expired [NSW] Cheeseburger for $5 (Was $11.90) @ Burger Point Wentworth Point - Limit 1 Per Person


For one day only Burger Point - Wentworth Point are offering a $5 cheeseburger through The FREE Burger Collective app. Just download the app and scan the QR code in store.

Download here - https://theburgercollective.onelink.me/3424759556/OzBargain5...

Limit is one per person.

10:00am - 5:00pm promotional period.

Email support@theburgercollective.com.au for any questions



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    Cheeseburger for $5 (Was $11.90)

    Got one for $2 at Maccas… No deal.


      Not the 3 for 3???

    • +1 vote

      McD's comparisons aside, the retail price of $11.90 is too expensive for a cheeseburger on it's own unless you're talking organic or the like.

      Probably $5 for this type of burger is OK…

  • +1 vote

    Only interested if the guy holds it while I eat like in the photo.


    Small Chicken McFeast MEAL for $5 it Micks is a better deal

  • +1 vote

    That cheeseburger hardly looks like $5, not to mention $11.90.

  • +1 vote

    to be fair…. they are very good burgers ;-)


    The only way to sign in is with ether your FaceBook or Google accounts. (only one reason for that)
    Read the t&c's about what information this app collects. There is a reason you can only sign in with those accounts (to collect more info about you without having to ask directly) so, this app gets it all automatically. Please read the t&cs and tell me what you think?
    About the burger, I think its expensive for jut a Burger, But, this isn't a McDonald piece of unhealthy plastic. Most places that sell these burgers use fresh ground beef and a (Bruche .. Spelling) Bun
    If i have time, ill go and check it out as its close to home.