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Calvin Klein Men's Woven Sleep Pant $9 | Havaianas $5.59 | Free Shipping @ Catch

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  • still working?

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    Thx OP bought the sleep pant!

    • Only Small left now. My wife tells me I'm a solid Medium.

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    Use code OUTLET10 - got the pants for $9.

  • Nice price on the pants, sold.

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    Need a bigger pant size for my fat ass

  • Jackson usb charger (Don't pay $49.95).

    but it's $21 at bunnings

    • Don't pay $99.95 for it either.

    • If it's $21 at Bunnings then definitely don't pay $49.95, that would be a rip off.

  • Been told catch got lot of fake staff,is that true?

    • less so fake but not manufactured for western/aus markets. for example, their tommy clothing might not be manufactured for Australian (thus not in retail here) but bangladesh instead. a pertinent example is the above haivanas which are for the brazilean market. i believe they are still legit.

      • How will you know if it is not fake as overseas markets are filled with fake products which look exactly the same. I remember, Target once sold fake make up product which they didnt even realize was fake.

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      most of the staff i interacted with sound genuine

    • Bought a few pairs of shoes from Catch before, they look identical to the ones bought from first party online store but they absolutely don't last as long. Don't think I'll do it again.

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      Yeah lots of fakes. In asia they sell fakes as "not made right" or "rejects". Honestly big corps would rather scrap stuff than let their brand go out in a substandard finish.

  • I just tried to buy the pants but it's not coming up with free shipping when I add "OUTLET10". Any ideas?

  • Can’t seem to get free shipping on the pants. Charging me $6.95. Is it something I’m doing wrong?

    • Yup same for me.

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      If you’re on mobile, open the link in a new tab instead of the app. On the app, to receive free shipping you’ll need to source the item directly from this page.

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        Thanks mate, legend

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        Thanks a lot, managed to get it! ;)

  • Not bad price for sleep pants.

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    Thanks OP, bought the pants.

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    White undies are always a bad mistake

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      Puma pants

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    great deal on the pants. thanks OP

  • sold out on large pants :(

  • Is the dewalt screwdriving set a good deal?

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    Bought the pants for $9 and free shipping. Thanks OP!

    • Limit of 50 per customer.

      • Lmao. Thanks for the heads-up

  • Product Total$10.00
    Standard Shipping$6.95

    How'd you guys get free shipping?

    edit: seems like no free shipping if you use cashrewards.

    • If you’re on mobile, open the link in a new tab instead of the app. On the app, to receive free shipping you’ll need to source the item directly from this page
      Thanks HeadphoneJack who commented above
      Just saw your edit after I posted the comment

  • Amazing price on the pants. $55 is a bit much but it's usually hard to get these under $30, or $18 on deep discount (extra 40% off clearance) at Myer. At $9 these are amazing stocking stuffers.

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      I thought $9 is already a bit rich

  • Pants are sold out

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    True Ozbargainer wears no pants to sleep

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      loved your comment now my wife is beating me

      • But you still have your phone. Lucky you. 😅

  • Hi guys, if you're from Sydney then go to CK @ DFO Homebush. They have many clrs fence sales going. And the prices are almost similar as advertised here.

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