expired Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB $697, LG V30+ $473, Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB Gold $831 + Delivery (Free for eBay+) @ Mobileciti eBay


Hi all,

For those that missed out on the previous popular Pixel 2 XL deal (Thanks Tightarse), it is back again for the eBay 10% Sitewide code PRINCE10. Also some good prices on some existing Samsung and LG handsets.

The discount for the LG V30+ is applied at checkout.

As usual, 100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, TRS eligible, local manufacturers warranty

Thank you!

Original 10% off eBay Sitewide Post

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    Would definitely fork out for the s9+. Great deal.


    any s8 deals?

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    I have double checked your warranty status and unfortunately, your device is out of warranty.
    The Nexus 6P 64GB comes with 12 months warranty.
    Kind regards
    /store rep/ (mod: removed personal info)
    Mobileciti Online

    Yeah, I will never trust this store again


      Make a complaint to the fair trade ombudsman,

      That's against consumer law


      Wow that is bad form. Will also buy from elsewhere.


      What's the issue? Is 12 month warranty a no-no?


      Their after sales service is atrocious. Phones almost always have an issue in my experience. Never going with them again. Absolute nightmare to get it sorted.


        Aren't they new phones? Why would they have issues?


          Manufacturing faults.

          920 had a fault with the screen (yellowing issue and then went into a boot loop)
          Moto G5 (Image retention)
          Nexus 6P (battery shutdown issue)

          Worst experience was with the G5. They told me to stop using it with auto brightness and set the brightness to low so I couldn't see the image retention. It was almost insulting. The phone was only 3 or so months old.

          Took about as long for them to accept it for a return. If you're Sydney based it would be okay as you can visit them.

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    As I said last time. That pixel 2 is extremely overpriced.

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      None of the Pixels are good value.
      Google started the notion of good value with the Gnex (Galaxy Nexus) when it made a massive price cut in early 2012, and good value at Google died with the Nexus 5X. Their best offering/ambition was definitely the Nexus 4 in 2012, giving the iPhone 5 a run for its money.

      If you want value these days, you're pretty much looking at Xiaomi.
      LG was been offering some great deals on the LG V20, LG G6, LG V30… slashing the price 40-60% off RRP after 6-12months of initial release. At least these give you some flagship luxuries that Xiaomi lacks (waterproofing, speakers, screen, camera, etc etc).

      The thing that keeps me away from Samsung is their atrocious warranty procedure for root (and software in general), ever-increasing prices, and the curved glass thats fragile af/expensive to replace. The flat-screened S10e seems like a winner, if you can get it priced for $600 (Telstra staff) or even for $800 (Westpac bankers).


        Yeah my first android was a LG G6 almost on release for an amazing price.

        Next phone will be an LG as well.


    V30+ ordered. Dropped my V20 yesterday on a rock and smashed the screen. Thanks OP

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    I'd buy the pixel 2xl if I didn't own one already.

    The best phone you can get for that price without a doubt


    All relative lol $700 is a bit much for pixel 2xl but can be found cheaper also the android updates and camera are great. Google experience is good.

    Apart from android anything apple will be overpriced but people see value in different things. The iPhone X is still $1500 which is crazy


    Can't believe it but went for LG again after the crap I had with the G4. I simply don't want to spend $800+ for a phone. If no one else will do a flagship for a decent price, so be it. Paid by CC not Paypal to remove that layer of BS if I have trouble. (Buyer protection my butt!)


    TRS noob here. So if a phone is $697 (pixel example) with discount code. Can I divide 1.1 to get the tax value. e.g. ~$633 with the refund?

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