Nvidia Shield TV

Has anyone seen any recent bargains on Nvidia Shield TV? I've checked all the places I can think of and whilst there are some % off deals going prices are still a lot higher than what they have been. I don't need the controller so happy with just device and remote.



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    I ended up getting sick of waiting for a deal and just set up eBay and Gumtree alerts. Managed to pick up a second hand one with controller for $170, so I was happy.


    I also waiting for a deal, $170 is great for 2nd hand with controller imo! I have been looking on ebay, gumtree and facebook market with no luck


    yeah me too. best with a controller I can see is Computer Alliance is ~$280 with contoller on ebay if you have plus.
    Otherwise $278+del (~$11) with scorptec