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Groupon 15% Cashback (Was 5%) @ Cashrewards


Good day to buy on Groupon.

Should be able to stack with 10% off sitewide @ Groupon between 4pm and 1159pm - promo code FAST10.

Extra 10% off sitewide offer is valid from 4pm - Midnight 24/3/2019. Unlimited redemptions per customer (across seperate transactions). Maximum discount of $40.

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$10 for both referee and referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase

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  • shopback is 17% compared to only 15% for cashrewards.

    • Cashrewards track better than Shopback for us though

      • Cr is reactive.

      • -4 votes

        No such thing as doesn’t work.

        If you mess it up don’t blame them

        • Sorry how do you mess up clicking on a link? Shopback didn’t track my last Groupon purchases and spat out a bunch of excuses, one being ‘poor network connection’. I game them full details of purchase and proof, they have my click history but still they will take 75 days to investigate. What’s to investigate?


            @UberIsCool: I cried couple of times before when my cashback did not track, then I read all the conditions and how to, E.g.: add to cart after clicking the link and had no problem ever since. That’s how I know it was my fault and I was doing it wrong.

      • Nah, Cashrewards does not register cashbacks properly if multiple item bought, even though Cashrewards is activated for every purchase.

    • 0% as they didn’t track my last purchases so CR more reliable

  • I did have a problem with shopback but they fix it efficiently with no problem.

  • Does it stack with GET10?

  • Fast10 does not work

  • CR have only TRY10 on their listed coupon codes..unless ive misunderstood and FAST10 will be listed after 4pm?

  • Good for those who don't want yet another account.

    I myself can't fault ShopBack though, especially the app-to-app integration to Groupon worked flawlessly for me on multiple occasions, tracking almost instant.

    Glad to see competition in this area so we all get better chashback rates, no matter which one we use :-)

  • I bought using the CR app today but the purchased is not showing in CR. This is the second time this has happened. Can the CR rep assist me?


      As per the terms on our store page, please be aware of this…

      Cashback is not eligible if shopping via the Groupon App after clicking from the Cashrewards App.


    Stopped working already?

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