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[QLD] Sea World Resort Package: 1 Night + 2 Days of Parks + Buffet Breakfast - e.g. $284 3 Adults + 1 Child @ Booking.com


I have done this twice, since I find it good value. I can attest that it works. I think it's best value when you book a single night and have multiple people eg. 4 people sharing 1 room.

You book a room that says '+ Entry to 3 Theme Parks' eg. Resort Room + Entry to 3 Theme Parks.

This package includes unlimited entry to Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet 'n' Wild Water World - That's to be used on your day of check-in, plus through to and including the day of check-out.

So you arrive to Sea World resort early on your check-in day eg. 10:00am. They'll give you the theme park tickets at the counter. You can't go into your room until it's prepared later, so you leave your bags in the car, then jump onto the monorail to Sea World for the day.

Come back to the resort in the afternoon. Room service, dinner and buffets there are a bit pricey. So bring food or drive to another restaurant if looking to save money. The buffet asked if we had a special, which we didn't, so I expect there are some specials available like BOGOF buffet on Shop-a-dockets, or maybe they meant another booking site having a room + buffet special. Friday/Saturday are Seafood nights at the buffet, so cost more.

Booking.com let me select a room with buffet breakfast for only $20 more for our 4 people. If was $20 extra for the whole room, not per person, so very cheap.

Following day you wake up, eat the buffet breakfast, check-out then drive to Movie World or Wet'N'Wild for the day.

We had 3 adults + 1 Child and all up I paid $284 minus 4% CashRewards Booking.com cashback for 'Resort Queen Room + Entry to 3 Theme Parks'. Including:
Sea World for 1 day.
Resort for 1 night.
Movie World for 1 day.
Buffet breakfast.
(You could swap the Movie World for Wet'N'Wild. I wouldn't swap Sea World, since that would be inconvenient with extra driving.)

To buy the theme park tickets alone would cost us a lot more. Eg. $129.00 for a 3 day park pass for 1 adult. No resort, no buffet breakfast and for only 1 adult. Multiply by 4 people.

* Bring a hat
* Bring snacks/food to the theme parks if looking to save money.
* Prices will vary depending on date. Ours was $284 on 5 April (Friday night) while 1 May only has 'Resort Room + Entry to 3 Theme Parks' for $385 or $425 including breakfast. You might have to be flexible with dates.
* The height limits for the medium-sized rides is usually 110cm+. Kids under 110cm will be on the kids rides.

Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, 4217 Gold Coast, QLD Australia

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  • Thanks for the detailed post!

  • Awesome

  • I love your detail! Good bargain if you want theme park access!

  • Great deal! The cheapest I seem to be able to find with "+ Entry to 3 Theme Parks" seems to be around $385 regardless of date. Am I doing something wrong?

    • I'm noticing that too. I'm guessing it's school holiday time, so they temporarily increased the prices for all dates - profit maximization while people are in the holiday booking mood. It'll likely be cheaper to try booking later, like after the holidays.

      It seems like their prices have changed a lot since I booked it only a week ago.

      I booked on 30 March for 5 April - last day of school term - $284.

      Last time I booked on 30 Sept for 9 Oct 2018 - 2 days into a new term - $360. Last time I booked through WotIf.

    • I am a NRMA roadside assist member and got the theme park tickets for $116 per person.


  • Did I miss something? I can't seem to see where you get the access to the theme parks.

    • Search for a room on specific dates. Some room names will show '+ Entry to 3 Theme Parks.' And some room descriptions will say 'Good breakfast included'.

  • I've heard some horrific things about the treatment of the animals there. Whereas Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin's one) is a much better option for those who get bummed out about the treatment of those poor critters. Good deal though, so it makes it kinda worthwhile for those who are on a budget.

    • I didn't notice anything abnormal. It all seemed nice enough for the animals.

