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I've got a similar watch where the second hand does not move and I do not find that to be a problem. One of the little circles (not sure...
07/09/2019 - 22:04
My LG V30+ is unable to use data while making calls. Does anyone else have this problem?
28/07/2019 - 21:09
How does this compare to LG V30+?
02/07/2019 - 18:47
I am also waiting for a price drop for the v30+ please :)
28/06/2019 - 22:33
I am most concerned about the sim tray breaking. I have seen many issues online about LG and their extremely fragile sim tray
20/05/2019 - 20:31
I also want to go back to my windows phone - but the problem for me is that whatsapp no longer works on windows phones!
19/05/2019 - 19:47
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus G955FD 4G 64GB Dual Sim Blue $508.25 Delivered (Grey Import) @ TobyDeals
As stated in the heading. Blue only for this price.
18/05/2019 - 13:18
does anyone else have this concern about LG too? I do change sim every month for the 40gb of data!
18/05/2019 - 12:09
Huawei Honor Play 4GB/64GB (Global Version) - US $225.88 (~AU $321.07) Delivered @ Tonke_store via DHgate
Kirin 970 It also seems that new buyers can claim coupons to reduce the price by another $10 USD
03/05/2019 - 00:25
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S 6GB/64GB (Global Version) - US $307.01 (~AU $436.38) Delivered @ Mi_pioneer via DHgate
Snapdragon 845, 6GB RAM, 64GB, No headphone jack NFC Wireless Charging **Mod Note:** Updated price to include GST.
02/05/2019 - 23:44
I have personally been looking at the Pocophone and this one lately. It appears from comments online that gamers are getting overheating...
23/04/2019 - 23:04
Huawei Honor Play 64GB 4GB RAM Blue $356.81 Delivered (Grey Import) @ eVisionShop
Kirin 970 processor 4GB Ram Dual-SIM Seems to be a strong competitor of the Pocophone F1 - almost flagship specs for a relatively low price.
23/04/2019 - 22:40
Nobel posted a forum topic Thoughts on the Honor Play
Hi guys, I have recently discovered the Honor Play - it has a Kirin 970 processor - and has a better build quality than the Pocophone F1....
12/04/2019 - 21:13
Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB/64GB Dual SIM $369 / $357.75 (With Coupon) (Import Stock + Regional Shipping) @ TobyDeals
This says $375 on the website. It seems to be the cheapest listed on OzBargain - however, I am not certain whether this is Global ROM....
09/04/2019 - 20:35
How does the delivery work on Good Guys ebay? I am keen on getting one delivered, but am wondering if they will unpack and connect it for...
10/10/2018 - 21:18
[@nairdajun](/comment/2979053/redir): Jesus also asked his followers to spread the good news and to "go and make disciples of all nations,...
02/01/2016 - 08:50
I bought the R7 for $350 on the 20% sale...should have waited!
09/12/2015 - 08:44
I'm using it now. It lasts up to 28 days
07/12/2015 - 20:26
Nobel posted a forum topic Kogan Laptop under $1000
Hi all, I am looking to buy a laptop on kogan, but most of them seem to have terrible screens. (budget is <$1000) I am hoping to get a good...
06/08/2015 - 10:44
Yes, I still haven't received mine and it was supposed to arrive on Monday.
20/11/2014 - 13:01
has anyone received their case yet?
19/11/2014 - 08:45
In the last 20% sale on eBay about 2 months ago.
13/09/2014 - 11:18
No deal for M7. The 20% ebay sale at DSE had the HTC One M7 for $398. So your description of "cheapest" is misleading.
12/09/2014 - 14:03
Does the headphones look as in the photo or is it different? The online photos don't have the shield symbol...
17/08/2014 - 14:47
Any deals on the Lumia 925/930/1020?
05/08/2014 - 18:23
How to tell whether stuff is on "clearance" or on sale? (I have something in mind, and can't be bothered going if it's not included in this...
27/06/2014 - 17:25
Is it 50% off on all already reduced prices in store? Or only selected products?
27/06/2014 - 17:19
In fact, it seems almost everything in myer has a "special offer" of 30% off at checkout. So does that mean nothing will be discounted?
27/05/2014 - 19:54
All the Miss Shop stuff are 30% off sale this does that mean that there will be no discount? But it's on the list and that...
27/05/2014 - 19:52