[PS4] Metro: Exodus Aurora Limited Edition $89 @ JB Hi-Fi


Metro exodus aurora edition for PS4 down to $89.00 at JB hi-fi.

Might be a typo as the Xbox version is still $139.00 and $169.95 for the PS4 version at EB Games.

Not sure how long it will stay at this price.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi



    Nice find. This one includes the season pass too (whatever that will end up being)


    Thanks OP. Just picked mine up.

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    Big W had this version for 79.00 as a price error, but they still honoured it. Hope the updates improve the ai, you can snipe the enemies from across a large room and they just bob up and down, never shooting back. The driving component of the game was clearly designed by someone who has either never driven, or never coded before. And the dialogue, oh man the dialogue. Unskippable and perversely long winded. And the loading times on PS4 are pretty bad, 3-5 minutes on first load then 2 mins reload.

    That said it's still fun, more like far cry without the polish than the other Metro games. I'm playing it until I go get Sekiro but if you can find the base version at a reasonable price honestly that might be the better option - especially since the pass stuff hasn't been fully announced to my knowledge


    Xbox version is now the same price