      Plus we went to Paradise Country ($165 for tent, 4 people access to the park). They say the older cows there are the ones that got retired from the Outback Spectacular. It seemed like a nice farm. Also managed by Village Roadshow, like the other 3 parks.

      Try Asia to find depressing animal habitats…

      • It's false equivalency to compare that sorry.
        I guess you have to consider the people that are educated within the field towards animal welfare. Glad theres some silver linings that exist there though! Didn't neg, you've provided your experience which seems like it was a good one :)

        • Yep, the Asia bit is quite unrelated to Sea World. Just that lots of Asian zoos depress me, while Sea World didn't.

          I think Paradise Country and Sea World should have similar standards. The parks are quite similar in most other regards.

  • Don't forget 4% cashback if booking through booking.com 😊

  • I recommend watching the doco Blackfish before going to Sea World… it raises a lot of welfare concerns

    • I recommend you don't. Just enjoy yourself.

    • is that about USA Sea World, or Aus Sea World? I was under the impression they are very separate entities?

    • True, lots of welfare concerns about orcas at American sea world parks…….we don’t have orcas at ours in Australia

      • Ah well. When aggrieved, those orcas have been known to dispense a particular form of justice towards their handlers. A few orcward moments in front of shocked and distressed punters does wonders for their pay and conditions.

      • Smarter mammals have a higher tendency to go cuckoo when you make them do the same thing over and over again.

        We have great white sharks here :)
        However they can't be train I guess…or maybe no one tried to train one. Good fish… pet pet and chomp.

        Hopefully one day someone will figure out how to train them as they do behave friendly when you touch the right spots or that is if they don't get extinct first on Chinese sharkfin soup.

  • Can u just leave the luggage at the resort lobby?

  • We did a similar deal last month for 5 days, including breakfast.

    Resorts not bad (but I would have been annoyed paying full price), lines for breakfast can get pretty insane if you don't get up early (easily a 30min plus wait one morning around 8:30 from what I saw)

    We went at a pretty decent mid week time with pretty much no waits anywhere (could walk off and back around DC hypercoaster at movie world or storm coaster at sea world, walk on for slides at wet and wild, ) so that was a bonus….

    Sea World park definitely a let down at the moment with a few areas under repair, definitely the least desirable to visit (apart from paradise county)

    • A couple seem permanently closed - the log style rides.

      The 4D movie at Movie World broke half way through our movie. It seemed to be fixed for the next screening an hour later.

      Overall, it's still a good amount of rides. It'd be annoying if the big rides were down. They would display that on their website in advance though.

      • They would display that on their website in advance though.

        not always
        One day at Sea World both the Jet Ski and Storm rides were shut due to some power issues the night before apparently (was a very quiet day, so not sure how 'quickly' they were bothering to try and fix them)
        Pretty sure they were offline pretty much the whole day
        (thankfully we were only visiting for an hour or 2 on an off day for that week.. if i'd paid to be there that day i'd be very annoyed)

  • Tempted to book this as I will be there next month. I already have a hotel booked so don't need the room as such, and only 2 of us so doesn't work out cheap, but close by….

    How do you get to movie world from here? it's quite a distance - do they provide a bus / is it included in the price?

    • I’d say jump on the tram at Main Beach (about 1km from Sea World) and get off at Helensvale (northern end of the tram line), then there’s buses running from Helensvale to the theme parks, which is only 10 minutes away. It’s worth having Go cards for Qld public transport, the tram system is a great way to travel up and down the Gold Coast (well, it only goes as far south as Broadbeach).

  • Got the same type of deal and went last month. $1000 for 5 nights including access to seaworld, movie world, wet n wild and paradise. 2 for 1 dinner and breakfast was ok. Rooms are not fancy but suited us. We ate down the road at hogs breath(kids eat free wed night or Southport slc, great meals and BOGOF breakfast), fish n chips shop for $9 meals etc. great holiday if u have kids and a car.
    Not flash but great value for family of 4.

