expired [PS4/XB1/PC] (Pre-Order) Borderlands 3 $68 / Deluxe Edition $118 @ JB Hi-Fi / Amazon AU


Cheapest price to pre-order at the moment for both editions.

No deluxe edition for PC

Game releases September 13th

Edit: Amazon has price matched

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    Might be worth it if you desperately want the Deluxe edition and think they'll sell out, but I can nearly guarantee the standard will be cheaper elsewhere by the release week. A'la Red Dead 2.

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    Heads up the Deluxe edition isn't the one that comes with the season pass for that you will want the "Super Deluxe" lol

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    Wouldn't buy it on PC just yet, it being an epic exclusive (for six months) and all.

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      If it was on Steam then it would be a Steam exclusive, whats the difference?

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      What is with this retarded crap?
      What difference does it make which launcher you use to start the game?

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        If you buy from Epic you are supporting Epic paying companies to stop them from releasing on competing game clients.

        Thats why it matters. Why do you want to give your money to help destroy PC gaming?

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          But Microsoft and Sony do this all the time??

          If you own a PC you're supporting Microsoft whether you want to or not.


            @Frayin: This happens with console gaming, not PC gaming.

            Also its not even that bad for console gaming as the payment is for a collaboration for development of the game, rather then paying off a company with an already finished game and asking them to only release on the epic store.

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          Hasn't this ship long since sailed though?

          There's a million clients needed for games nowadays.
          Who cares if there is another one.
          1 is too many.

          Also, what's with this love-in with steam?

          You obviously weren't around for the launch of half life 2.
          Screw valve

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            @iamhurtin: You fail to understand the absolute basics.

            It doesn't matter which store Borderlands 3 is on.

            It matters that Epic paid Gearbox a huge sum of money to stop other game stores having the game.

            They are just throwing money around to steal marketshare.

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              @samfisher5986: Right.
              And the problem is?

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                @iamhurtin: based on your posts so far I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to educate you, but I will say this

                1. There is a long list of problems with the Epic Launcher, including security issues where you can lose your entire account.

                2. Once Epic have a lot more marketshare they can cause a lot more problems using similar tactics, they will be worse, not better once they have marketshare.

                3. Your friends/games are completely split up.

                And overall there is no free market, there is no competition as what they are doing is not profitable.

                This is the equivalent to Woolworths opening up next to a fruit and vegetable shop, having 100% free fruit and vegetables, waiting for the fruit/veg shop to close, then putting the prices 200% of what they were originally.

                • -8 votes

                  @samfisher5986: Sigh.
                  Dude. You're really dumb.

                  I give up.
                  Boycott what you want.


                  @samfisher5986: Why were you downvoted, everything you said is true.

                  Your privacy and details get stolen, presumably sent to tencent. This is well known (or so i thought).

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                  This is the equivalent to Woolworths opening up next to a fruit and vegetable shop, having 100% free fruit and vegetables, waiting for the fruit/veg shop to close, then putting the prices 200% of what they were originally.

                  Steam could do the exact same thing tomorrow, what's your point?

                  The whole reason people are boycotting Epic is simply because they didn't get their way with the release of the new Metro.

                  Bunch of children.


                @iamhurtin: The epic launcher is inferior in most ways. I can see you may not care about any of these features or any reasoning since you simply just ignore all the problems but some people do actually care if their favorite games become exclusive to worse platforms that lack features that they use on a daily basis.


                  @Lolno234: Yeah I see that.
                  Steam sucked too though.
                  It was the worst thing to ever exist actually.


                    @iamhurtin: Do you though?
                    Also how was steam the worst thing to ever exist? Without Steam Linux gaming would be absolutely nothing (especially now with Proton), without Steam there wouldn't be local game streaming as advanced as it is now, whether you like it or not Steam even hugely helped in developing e-sports with their digital marketplace which ended up opening a lot of e-sports betting sites that brought a lot of more sponsors, money and viewership into e-sports. Without Steam there wouldn't be a fraction of the game content creation (Steam Workshop) that there is now and without Steam integrating it into their client modding would not be as mainstream as it is now.

                    Lets not forget their steam sales, which offer fun events to play around with and used to offer insanely good prices (nowadays not so much)


                      @Lolno234: I said was!
                      Did you use steam on it's very first afternoon?
                      Did you have to wait 5 hours for half life 2 to authenticate?

                      If not, shut the hell up.


                        @iamhurtin: Who cares about what steam was like fifteen years ago? I did think you were actually talking about an actual relevant time period e.g the past five to ten years. For someone who had to deal with a shitty launcher once upon a time it's amazing how you defend a brand new shitty launcher.
                        Also, half life 2 being on steam was more excusable because valve actually owned the game and could do whatever they want with it because IT'S THEIR GAME. Epic doesn't own Borderlands or Metro etc. You just sound like a grumpy man who's upset that he personally was troubled so now you want everyone else to be troubled too, because that will totally fix the problem.


          Are epic charging more?
          Is that the problem?

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            @iamhurtin: don't worry about it mate.

            I gave up having a discussion with all the Steam fanboys and all the ugly spreadsheet image and conspiracy theory of Epic selling data to Tencent.

