Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Looking for a decent price on this Nest doorbell. There was a deal at Newegg late last year for $240 odd.


  • I waited ages for the same deal. Ended up buying one from eBay in usa on a discount code. Even after taxes it works out cheaper.

  • I read somewhere recently that apart from the upfront cost of the unit you also have an ongoing
    subscription cost for storage

    • That's kinda how all the Nest stuff works. I believe you get a small amount free (last 48 hours or something like that), but then pay a sub for any more than that (as well as advanced features).

    • With the nest doorbell and the nest iq cameras. You pay the subscription for storage,but you also get facial recognition along with it. Which makes the system unique from other brands.

  • I'm hanging out for a deal too. Best I've seen for a while is Kogan when they have a free shipping promo (Still $340 or so).

  • Anyone seen any deals for these recently? Had a look at Kogan and can't see they sell it any more?