[QLD] $5 Havaianas Thongs - Black or White @ BigW (North Lakes)


$5 Havaianas thongs. cheap. personally i go for kmart $1.50 thongs but people like the label or something.

located out the front of the store

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    I always wonder what make Haviannas so much more expensive than others?


      They’re softer

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      $5 is pretty cheap though. I always wondered the same thing until I bought some on sale at Aldi. I found them not too soft, not too firm. Pretty durable. I would have other thongs at the same time, and when I wore those, they would feel really manky (is that a word?) or dirty in comparison. The Havi's felt much nicer.

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        Agreed, I never understood why people love them so much until I got a pair. The first pair lasted 2 years with fairly heavy use, and the other two pairs lasted 2.5 years before finally breaking.

        One day, I wore them in 36 degree weather walking almost 16km's (not that I recommend that) and never got a blister. Can't say that about other thongs I've owned in the past.


    Not just the label. I bout a pair in 2008 for $17. They are still going strong.


    Is this available nationwide or in brisbane?