed like pretty good quality over than the arms


    What's the sizing like on these?


      I’ve been buying TM lewin for almost 20 years. It took me a few shirts to find the perfect size, but now I know my exact fit (style, neck and sleve length) I can order with confidence. Never been let down.

      Now there are bricks and mortar stores you can always try on a few to find your fit.


    doesn't cover the entire range of shirts. lame


    Also the "AUAGLE17" stacks on this deal, giving further 15% off making it $169.15 for 5 shirts.


    Previous deal was 5 for $149.


    I prefer the TML shirts to CT just the sizing is right for me. Just grabbed 10 shirts


    Damn. I bought 5 on Monday for $255.

    5 for $170 is a great price, even if not across the full range.

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    Some shirts say "can be used as part of a multibuy offer," but they don't seem eligible for the "5 sale shirts for $199" offer. Does anyone know what "multibuy offer" means?

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