Is an Hour at Melbourne Airport Enough before an International Flight if I Check in Online?

I’m flying to NZ soon and plan to check in online. Because of stupid public transport times i will only get an hour at Melbourne airport before my flight. Is this enough time to clear customs & security? No bags. Early morning flight.



    Check how many other flights are leaving to get a guide on immigration and customs queues. Sounds a bit tight to me. No checked luggage means more hand luggage and they can and do search that. Immigration queues can be long. Your whole trip might depend on how many immigration booths are open at the time.

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        I'm putting you on a 30 minute triple vetting immigration watchlist. :p

        Actually, I was once working on some software for bushfire management so I cheekily wrote firefighter in the occupation field. Then I thought better and crossed it out and corrected it. Immigration officers were NOT amused. Occupation field does matter!

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    IMHO you are pushing your luck.

    BTW username checks out

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    I see you like to live life on the edge.


    What allowances are people using?

    Doors close: 15 minutes before departure
    Actual walking to gate: 10-15 minutes
    Security X-ray: 10 minutes
    Possible baggage check: 10 minutes
    Immigration: 15 minutes

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    No. Especially if you’re relying on public transport to get there.

    But I’m also that guy that rocks up 3 hours early.

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    If you can be there an hour before I think it's enough. But if you're aiming to get there an hour before but something happens (e.g. transport issues) then you might be in trouble. I would recommend stretching it to 1.5 hours to be safer!

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    no…not enough time


    I would not.

    Actually, I probably wouldn't leave only an hour to transfer anywhere really. I spent a night at Heathrow once to avoid a tight early morning arrival. Not recommended, but sure beats missing a plane.


    With no checked bags, 1 hour can be possible but you must check in online prior. I believe once you've checked in they can't fly without you, but not sure if that's actually true.

    Immigration is the variable part here, can take 5 minutes or 30 minutes.

    Your name will be called a million times all over the PA but you will make it :)

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      I'll go with untrue about the can't fly without you part. :) They do fly all the time without passengers who missed the flight after checking in. They do have to remove the baggage, which is a lengthy pain. If you don't have checked in luggage, you are even easier to cut.

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      The can and will fly without you even if you have checked in. This is particularly easy for them to do if you have no checked baggage (with checked baggage they would unload it from the aircraft before it departs).

      lol Beaten by Frugal Rock.

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    An hour is probably enough, but also don't be surprised if you miss your flight.

    There's too many variables that can knock you off your flight.


    If i get stuck in immigration queue, can you get moved to the front if time is too close to departure?


      Avoid the stress - is there anyone that can drop you off at the airport 30min earlier? Can you take an earlier bus? Have you tried taking train to southern cross then the bus from there?


      When i was at Sydney Airport and checked in pretty late, thecheck-in staff gave me a Express Path Card (dont have any frequent flyer status) to get through immigration quicker. So i guess its worth to ask?


    Do the worst case scenario. What if you miss your flight by allowing just 1 hr. How much would it cost to re-arrange the tickets and accommodation? Would you not be better off in investing some more (in a taxi/uber/whatever other source) now?


    I'd say no.

    How far from the airport do you live? Can you get a taxi/uber? Use vouchers etc?

    Immigration isn't going to really care that you have a flight to catch.


    I’m assuming it’s the SmartBus that has the awful timetable, not the train? If so, get the train to Broady and get an Uber/Taxi from there. Should only be about $7-10.

    Otherwise, how much were the flights? Is it really worth throwing that money away for the sake of a $20 skybus fare?


    I am stressed just reading this post 😁.. 3hr guy also!

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    Just take the taxi. Would you miss your flight just to save $60?

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    While you’ll probably be OK, you’ll be carrying a bit of anxiety every step of the way until you’re seated on the plane. But if something happens, no matter how small, to impede your ‘perfect world’ progress between locking the front door of your house to sitting on the plane, that anxiety will start ballooning. And if it looks like there’s a real possibility you’ll miss your flight, the anxiety can be shocking. I’ve been there a few times when cutting my margins too fine on journeys to the airport for international flights. I’m certain my life has been shortened a little because of it. So, no, it’s not worth it. Be kind to yourself.


    No way mate. They close check-in 1hr before the departure time. At the least you need to be there 2hrs beforehand.

    It will end in tears if you rock up 1hr before.

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