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Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB/64GB Dual SIM $369 / $357.75 (With Coupon) (Import Stock + Regional Shipping) @ TobyDeals


This says $375 on the website. It seems to be the cheapest listed on OzBargain - however, I am not certain whether this is Global ROM.

  • Optional freebies include a Glass Screen protector or a Generic phone case
  • Shipping charges apply if you are in regional areas ($33.9), free shipping to most cities.
  • CART3 coupon takes an additional 3% off your order, unknown expiry date.

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  • +10

    If only it had nfc. Getting great updates. Amazing phone

    • +3

      Yep, no NFC is it's only let down at this price. I'll pass but a good deal for those that don't use NFC.

      • +1

        hopefully version 2 does but usually to save costs they omit it.

      • What do you use NFC for?

        • +1

          Google Pay - I don't take my wallet out with me now.. also like having a log of everything I've spent on a day without having to wait for banking apps to catch up.

        • +1

          Near Field Communication;
          Uses a very small signal to talk to other devices devices… can be used to tap your phone after storing Public transport tickets, credit cards, gym membership, etc
          Or to sync a Bluetooth device like my speaker when someone wants to use it

  • +1

    Price is good, if its not global rom,but can it be flashed?

  • +1

    Is this seller reliable? Any experiences with them?

    • +2

      They used to be known as eGlobal Digital Cameras

      Also getting $6 dollar discount in my cart. Not sure what triggered it.


      • +4

        Easter sale as part of the banner.

        A$18 off $600
        A$12 off $450
        A$6 off $280

      • +1

        Yep, got same $6 discount in cart and ALSO FREE flip case and a FREE 3D glass screen protector.

        But just like eGlobal D C shipping is still $33.90 for me regionally which puts a lid on it lol.

        • +6

          I tested a coupon and the promotion actually stacks on top of the easter promo!

          WELCOME10 takes another 10 dollars off. Might look like a better deal now.

          • +2

            @scrimshaw: Thanks, like this phone but my HTC 10 still going nicely and my back up Mi A2 has not seen much action yet because my old Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is still trooping on well with that 4100mAh battery that I love.

            I spent most of my toy money two weeks ago on this below for $319 and really happy with it, does usb C PD charging hooray, so now I can finally use my usb C PD power banks lol. Even came with the digitiser pen included nicely slotted in for a surprise.


      • +1

        Scrimshaw, do you know of any reason why eGlobal/DWI closed down and rebranded?
        They were reasonably reliable the last time I dealt with them (like 3 times in the past decade)

        • +4

          conjecture only: but I think it 99% percent has something to do with the 'Gerry Harvey' GST and them not wanting to remit sales taxes to the Au government.

    • I've bought a Xiaomi Mi A2 and Jabra Bluetooth headphones from there. Both arrived in under a week. You're safe.

  • Do they provide invoices, and do you need to pay got?

    • +16

      There is no need to pay any Game of Thrones on this.

      • +1

        Thanks, the autocorrection in my iPad was stupid. I mean GST.

  • Great deal but has anyone who purchased the Poco Phone had any issues with it?

    I got one for my mother a few months ago and last week it was on about 1% battery, the phone started ringing, it went flat during the phone ringing. She plugged it back on the charger to charge and turned it back on and the phone had somehow factory reset itself. She has lost all her photos, videos etc and had to go through the setup of the phone again. I have never herd of this happening before and i couldn't even find anything similar on google about this happening with any type of phone.

    • +4

      Maybe she Was pressing a the power button or some combination to try and wake it up whilst in the powering up mode which initiated the faculty reset?

      • +1

        I've questioned that but she plugged the phone into charge and turned it on with just the power button. To hard factory reset the Poco you have to actually press volume up + power button then navigate the on screen options and select Wipe/Data and press Power button to confirm.

        Unless there is some other command unknown or bug that wipes the phone by simply holding power button on startup :(

        • Just a reminder that if you set up back up, this would not be a big a issue that it currently is.

          • +1

            @Juiciness: Lmao great "I told you so" post without having told them before. 10/10 post excellent.

    • +4

      She has lost all her photos, videos etc

      Lucky she had it all backed up to Google photos etc. Close call mum.

    • I've had one since the release date and there's one thing that's been bugging me:

      While it's on charge, it vibrates every couple of minutes? Couldn't figure if there was an option to turn that sh1t off and I read that it might be the charger not providing enough juice? I dunno, it's wack.

      It's the original charger with an adapter for AU plug.

      • Yeah that's a cable or charger issue.

  • Broke the screen on my Note 5, was gonna order a 33 dollar replacement, oh man this is tempting. What have you done OP! Wish it didn't have a notch, but let's see.

    • Tried looking on Aliexpress for replacement screen and found nothing . The main reason I buy chinese phones is that the cost of replacement screens is low .

      • +1

        Are you talking about the Redmi Note 5 Pro screen? I've found a few on Ali Express, around 30 before taxes, pretty good I must say. Although the feedback from people is good, it's not as good as the original screen. However for 33 ish, I'm probably going to be happy.

