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Wynn's Stop Start Engine Protection - 325ml $2 (Was $20.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Don't forget cashback.


  • 325ml
  • Protects stop/start engines
  • Ideal for city driving
  • Reduce friction and wear
  • Prolong oil life
  • Protects engines at start-up and under extreme conditions

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  • +6

    I know a much better way to protect STOP/START engines. Just disable the marketing/sales gimmick. Most annoying 'feature' ever. What you may save in fuel costs will be made up in exorbitant battery costs. Also did I say it's annoying/rant over

    • Assuming they even let you disable it completely.

      • Most don't but after much internet trawling I found out how to safely disable mine (mazda)

        • I recall a "fix" for the Mazda 3, being just jamming some paper into it eheh

          • @TheContact: Yes there are few of those types of 'dodgy' fixes which I wasn't interested in because it may well cause other issues.

      • +3

        Mazda tech here, just unplug the little extra plug thats mounted to the battery terminal. Basicly that causes an I-stop relearn bit if its left unplugged the system never comes back on. Wont blow codes or cause issues besides the istop light flashing from time to time but its the easiest and safest way to circumvent the system.
        At the same time Mazda authorised battery replacements under warranty as of 4 months ago so just argue with the advisor if they say otherwise.

        • is it causing issue to battery ?

          i thought the start stop feature using capacitor as explained by Engineering Explained youtube guy

          • @phunkydude: Honestly depends on the driver, from what we can tell the battery is closer to a deep cycle marine battery.

            I believe there is a capacitor but thats more for the timing in the ecu as to not let engine temps drop to low so theres no additional wear during restart.
            Haven't seen any capacitors with enough power storage that we need to be cautious when removing any electrical components besides the battery so i dont know what hes talking about tbh… Maybe other manufacturers have a different method

        • That's very easy and interestingly not mentioned anywhere on the internet when I was looking :) My 'fix' was to twist the bonnet latch switch to trick the car into thinking that the bonnet's open and the istop never activates. Nothing shows up on the dashboard either. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether that would interfere with firmware upgrades as they typically require everything to be closed. Mine's out of warranty anyway so not doing any upgrades.

      • My friend’s car does that.

        You can stop it by putting it in sports mode.

    • +3

      It doesn’t save you any money, it costs you money.

      It is a pollution measure.

      • May well be but they promote it as a fuel saving feature. Well Mazda does anyway and there's even an app to show you how much you have allegedly saved

        • You probably save fuel but there's certainly no saving in batteries and starter motors

      • Rather the savings in my pocket.

      • It is pretty much a legal way to avoid carbon emission reading from the emissions reading machines.

      • What people dont understand is these engines are designed as start stop engines so once the cars at temp it really doesn't cause any additional wear. Ive had cars come in with high K's and it does save them a bit of money if theyre city driving when we go through the data, highway k's not so much lol

        • I can't agree. You look at how VAG cars go through batteries at $400+ each when they have S/S. I can see them needing starter motors at ~8-10 years instead of ~15 years.

  • Thanks for posting the deal … Wynns is good quality stuff and $2 instead of $20 is a great price.

  • Diesel or petrol engine ?

    • Both since it is for the engine not for the fuel tank or injectors. But it is good to read the car manual see if there is any implication with the chemicals contained in there.

    • +3

      It says 'modern' engines on the bottle. Considering all modern engine manufacturers recommend NOT using any additives, I would say this is in the snake oil category at best.

  • +2

    Can I use snake oil in my car.

  • +2

    I plan to use this to "recharge" my engine oil halfway through its normal 20k interval.
    If you look past the marketing speak, its just the same additives that are already put in oil by the manufacturers to make it suitable for the application. Adding more than the original additive package isn't strictly necessary if you are using the correct oil, but adding more when the original additives have been somewhat used up halfway through the OCI makes sense to me, and for $2 it would be rude not to.

    • Better option would be to buy some higher quality oil during a sale on here and give it to your mechanic to use when you get a service. Otherwise just topping up oil to the correct level will always be the best way to increase longevity of a motor, just make sure its at temp when adding :)

      • Mate its $2. It would be cheaper than the same volume of high quality oil used for the topup. And it is concentrated additives, like a Berocca for your engine after a hard night.

        • Ingredients:
          Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy paraffinic @ >80-<100%

          • @phunkydude: Yes its got oil in it. What did you think it would have in it?

            • @stumo: maybe …. 0.1% of 'concentrated additives' ?

              • @phunkydude: Additives also include viscosity improvers, which are…

                Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy paraffinic.

                These are the things that can get sheared up during the OCI, moreso than zinc or bases. So adding these in concentrated quantities after a while would give the oil a new lease on life.

  • +1

    Saw the title and couldn't help but think of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY1YndLmbXQ

  • +1

    Is this just for cars with stop/start technology or cars that do a lot of stop/start driving/inner city driving?

    Not many (or any?) reviews of this product. Weloveyourcar.com makes out that it is especially recommended for stop/start engine i.e. can be used in all engines. Can anyone with mechanical experience weigh in?

    • Put some decent oil in your car and don't worry about this sort of nonsense.

      • like castrol edge?

        • +1

          Anything fully synthetic but yeah Castrol Edge has a good reputation and regularly on sale somewhere. Keep an eye on Ozbargain. What sort of vehicle?

          • @gimme: Thx for the info! 2004 auto Nissan Pulsar,

            Will keep an eye out so i can feed my lil rust bucket some good oil :)

    • You can use it for any car.
      It's just engine honey. I would think especially good if your engine likes a drink between services.

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