Would You Live in This House?

Edited: I've spoken to my wife and we've made an offer this morning. Thank you :)

Another day , another house…

Hello ozbargainers,

would you live in this house?

If yes, what would you do with a 4-car garage? wouldn't you rather have a bigger backyard? How about that faux-ensuite? Is it a pro or a con?

If no, how come?


p.s: With some reno , the place could look like this: added a workshop, study , an ensuite and an internal access to the garage.

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    Yes! When can I move in?
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    No way! That's a janky-ass house.
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    Option 3 : whatever that is .


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    Yeah, can rent out the garage for uni students

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    The main bathroom is in a 'premium' location ie facing the front of the street. I would be moving that elsewhere and making that bathroom into another bedroom.

    The four car garage is good, you can set up a decent shelving system and have plenty of storage towards the rear of the garage - believe me you will need it. not only will you have room for two cars, but room for your mountain bikes, kayaks,
    fishing gear, jetskis etc

    Also I would add an ensuite to the master bedroom. Better yet add a 4th bedroom if you can - 4 bedroom house , with at least 3 garages are in demand. 4 bedrooms because parents + 2 children in each room, so the 4th bedroom can be a study/playroom/office/storage. At least 3 car garages are vaulable to - because most families have two cars. Plus room for storage (see above comment).

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    Mate I lived in a room the size of that laundry room, I'd be happy with any house lol. Depends on the person, looks like it already has a deck and grass area for people coming over. I hate dealing with garden backyard cleaning stuff, I'd rather have a garage to put tools in and work on stuff so I think its good this way.

    Would be useful for storage as well, usually people have a room dedicated to it thats supposed to be their 'spare room' but becomes junk room. At least now you can keep it out the house.


    I'd love to rent it out. Plenty of space to set up my drug lab.


    No because the living area faces south. But that’s a very specific personal preference


      Is that not feng shui?

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        Facing south means the rooms are much colder in winter. And they have much less sunlight. I face north and the sunlight even in winter is amazing, I never use lights. I like natural light and warmth.


          It's almost open plan. In the morning, the sun comes through the stacker door and window in the kitchen and in the arvo, it comes from the windows in living room.
          I've been to see the place at 2 different times of the day and it was always nice and bright inside.

          The deck is a relatively new addition with a pitched roof covered with clear polycarbonate sheeting and lets a lot of light in.

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            @Jar Jar binks: Oh then sure, I thought that may have been likely. It’s great to get both angles.

            Congrats on making the offer. Please keep us posted. Good luck.


              @jjjaar: Thanks! Btw, would you rather have a faux ensuite or no ensuite at all? I'm undecided about that one.

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                @Jar Jar binks: As long as the faux door can be locked from both sides it wouldn’t really bother me. I’d be fine with no en-suite at all but I grew up in a house with 3 kids and 2 adults and one bathroom. The fact you have two toilets is amazing! 😂

                You can always close up that door if you’d prefer no en-suite at all.

                Edit; just looked at the floor plan again. I guess the reason for the door is otherwise it’s a circled walk around to get to the bathroom. I would think the pocket door is a good thing in this case.

                Eventually you could probably redo the whole laundry, wc, bathroom layout to be two bathrooms (one with a laundry inside?) if you really wanted your own ensuite.

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    Lol the garage is almost the size of the house…


    would you live in this?

    I would live in there, but shouldn't you be asking your wife and kids this question? :p

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    I'd live there if I needed a rental but I wouldn't buy it. It needs a 2nd shower room or a proper ensuite. I'd be happy to sacrifice the space the bath takes up for 2 separate wash rooms.

    Others might disagree but the door from the laundry to the yard is a waste of space. My last place I never used it and it was just another point of entry for intruders/robbers. I find a "laundry in a cupboard" a better use of floor space. I've had 4 of them and if you make them big enough there is plenty of room for clothes airers, ironing boards, buckets, step ladders, brooms, cleaning chemicals, linnen cupboard etc. I think my current laundry cupboard is 2.2m x 1m and has all that and a microwave (but not a dryer).

    WIRs are the biggest waste of floorspace.


    just going off the floorplan it looks better than my house, not taking into account it's location and surroundings.

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    I'd love to have a huge garage like that for workshop and storage


    four car garage when you only got 2 cars


    Main bedroom door opens up to the living room.

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    Thats awesome, I love that!

    That be awesome, garage, gym / man cave.

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    I wouldn't live there (because it wouldn't suit my requirements), but there doesn't seem to be anything inherently wrong with the design. You'd most likely partition off the garage and turn it into a rumpus room, study, storage area, etc.

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    I like the idea of having a huge garage - turn part of it into a home gym!

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    Depends on the price I am paying.


    Not a chance, personally. That garage is a dream though! I've been casually house hunting for over a year in preparation for having the finances, and do you know how hard it is to find anything with more than a double garage? Or even has a lock-up garage at all? Space for a workshop as well as a car or two is the dream.

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