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Free 30 GB Monthly Data (for 12 Months) @ Windscribe VPN


Note - only use this if you don't have Windscribe or currently have an account with less than 30GB allowance. If your account has more than 30GB, this will downgrade your have allowance to 30GB.

Just enter some dummy details and email address. You will then receive a voucher code which you can redeem via Windscribe website.

If you signed up to a 20GB account in this deal, you can redeem the code to upgrade your allowance to 30GB (tested working).

Important: Only the "standard" Windscribe servers (not Windflix or other Pro servers) are available. For online shopping, or a few streams on Zattoo, or other streaming sites to look but it is enough. The client does NOT have toloaded via sharewareonsale. Once you have your coupon code I would recommend downloading the client / browser extension for Windscribe from the official homepage .

Terms and Conditions
This is an unlimited-device 1-year 30GB-per-month license, for commercial or non-commercial use
You get free upgrades
You get free tech support
You must speak the voucher code before this giveaway has ended
May not be resold

Credit to mydealz .

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  • +2

    So after one year does it revert back to what you had before? e.g. 21gb

    • +1

      i would like to know too

      • Rep has said it’s a permanent upgrade!

        • +1

          So why the title still be (for 12 months)? It's lifetime 30GB right?

    • +1

      I don't know. If unsure, create a new account.

      • Would be good if you could edit the deal to add that rep has confirmed to be a lifetime upgrade! So no stress about what happens in a year.

    • This reddit thread asked something similar to you. Not same promo but possible to assume it's lifetime too..

      the 50GB code was a lifetime code, and the 60GB code is for one year, does the 50GB one kick back in after the one year is up?

      Reply from a Rep states:

      They are both technically lifetime, but don't tell anyone :p

    • Rep said it would actually stay at 30GB permanently, so you should be fine.

  • +1

    Unfortunately the free accounts don't allow OpenVPN

    • Not everyone uses OpenVPN! There’s plenty of functionality without OpenVPN, you should give it a try :)

    • …so?

  • +2

    Just checked and I have a 50GB account – lucky I didn't redeem!

    • +1

      Same! Thanks for the reminder!

      • Pleasure!

  • +3

    Just in time to get the new episodes of Game of Thrones.

    • Are they on Hulu?

      • HBO

        • Ah okay.

        • +2

          How do you stream them? Can’t figure out myself, I’ve tried Foxtel Now but it’s too confusing. Is it possible to stream using HBO and a VPN? Even if I have to pay for HBO, I don’t mind.

      • +2

        VPN goes pretty well with The Pirate Bay.

        • +1

          After using up 21 GB (!) to view,
          eg, Power & Politics (from: Watch.CBC.tv)

          I found that YouTube ch "CBC News"
          seemed to have videos of some of its
          programs, available Free

          (I didn't find the prog. I had used
          21 GB to view; so, maybe it'll come
          later…? ;~)


          WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT, VPNs should be Free:

          It must be technically possible to build big
          VPN communities or networks that provide the
          same functionality, but between member compu-
          ters in service as VPN servers.

          It would only take part-time access / use of
          lotsa such computers, w/their owners' auth'n
          of course, to make it happen.

          (OK, some easy to install [Open Source]) VPN
          software would be needed, from a KickStarter
          project…? Volunteer(s)? Anonymous? etc.

          'could be like: "Share your Unused CPU-cycles"
          networks, but (for those with fast, Unlimited
          Internet accounts), but for "excess Data"…

          What'cha think?


  • +2

    For peace of mind it is always a good idea to add a Leak shield with the VPN so you cannot be seen.

    • What's that?

    • +1

      Anyone got any spare flux capacitors suitable for my Leak shield?

  • +1

    I notice free account doesn’t include all countries. Need to upgrade to unlimited to get all servers.

    • Yes, that’s how they’re able to give you a generous free allowance without running out of money :)

  • +3

    Does Netflix work with this ?

