expired King Gee Vapour Safety Shoe - Lightweight Composite Toe $108.90 + Delivery @ National Workwear


All New - King Gee Vapour Safety Shoe, Style K26525 lightweight composite toe. $99.00 + GST plus shipping.

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National Workwear
National Workwear


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    So currently on the website these are advertised at $119.95 inc GST. Why are you coming here with an ex GST price? The difference will only be about $10 in the end. In any case, the prices should be advertised as inc GST.


      After shipping it's a $5.10 saving! :)

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      Also, its Australia. GST have to be included in the advertised price.


      Thanks for the advice. We are only just learning how to use OzBargain. In regards to the price, we sell them at our retail store for $129.00. RRP is $149.00. Consequently, to create a Bargain we listed them on the web for $119.95 and then offered a discount coupon as well. I hope that this answers your question. Once again - Thank you for the advice on the GST.

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    Sublimated Proton Mesh upper

    Internal proton knit collar

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    Too much proton. You need electron to balance it.

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