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I know we have all been victims of some pretty crappy service, however, we have just become the beneficiaries of some great customer service. We bought a blue tooth adapter for some wired headphones. It was $16 and, because we have Amazon prime, we didn’t have to pay for postage. It worked well, good purchase. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the adapter is lost somewhere in our travels. My man puts review up saying he liked the adapter and it was a shame he lost it. Supplier reads review and offers him a 99% discount on a replacement. So, we are getting a new adapter for 16c and, because we have prime, no postage charges either. Great customer service.

I would be interested if people have their own tales.

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    I think its because the Supplier wanted to build goodwill and word of mouth (for $15) rather than doing it out of care/being charitable
    Its great when its win win like what you mentioned.


      In most products the cost of the actual product is only a small percentage of the total costs. So it's likely the cost to the retailer was small yet they get to do something good.


        That's true, so the adapter probably costed the supplier $4. If just one person read the supplier's response to the review (or got convinced by OP's word of mouth) and bought one, it would have paid off. What's more, the customer felt warm and fuzzy about the 'goodwill' while actually helping the supplier all along. Similar trick works with political parties and votes :)

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    I once went into a shop and asked if they had something in stock. Originally the guy said no but a minute or two later he found me and told me they just received the delivery and if I would be happy to wait he would see if there were any in that order. Luckily there was one in the delivery and he brought it out for me straight away.

    It was nothing crazy or over the top, but it made me feel like a person not a number. He was so polite about it all too, and it wasn’t somewhere where he would get a commission so he genuinely just wanted me to have that product.

    It’s probably how all service should be, but at the time it was memorable.

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    I've always had great customer service from Amazon. Even when OzBargain post links to a item that price incorrectly. Usually they give a $5 or $10 voucher for the inconvenience.

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    One which stands out for me is Paddy Palin in Ringwood. I bought couple of backpacks on eBay with 20% discount coupon. Bags arrived with substantially lower clearance price stickers on them. Spoke with the store and I was offered an eBay refund or a store credit. Used the credit to buy things at the store. In the store the service was exceptional and this person really wanted to provide exceptional service. Spent a lot of time on us trying to find the right gear for us.
    These experiences stay on with me.

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    I think you are confusing customer service with crafty marketing.


      We don’t have a history of buying great swathes of stuff from these guys and it would be counterproductive to put it out to general knowledge as there would be people out there who would defraud them by pretending to lose stuff to get another at a substantial discount. Crafty marketing would’ve been a smaller discount, but one still attractive.


        wired headphones. It was $16

        There can't be that many sellers on Amazon Australia that sells these at this price. Find the one where a customer left a review saying they lost their adaptor and ozb the listing. Then try and see how good their customer service is.

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    Purchased a power bank with wireless charging from good guys on ebay, it wouldn't hold charge after first use, they replaced it, second one had the same issue, they let me choose another brand and sent it immediately. I was actually amazed that it was all resolved so quickly.

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    I've found majority of $1-2 ebay items from china don't get sent until you make a complaint, for the amount of people that probably don't open a complaint for a "measley $1-2" or forget about their order, they probably make a lot of money from never sending the items.

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    Amazon are so good as far as customer service.

    Apart from that they're an awful business run by a scumbag.

    Standard operating procedure is paying their workers so little that they rely on social security to survive and endure terrible conditions designed for machines.

    They are one of the largest recipients of corporate welfare on the globe despite being owned by one of the richest men on the planet while the countries own citizen's die from no healthcare or homelessness.

    The pigs that fools vote in continue to make it rain for Bezos using tax payer's money even if he outright defrauds them as the recent 2 billion dollar corporate office debacle in America showed.

    If you or I defraud the Government of 2 billion dollars we can expect lifetime incarceration to set an example. In Bezos' case after defrauding the Government of 2 billion dollars he just goes on working with the Government he just defrauded while they continue to provide the richest man in the world with corporate welfare while he pays no tax.


    Kogan, I had a 10 year old TV that was playing up. Emailed them asking for a firmware update, they emailed me back with the firmware and instructions. Fixed the issues. Few years later it happened again, I could find the firmware but not the instructions. Maybe took 2 days for a reply the second time.

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