    • Yes, some free US Servers allow it.
      Can provide proof if you want it

      Seattle - Hendrix works with US Netflix. Los Angeles - Dogg used to, might work again not sure.

    • +2

      Some free servers may work with Netflix, but it’s hit and miss. If you want US, UK, CA or JP Netflix, it’s only $2/month through Windscribe, $1 for access to one of those 4 Netflix servers and another $1 for unlimited data for all free servers, including whichever Netflix server you picked, if you picked one.

    • When you have the option of choosing what server to use select “WINDFLIX US”. I’ve used this on both my iPhone and laptop and haven’t had any dramas watching
      Edit. Can also do this with UK, Canadian Netflix etc

  • I only got a 10gb voucher.

  • Working thanks. Got 30gb

  • Will this do US Netflix?

    • +2

      Some free servers may work with Netflix, but it’s hit and miss. If you want US, UK, CA or JP Netflix, it’s only $2/month through Windscribe, $1 for access to one of those 4 Netflix servers and another $1 for unlimited data for all free servers, including whichever Netflix server you picked, if you picked one.

      • How do you configure this? Is it using the "build your own" plan? I can select individual countries or windflix servers, but how do you get unlimited data for all free servers for an extra $1?

        Edit: Nevermind, I didn't see the "Unlimited Data + ROBERT" option at the bottom. Great advice, thanks!!

        • +1

          Yep, it's the build your own plan!

          It's an amazing service that I really love - the developers not only give awesome value but also complete privacy!

          No logs, and wouldn't be able to give information to the FBI if they asked for it.

          Unlike PureVPN

          • @Zazer: Yep agreed. I'm surprised you can get US Netflix for just $2/month, pretty great deal. You've summed up the process nicely but here is some more info:

            • @Pareto8020: Huh, neat! Looks like I could've just linked to that instead of manually writing it out lol, it says pretty much the same thing.

              Yep, it's awesome. I love Windscribe, they have both a Discord and a subreddit, both of which have devs and support active on.

              Great company, great people :)

          • @Zazer: I'm not sure that link is saying what you think it is. It's showing that PIA doesn't do any logging, but doesn't mention PureVPN at all.

    • Free Windflix? No idea.
      I bought a years subscription to Windscribe last year during some sort of stacksocial deal for about $15 or thereabouts. I have the Windflix US server setup on my ASUS router for the main TV using OpenVPN. Works well. Speeds for Netflix are not as good as native Netflix, but it is consistent unlike Getflix which had constant geoblocking issues.
      BTW, for general use there Sydney servers are nice and quick.

  • Seems like it gets lower everytime there's a deal.
    At least I got the OP deal of 60gb.

  • What's the difference between "standard" Windscribe servers and Windflix servers? I assume the speed of "standard" Windscribe servers are slower, having more users with free accounts.

    One issue of Windscribe is that it seems they don't have servers in Australia. The nearest is in Hong Kong.

    • Standard windscribe servers don't work with Netflix, which uses anti-VPN technology to detect and blacklist VPN servers. Windflix is specifically designed for Netflix watching, so if that's what you want, you have to connect to a windflix server

      • Thank you.

        • Also, there are just a few servers you can access in just a few countries with the free account - these servers are the ones that would be slow due to over-subscription from free users. With a pro account you can access all countries including windflix, which gives you significantly more servers. Or do a "build your own" plan to access non-free servers that should be faster

  • Will this work for torrent sites ?
    Asking for the nun next door

    • Yep, it'll hide your location/IP address. But note that with the free account, you don't have access to Windscribe's proxy service, only the VPN. Even with the build your own plan, you can't use their proxy - you need full Pro account for proxy.

  • -2

    Never had much luck with Windscribe freebies. I know its free but just way too slow and lack of countries. Just tried a few places again and nothing has changed…..slow slow slow! Shame.
    Tunnelbear is much better BUT only gives 1GB free a month. Good for random Browsing or to make initial connection to some overseas sites and turn off once stream is playing (for the sites that work to begin with).

