Moto G7 Plus or Nokia 7 Plus? HELP

Was just about to buy the new Moto G7 plus, when I saw a couple of recent deals here on the Nokia 7 plus.

The Nokia is older but with better CPU and GPU. Might get Android q. Won't get anything after that.

The Moto is new, will likely get Android q and r, but has lesser GPU and CPU.

I need NFC. $400 is the right amount.

Is there an easy answer to 'which one to buy'?



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    i don't think moto 7 will get android r, given their poor support history

    their flagship g5S+ released late 2017, won't get pie at all

    even their g6 still on oreo, only getting pie in these coming months

    i bet they won't give the Q to g6 either

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      Hmmmm…. I have the g5 plus and the Moto updates have been appalling. That said, the phone has been great and the recent update from n to o didn't really add anything special. Am I overly concerned about updates that don't do much? Should I get the more powerful one that's a year older? Aaarrrrhhhggggg :-P


        i think it's the on-going security updates/patches that you should be concerned of

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    Nokia 7 plus easy


      But the Nokia 7 Plus came to Australia a little late and with a price markup, so it's not a great deal.

      I would say an ex-flagship like the (Q1/2016) Samsung Galaxy S7-Exynos, LG G6, SONY XZ1, HTC U11 and Huawei 9 Honor (Q4/2017)… are probably better devices overall.

      So if I were you I would be looking at that demographic instead for value, or look at current flagships for something more luxurious/fleshed-out.


        nah id still take the Nokia 7 plus if local brand new is what you're after.

        you'd have to buy used for those 2016 flagships
        rather get this in that case
        whoops just read nfc requirement


    Also would go with Nokia 7 plus if you can get it sub $400 excellent deal!


    Just brought a Nokia 7 Plus, although you will need Nova Launcher and AOLED but speed is faster than my old G6 and the Camera is better too.

    I got my Dad G5 plus and it has been OK with him as he is just a average user.


    My nokia 7 plus has just started rebooting after 3 minutes of fast charge. Realling irritating.