Cheapest Sony WH-1000XM3 Right now

I'm about to head overseas for a month, and have missed my chance to get some headphones for ~$320. Whats the next best price around currently? Nothing 20% off on ebay, JB @ 449, Sony @ 549, best on ebay seems to be $430. Are they any online stores with them for $400 right now?


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    DJs online had them on Tuesday for $349.97 for about 5 minutes (I got one finally!). Hang tough and they might reappear with a Sony subsidy somewhere else…

  • The cheapest online I can see at the moment is $368.50 on the Billy Guyatt's eBay page using code PLOT10 for 10% off.

  • I might just be a really lucky anomaly, but this is what I did.

    Went into Good Guys near close-of-business on Friday arvo, they were kinda fed up and "done for the day" perhaps due to some trash customers. Anyway I stated my interest in the WH1000-XM3, asked a couple of questions and then said okay I'll take it, what's the best you can do because I'll take it right now.

    With no other bargaining needed, the lady said "okay today I'll do $350". I took it right away.

    Mind you this was early November 2018!

  • That means the new model is coming.

    • New model if there is one wont come out till September. We have been down this path. If you wait that long you will want to just get the new one and then you wont get that one because its $500. Just increase your budget look around for deals and then just buy it and move on. Enjoy your headphones.

      These are yet to get sub $300 without commercial links. Be realistic about what you can really get them at when you want them. For now it seems like around the $350. Hey in Asian countries the Xm2 were still $600 when converted to Aus and that was at most shops there. So consider the pricing in Aus is good value for a change.

  • Noticed that the retail price of these have dropped $549.95. Typical HN. retail price. No wonder why no one goes there.

  • Worth checking if you get partner pricing on the Sony store through work as I got them for $299 with free delivery there a fortnight a go. Think they are $330 now.

    I believe the defense discount program ( gets partner pricing as well if you're eligible.

    • Long stretch any chance there’s a list of corporates with partner pricing? My work place isn’t but might know someone that works somewhere there is!

      • Sorry, the only ones they list are CXC, BT and APOD. My company isn't directly a Sony partner, we get it because we have a deal with BT as our global Telco.

  • Im pretty sure I've seen XM3 @ Costco around $350 mark ? Unless I was mistaken for XM2 ?

    • There were some for $379 at Moorabbin carded, but were gone last weekend. Maybe they went to another store. Never sure whether they actually have the stock matching the card numbers they have on display.

  • What happened to all the Sony 1000XM3 deals that used to pop up almost once a week…