expired Black & Decker 18v Lithium Chainsaw $139 Delivered @ Dick Smith / Kogan


I have this chainsaw and for the money is great for the simple garden jobs and camping when you don't want to disturb the neighbours.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan



    Rather get this from Bunnings instead as it's easier to deal with warranty issues if required:


    Or use my existing batteries with this:


      Will the 18v power x change batteries fit that first chainsaw

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      As an owner of both the Brushed & Brushless Ozito PXC Chainsaws I can absolutely recommend not going for the $119 Brushed model and get the $199 Brushless instead. Absolutely miles ahead of the cheaper one and well worth the extra $80. Absolutely rock solid and I now much prefer using it to my $1500 Husqvarna beast for most jobs… but of course the Ozito wont do the BIG jobs like the Husky.


        How do I tell between a brushed and brushless? Sorry no clue about tools like these. Is this the model you're referring to and recommend? https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-power-x-change-18v-chainsa...


          No worries. Here is the brushless model but note it's a skin only so you'll need batteries. Great for those who already have the Ozito PXC ecosystem but not so good for those who don't.

          BTW, here's a pic I took of what I managed to do with the brushless model on a single charge of 2x 4Ah batteries. There's a few large-ish logs just out of shot on the other side of the pile too, each at least 12-14" diameter. This is Wattle from Tassies East Coast which is known for being painful to cut and has always been a hassle with the big Husqvarna but this little Ozito was a breeze to use and I didn't even sharpen the chain! Can't recommend it more.


    Hi all,
    I am looking to remove many branches from a palm tree which has never been maintained. Would something like this be best or perhaps just a cordless circular saw or small reciprocal saw (which I have already)?

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      I have a few palm trees and have previously used a manual pole saw and moved to a cordless pole saw
      Mind you the reach is the main thing.

      I wouldn’t use a circular saw for palm tree unless I wanted to lose some fingers


        Thanks! Fortunately tree isn’t too high right now but I see your point. I will investigate the cordless pole pruner option. I have a manual one but don’t like the thought of cutting through palm branches with it!

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      Depending on the palm tree height you may need a pole saw. Preferable to not be working to close to the tree so you can see what you're doing. Take good care as you don't want to be speared by a palm spike. Like Yuccas these are evil bastards with very few redeeming features. If you aren't working above shoulder height then small chainsaw or handsaw is fine. Don't use a circular saw or the like, and don't put the fronds in a chipper.


    OP - you take a chainsaw camping?!


    Thanks OP, had this exact chainsaw in my eBay cart for the last few months. Will be excellent for campfires as it gets colder.


    I have the 80V Stihl 160, it's comparatively gutless, good for twigs and rest of the world softwoods I guess. I also have an 18V Makita LXT reciprocating saw that gets used in the garden and it;s gutless as well, I can only imagine what an 18V saw cuts like ? My 18V Reciprocating saw probably. I do use the Stihl a lot … but lots of patience and a super sharp chain is needed.

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