            I never understood why is it so hard to install another launcher that takes 1 minute of time but they rather spend time creating this spreadsheet of how Epic is much worst than Steam in terms of feature, coming up with conspiracy theory, accusing Epic for buying publishers.

            Steam has been around for so long that people are baked into thinking Steam is the standard. Epic is doing well so Valve indirectly focus all the hate to Epic by getting sympathy from consumer from the Metro Exodus steam page.

            Steam is charging 20% revenue share
            Epic is charging 12% revenue share

            Say 500m in sales, Steam takes 100m cut and Epic only takes 60m. 40m extra to fund new development and pay developers and somehow that is a bad thing because of another launcher. shrugs.


              @Letrico: Maybe I'm biased because I'm still annoyed at valve for making us use steam for half life 2.

              Soon as the crack was out I never used steam again.


                @iamhurtin: Steam was shit back then, way worst than Epic for what it is now but everyone dgaf because protecting Steam is somehow more important. Let's make developers earn lesser and get fired more because company cannot afford to pay them!

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                  @Letrico: Steam isn't part owned by a Chinese company that helps implement the social credit system in China. Steam has regional pricing. Steam doesn't pay publishers for exclusivity. Steam has working features. Steam doesn't spy on your computer and take a ton of data it doesn't need to.

                  Should I go on?

                  Guess what, the devs don't get less money, the publishers do. The publishers who did nothing but slap their brand on the product and push it out. Not the actual devs who put work into making the product.


        It doesn't, people just get a kick out of jumping on internet band-wagons, even if they don't fully understand what they're supporting.

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    Will buy it in a year when it's $15 and GOTY edition plus not on the Epic Store

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      In a year the game will barely have been out. Definitely won't have A GOTY edition, or $15.


      What's the origin of this meme?


        Call of Duty: Modern warfare 2
        "Remember, no russian"

        They're saying don't speak Russian because they're about to massacre people at an airport and they want the public to think it was Americans.


    Why do people pre-order games?

    • +5 votes

      Because they can run out of digital copies obviously


      • -2 votes


        Digital preorder you get to preload the game and play on launch. With our horrible Australia internet, you may end up playing the game 2 days after launch if you decided to buy it on launch day. No difference between preordering and launch day since you pay the same but have to wait longer to play if you decided to get on launch.

        Physical preorder you reserve your copy since there have been many times that physical copy actually sold out in stores in the first week and have to wait for second shipment.


        Preorder does no harm if you are already going to buy/paying almost nothing to preorder. Cancellation is free anyway.

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          God forbid you play a single player game (or even multiplayer) two whole days after launch. After all, everyone knows that games are only playable for a fortnight after release until all the files are auto-wiped by the system and the game is unplayable for eternity.

          Preordering shows the publishers that you're willing to pay for an unfinished product with no guarantee that it will actually be released in a fully finished form and will actually work.

          • -1 vote

            @potplanty: Why do you care so much when a random anonymous gamer chooses to play a game? Do some yoga, champ.


              @krushgroove: Because when enough people preorder terrible games it shows the industry that they can put out shit, unfinished, buggy games without responsibility. That has an effect on everyone who wishes to play games.


                @potplanty: I think we should stop spreading false information on preordering games.

                Preordering you pay 0 to full price of the game in advance to reserve your copy of the game with the ability to cancel the preorder at any time without consequences and get your money back if you did put some money towards it.

                If you purchase digitally and get a refund, they get 0 cents. If you purchase physically, makes no difference because the brick and mortar store already paid the publishers for stock and you preordering or not makes no difference.

                In the end the choice is yours to cancel or keep the order, your action means nothing to them except some numbers on their screen to calculate earnings for their financial meeting.

                We live in Australia with full consumer rights in refunding game, unless you choose not to refund and then complain about it.


          My comment was sarcasm, hence the /s.

          Anyway most people have some sort of broadband, its not going to take 2 days.

          And you do realise we are not 2 days from release right?

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            @samfisher5986: But muh "exclusive items and skins". The same skins that are ugly and items that are superseded after two hours of gameplay.


            @samfisher5986: I think you should be friends with Turnbull. A big portion of Australian still does not have adequate internet.

            As I said, preordering means no harm if you pay almost nothing. JB only takes $1 to preorder anyway. If you are not willing to pay $1, wait for amazon to price match and preorder it for free.


              @Letrico: Ahh, amazing comeback. I know what it's like having shit broadband considering 4Mbps is my top my speeds. Still I don't preorder anything because I'm not an idiot. Again, who the (profanity) cares if you miss out on playing a game for two days after release.


    I pre order at EB Games and just price match the best price when I pick it up. $149 for the super deluxe edition and EB Games will be the only place selling it, it's a ridiculous price.

    $68 or less for the game and buy the season pass for $40~ seperately. Max $108 for both the game and season pass.

    This is the first game I've pre-ordered in YEARS because BL is the best looter and shooter.


    Can't wait for every Borderlands 3 thread to be overtaken by EGS talk /s

    Keep it in the whirlpool thread where it can be ignored.

  • -3 votes

    The pretentious pomposity and vomit inducing sense of entitlement of the Steam community makes me want to play this game for 6 months even though it doesn't interest me in the slightest.