        I might give this a pass, the Poco F1 might lower to 350 when the next wave of phones comes. Should be an instant buy for me then. Until then I'll try replacing my screen.

        • I was talking about the pocophone . Maybe it's a bit too new .

          • @troyww: Ahhh I see that makes sense. Yeah perhaps it's a bit too new for there to be replacement available. Hopefully they do arrive at some point!

      • It's probably under digitizer + lcd or something like that. I can find one for obscure ones like RN3P SE.

  • +4

    Use CART3 code on top, this will take an extra 3% off in addition to the $6 off. Total will be A$357.75

    Ah someone just added the 'welcome' code, that might be for first time customers.

  • If you want a more stock experience rather than Pocophone's UI, you can unlock the bootloader and install Pixel Experience (recommend CAF Edition): https://download.pixelexperience.org/beryllium/

    • yep, miui is kinda garbage and with PE you can use the google camera app which pretty much unlocks the potential of the poco camera.

      only downside is that you have to wait 72 hours to unlock the bootloader but miui is more than usable until then.

      • You will also lose Widevine L1 if you flash another ROM and/or root the device, which means that streaming services (netflix, etc) will be limited in terms of resolution output. That can be a deal-breaker for some people.

        • If I relock the bootloader, will I still have Widevine?

    • why the CAF editition? How does it differ from the other version? And do you know where I could find installation instructions?

  • +14

    All the band 28 commenters must be asleep!

    • +6

      Sorry just woke up.

      No band 28.

      • I am on the Telstra network, no band 28 = no deal?
        Is this going to be a deal breaker for not having band 28?
        anyone here on the telstra network using this phone?
        The Snapdragon 845 is very tempting.

        • I am using a phone doesn't not have band 28 in NSW metro area with Telstra. Comparing with my friend's iPhone X, the signal strength was not identically different. However, I have no idea about rural areas. FYI as far as I know, the cheapest option with SD845+NFC+B28 is around $530-ish. It is really up to you to decide.

          • @FD24: hey FD24, which phone are you referring to for $530ish?

            • +1

              @he88388: LG G7 from ebay (allphones, mobileciti etc) with discount codes. I am not sure those codes are still working. The downside of that model is software update is slow and no idea when LG will abandon it + no custom roms.

            • @he88388: The cheapest atm is from Mobileciti with the 7% off code for $559.67 - but only the Grey coloured one

              • +3

                @nismo: I am not keen on LG as software support is going to drive me nuts.

                • +1

                  @he88388: yep, agreed. I keep telling myself to not buy that LG. Instead, I'm looking at either a OnePlus 6, S9 or maybe S10e if I can stretch the budget / find a great deal soon :)

                  • @nismo: Happy hunting Nismo. BTW are you a Nismo fan?

                    • +2

                      @he88388: 100% 😂

                      I even named our pet, Nismo!

                      • +1

                        @nismo: Cool, I had the 370z for a year now since new and I loved it.
                        Now looking at a convertible if it's cheap.

                    • +1

                      @he88388: If your happy for a phone that get's no further updates than Pie and a smallish 5.2" screen,then the older Nokia 8 128GB/6GB can be had below $400 too. Only has the SD 835 though, still fast.

                      • +1

                        @ozhunter68: I bought that one for a friend 2 weeks ago and now it is out of stock at Tobydeals.
                        When I first saw it, it was around $330-ish and then my friend pull the trigger at $341 and now its out of stock.
                        Not sure where I would find one below $350.

                        • +1

                          @he88388: I enquired about more stock of the Nokia 8 with Toby Deals a few days ago, this was their reply:

                          Dear Customer

                          Thank you for your email. We regret to inform you that the Nokia 8 TA-1004 6GB Ram 128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Polished Blue is currently market shortage,in which we are not sure when the stock will be available

                          • +2

                            @nismo: yeah, I am their mailing list for an alert when it becomes available.
                            Don't think Nokia will be pushing out any new ones now as they will be making newer models for 2019.

  • Very interested in the Pocophone F1. I know very little about Xiaomi or Chinese branded electronics in general, is there any security concerns with using them?

    • As much concerns as there is when using Google lol. Probably Apple is the only company you can confide in privacy.

    • +10

      Your information goes to the China government instead of the US.

      • Is this something that we should be concerned about or not?

        • +2

          Yes if you are doing something shonky or like to take your own nude pictures and send them to love ones. John Oliver interviewed Edward Snowden and asked about access to d-ck pics, and the guy said yes, they have access. Interestingly enough, US people think that they are okay with government surveillance, but when he mentioned access to d-ck pics, people are quite concerned. Even if you use just US based services, if any of them use servers outside US, big brother can and will access them (given cloud is everywhere, Google/Apple/Microsoft would have servers everywhere).

          Don't worry, big brother is already watching. China also want to be watching, but obviously big brother is very upset about that. Don't be surprised little brother (AUS) is already watching and has no issue sending data to big brother.

          I am more annoyed with some of our telcos, Internet providers, stores selling our personal info to telemarketers and they just call whenever they feel like.

          • @netsurfer: Nothing shonky and no candid photos, but just concerned about overall privacy on Chinese phones, or phones in general.