  • Hi everyone -
    I have Windscribe Pro and have a question.
    When I go to my account, I can see:
    Bandwidth Usage 8.07 GB / Unlimited
    I'm a newbie and confused about data allowances?
    Is my account the best option, or is this deal better?
    Thanks for your patience with my entry level questions lol ;)

    • With a pro account you have unlimited data. So you've used 8 GB out of your infinite data allowance. If you had a free or "build your own" account it might show 8/10GB used.
      Whether Pro is best for your depends on your needs. Do you just want access to US Netflix? If yes, you actually need Pro or build your own, at a cost of $2/month. Do you just want privacy/security that is offered by VPN for occasional use? Then the 30GB free account may be better for you. Just remember that free account isn't just data limited - it has less features, e.g. significantly less servers, no Windflix, the free servers may be slower due to over-subscription of free users, no proxy for your torrent client (if you're into that).
      But if you currently have Pro, did you sign up for monthly or 12 month contract?

      • I signed up for lifetime personally :P

  • Thanks, will give it a go since my PIA vpn is almost up

  • Free version is a bit slow. Probably worthwile to pay for the pro version.

    • For sure! Can't recommend it enough :D

    • I've got the lifetime subscription for windscribe and it's great.

      • Same! Can confirm it is awesome :)

  • -1

    Anyone got a link for Android version? They emailed me mac and Windows, even though I clicked Android,so strange

  • +10

    "WindScribe operates out of Canada. As a result, they are subject to the Five Eyes online surveillance program. A number of reports have clearly shown that the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) has been secretly collecting online information from its citizens."

    Australia is in same program where Governments bypass their country's laws to spy on their own citizens

    "ISPs in Canada have little to no power keeping the logs on their users a secret. They must comply with anti-piracy legislation resulting from Bill C – 11 . This makes Canada a less than ideal place for any VPN service to operate from. There are many legal hoops that Canadian-based VPN services like WindScribe must go through in order to protect their client’s information.

    If a Canadian-based VPN keeps logs on their clients, then the Canadian authorities could at some future date require the VPN to grant them access to that data with just a warrant.

    And don’t forget, Canada has some strict copyright laws. This is something consider if you are using VPN for torrenting.

    Here’s where a major privacy problem with WindScribe comes to the fore.

    Windscribe consent policy

    When you read the EULA of WindScribe, it’s very clear that they may monitor and store personal data. One of the positive aspects of WindScribe is the fact that they allow users to use their service on an unlimited number of devices. However, they reserve the right to look at each VPN subscription to make sure that there are not multiple people using one VPN subscription package. The only way that WindScribe can accomplish this is by analyzing and keeping records of the different VPN addresses that use the service as well as the connection logs."

    In EULAese may means will.

    • +1

      Better than using Huawei or Xiaomi phone?

    • They actually wrote a blog post about this!

  • -3

    thanks op got 10

  • thanks!

  • with the free 30gb, I dont suppose I can use it on a router/modem for watching netflixs on a Sony TV?

    looks like can only use the free 30gb via a computer or mobile phone?

    I have the lifetime getflix account but it doesnt work for netflix unless I upgrade my account. Trying to get US netflix on my Sony TV via ps3 or Apple tv gen2.

    • Huh? What's the point of Getflix if you can't use it for Netflix? That just makes it a normal VPN right?

  • +1

    So as a side note. I tried and ended up buying a custom plan for USA windflix server + unlimited upgrade for $2 a month. Found out the app doesn't work with custom plans on android tv so I sent a ticket. They were nice enough to reply quickly and notified me that currently their app on android tv isn't compatible with custom plans but they are working on a fix. Until then they are upgrading me to full profile version for no extra so that I can use it on my tv for Netflix. Solid service and it works great.

    • Glad to hear it! Never had issues myself :)

  • Yayyyy, can finally listen to Pandora again ever since Opera VPN is no longer free.

    • What do you mean Opera VPn is no longer free? I still use Opera VPN for free.

  • Still working. Subscribed and 30GB in the account.

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