  • thanks for the post! I don’t really understand the $20 extra for whole room part, can I add extra room for $20? I can’t seem to find it

    • When I checked now for 1 May, it shows $385 for a room with '$19 for Good Breakfast' (extra $19 per person, I think) or $425 for 'Good breakfast included' ($40 difference in price). In that case the difference is $40 to get the breakfast for the whole room, but when I was booking last week, I could get it for only $20 more.

      I think they raised the prices now that the school holidays started. It'll probably come back down again after.

  • When I checked now for 1 May, it shows $385 for a room with '$19 for Good Breakfast' (extra $19 per person, I think) or $425 for 'Good breakfast included' ($40 difference in price). In that case the difference is $40 to get the breakfast for the whole room, but when I was booking last week, I could get it for only $20 more.

    I think they raised the prices now that the school holidays started. It'll probably come back down again after.

  • I did this on the deal earlier in the year. Got 2 nights for $418 with breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids. They actually gave us an extra day on the park tickets too (just depends when they issue them I think).

    Was absolutely sensational.

    • We got 7 day one for our 5 day stay.
      Perhaps it's just whatever regular 1,3,5 or 7 day pass lines up with your stay length (nights plus one day)

  • Same. I actually checked out of sea world this morning! Was $198 per room per night for the 3 of us. 2 adults and 1 child. Including 4 parks sea world wet n wild movie world and paradise country and breakfast included too. Depending on when you go. Also happy hour from 4.30 to 5.30 pm buy one get one feee drinks and all you can eat buffet $29.90. ten dollars more on weekend they have killpatric oysters etc but has freash prawns everynight. 5 star food I reckon!

    • Sounds like you got a bargain. $198 including the breakfast!

      Booked through the hotel websites like I did? I checked out 2 days ago. $284 felt like a bargain anyway.

      • This was booked awhile ago before they increased prices. It was $160 ish me with buffet bfst.

        They regularly gave these deals and as cheap as $100 in winter. My kids are not into GC them parks anymore. Only wet n wild.

        We are staying at Taronga Western Plains Zoo tonight..spectacular!

  • Monorail! Monorail! Is there a chance the track could bend?

  • Thanks for the detailed post but I am unable to get this deal, can anyone share the link to book it. Thx

  • Showing $455 for second week of July for 4 people, or $505 for 5 people.

    • I think they raised the prices now that the school holidays started. It'll probably come back down again after.

      One guy managed to get it for $198 a few days ago. I've never been able to get it for that cheap.

  • Hey, do we automatically get the free pass to theme parks when make a booking for a resort room? I couldn't find the option for package entries.


  • Dude! Great hack!

    • How is it a hack?
      It's a pretty regular sea world resort deal ;)

      • 1 night with 2 days of passes is almost a hack, if you didn't know it was possible. It's definitely nice compared to the 3 days passes on their own.

        SonnyJday is the true hacker. He said he got it for $198 per night. That's cheaper than the 2 times I've been.

  • I did this last month with the ozbargain post for $199, Seaworld resort is nice in the new rooms. I booked a second night in a cheaper room online and even the front desk guy just let me upgrade and stay in the same new good room for no extra money.

    they let us check in early and gave us tickets so we went to seaworld in the morning, had a snooze and the next day did movie world and then wet and wild it wasnt school holidays and it was dead everywhere with no lines.

    when seaworld is closed (i.e monorail stops at 5pm…) you need to walk from the hotel about 15 minutes up the road to get to the bus station, that's the only problem after doing that walk a few times a day you get pretty over it

  • Yeah I checked out on Sunday but I booked it a while ago now. It was when they had the 62% off sale with the parks included and breaky. The lowest price per room was like $168 or something. Sale went on for a while I kept seeing ads pop up on the internet and on the TV too. I'm pretty sure they have a big sale on yearly. Next time I'll put it on Oz bargin if I see it again. It was a good deal

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