iPhone Xs Max MobileCiti - Is It Legit?


So next Wednesday I am planning on buying an iPhone Xs Max 64gb (from Apple) or 256gb (from MobileCiti) and due to ebay's current 10% off with student edge I can get an Xs Max 256GB for $1835 on MobileCiti.

I have read reviews for their store and they all seem overwhelmingly positive which is a good start however I am still sceptical about warranty and if it is "100% brand new" as they state.

I am wondering has anyone bought the same/similar product and can inform me of their experience with quality of produxt,shipping,customer service and of course warranty?

I am on the fence whether I sacrifice 300% more storage (64gb vs 256gb) and buy from Apple just for peace of mind, what do you guys think I can do?

Thanks, I really appreciate the help!

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    the combined price of my first 3 roadworthy cars was less than what you are paying for a phone

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    Well known to be legit.

    I’ve bought through them and subsequently had warranty items dealt with at local Apple Store with no issues.


    Why don’t you check out Ausluck with 20% EBay discount, IPhone XS Max 516Gb, $2369 x 0.8 = $1895.2


      Never heard anything about Ausluck store so I'd have to do plenty of research to see if they're legit and so forth. Thanks for the recommendation though!


        Just for your information :

        Search “Ausluck” on EBay.

        And thanks to whoever -ve me :)

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      Max discount on 20% eBay "PROGRAM20" is $300 so the 512GB would turn out to be 2069 not 1895 unfortunately


    I got burned by an eBay seller before so now I'd just buy from a big box retailer. I spent alot of time assing around to get my money back. It's quite a lot of money.


    Buy Australian stock and go to apple (store) for service, 2 years. You're only buying it from mobileciti, warranty is all Apple.


      Correct. And last time I was with apple the staff at apple store didn't even ask for receipt all they need is serial numbers on the phone they know everything.

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      Mobileciti is Aussie stock and 2 years warranty…


    Of course legit…. Just search for it at ozb and read people comments..


    They have a shop at Parramatta. A few years back bought a phone from them, no problem. However, every time I switched on the phone there was a Telstra logo during bootup process… not sure why.

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      You got a network branded phone that's usually slightly cheaper than the non-network ones.

      E.g. if you check one of their current phones:


      You'll have the option to choose from a vodafone branded one or the unbranded one which is $50 more expensive.

      Previously this would've been an issue because phones would come network locked but nowadays all the big name phones work with all networks I believe


    See my comment here regarding phone stores selling iphones seemingly below cost:

    Someone else's reply to my comment, regarding Mobileciti:

    Most likely Mobileciti has obtained these via decoupling with a phone plan, as this seems to be another source of apple iphones.
    They are genuine, however, there's a chance that your phone may become IMEI blocked, if the phone plan owner (that originally came with the phone) reports their SIM card as lost (and the telco would not be aware of the phone/plan decoupling arrangement).
    I'd imagine this risk is pretty low though, and Mobileciti has a much larger reputation than my-phonez.

    We do have an OzBargain member (lyl) turned Mobileciti rep in case you run into any issues

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