            • @GregRust: If in doubt, don't get it. The main concern generally is the potential backdoor embedded and yes, some Chinese brand routers have/had backdoors and malwares.

              Here is an old article:

              If it makes you feel better, unlock the bootloader, then install a non-Xiaomi firmware (but that needs time and effort and has risks). Most of those generic type firmware are meant to be free of malware and they don't check back with base regularly. However, you will still be watched by service providers, Web site/service providers, search engines, social network sites/apps, e-mail service providers etc…

      • What netsurfer said!

        Your information goes to the China government instead of the US.

        LOL! Of course it would go to BOTH, our government working together with All telcos would see to that.

  • Thanks OP, was looking around for this phone/a new phone.

    Apparently free gift in either leather case or tempered glass protector.

    Don't forget Cashrewards/Shopback.

    What's the difference between Tobydeals and Tecobuy? (https://www.tecobuy.com/en_AU/xiaomi-pocophone-f1-6gb-64gb-d...) - Are they like eGlobal and DWI?

    • +3

      You actually can add both free gifts to your Cart.

      After having added the first one, still in the cart page, click "Select your FREE GIFT!" (Right under the Top menu on desktop or under the Search box on mobile), the Free Item popup will show up again, you then can add the second Free item.

  • Does anyone have experience with TobyDeals? How are they with shipping time, warranty claims etc?

  • Globus rome?

  • Is POCO F2 coming?

    • It is but last I read it's not expected in April.

  • +1

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S7 which I'm looking to upgrade as it's getting sluggish and the battery life isn't what it used to be. Would this be a good upgrade? I'm not heaps fussed about camera, maybe want something snappy and responsive, with headphone jack, and I'd be comfortable rooting/changing the os/launcher if necessary.

    • +2

      Go for it as long as you root it and put a custom rom on. It's crazy fast. Camera's not bad with GCam port either

  • I am tempted with this phone but without band 28 on the Telstra network is this a major drawback??? Please advise :)

  • I am thinking of getting P20 Pro (discounted through work). Is this in the same league?

    • +1

      P20 Pro camera will kill this phone. That phone is worth $1000 so obviously not the same league.

      • Thanks. I think I will go with P20 Pro in that case.

      • Err, -25%

  • Do people here take out the $10 insurance with TobyDeals?
    I'm looking at the Nokia 8.1

    • +1

      I personally don't think that this is necessary.
      I recently got the Nokia 8 (SD 835) for a friend.
      It was delivered by Toll Priority and it was trackable all the way from Hong Kong.
      I was not at home when the courier came but it was left at my local newsagency for next day pick up.
      If you pay using Paypal and if anything happens you can always get Paypal involved in settling disputes.

    • The real issue with any overseas seller is warranty. Has anyone actually claimed warranty from Toby Deals? What's the process? How long do you have to wait for the repair? Do you have to send phone back to Hong Kong?

      • +3

        I agree that buying from overseas seller is risky.
        You will be paying more for local product with local warranty.
        I have got a refund from Aliexpress twice for faulty products through their dispute channel, but I had to send the phone back at my expense for them to release the funds.
        I too was wary about this seller Tobydeals, I bought my Redmi note 3 a few years back from this former company and it is still my current daily driver.
        The $10 insurance is to cover any mishaps during transit not for the device itself after receival.

  • Can this phone be rooted on a mac? anyone know? Xioami phones often need a windows pc to use their app to unlock

    • Just download Win10 onto a external drive and dual boot windows.

    • If you have a spare SSD, a USB 3 to SATA cable and Windows 10 license, you can install Windows 10 to that SSD, set it all up (on the PC), and then connect it to your Mac and hold option key. You do need to download bootcamp driver package and copied to the PC.

      You could use the standard way and re-partition your Mac, but I found it easier and cleaner to use another SSD.

  • So tempted to get this phone and there's basically a deal every week. I'm stuck between this phone, waiting for the next version of the pocophone or spending more and getting a MI 9 or S10e (when it drops in price a bit more).

    I know the other options I have listed are almost twice as expensive but there are such good options coming up in 2019 for the sub-$700 market.

    • This one lacks B28 and NFC which I have kind of become dependent on now. With Myki also going NFC I can leave home without a wallet if I want to travel light.

  • With the dual sim …can anyone comment on what kind of set up that is with regards to this phone? I'm not tech savvy but I have heard that some configs of that are better than others. Some only allow 3G for one of the sims for example.

  • +1

    Just got this phone from the last deal.
    Its a damn good phone. Never buying a samsung again.

    • What was the price from the last deal?

      • I think 400

  • Price rose $14 in last 24hours… now $389 not $375.
    I should've bought it yesterday :(

    • When I add CART3 code for me it come up to $371.33. Just check again

      • I was referring to origin price.

    • This is what I have found with Tobydeals, their pricing fluctuates within 48 hours.
      Now you see it and now you don't.
      There will be another deal better than this price.
      Keep your eyes out and post it on here when there is a new price drop.

      • +1

        Yes, they will jack up price if selling too popular, while they will lower price if no one interested.

        • Wow, you're spot on, $415 today.

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