OnePlus 8 5G 12GB/256GB Dual Sim - Green/Black US$571.92 (A$801.68) + Shipping @ BuyBuyBox


OS : Android 10.0; OxygenOS 10.0
Chipset : Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 (7 nm+)
CPU : Octa-core (1x2.84 GHz Kryo 585 & 3x2.42 GHz Kryo 585 & 4x1.8 GHz Kryo 585)
GPU : Adreno 650

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  • Looks like a grey import

  • Grey import (dont think the phone was ever released in Aus?), but incredible price for a lot of phone.

  • What's the negative to a grey import? Just have to send it overseas for warranty?

  • +17 votes

    All OnePlus phones are grey import. No issue there.

  • Haven't kept up with OnePlus. Do they still do one version for China and another for Europe/global?

    Which is this?

    • I wanna know this too

      • OnePlus 8 Pro:
        There are four model variants available depending on the country of intended use: IN2020 (China), IN2023 (Europe/Asia), IN2021 (India), and IN2025 (NA/USA).

        OnePlus 8:
        There are four model variants available depending on the country of intended use: IN2010 (China), IN2013 (Europe/Asia), IN2011 (India), and IN2015 (NA/USA).

  • Is there GST inclusive in that price?

  • wouldn't recommend these guys, they have a terrible record of not fulfilling orders.. i ordered the oneplus 7 pro few weeks back and they emailed me saying its out of stock and asked if i wanted to pay extra for another model..

    • I wouldn't recommend either. I bought asus rog phone2 from them. The phone arrived very late, they don't reply to your mails and the thing that upset me the most was that the phone had permanent marks from the air cooler attachment but wasn't provided in the box. All it came was phone and charger.

      • I also bought by Asus Rog Phone 2 here. My experience was very different, my phone was shipped out within a week and arrived in Australia very quickly.

        • What accessories did you get in the box?

          Are you still using the CN version or converted to WW?

        • +1 vote

          I also had a smooth experience with my OnePlus 7 arriving in less than a week.

          However the website is the worst, also didn't receive any order verification outside of my paypal statement, which initially had me concerned, but it all worked out.

          I know these guys have a bad rep with returns and warranty, so I'm unlikely to send it back under any circumstances. But for me, a OP7 for $555 was worth risking having to file a palpal refund if it went south.

          • @ilu: issue for me is i got all excited and bought a case. after few days they emailed me saying phone out of stock, while i can see their ebay listing for the same phone in stock at a higher price. dodgy fellows. no longer excited for a new phone, just going to stick with my oneplus 5t which still works perfect. now stuck with a phone case with no purpose.

    • That's a dogs act.

    • Just like every new phone now, get over it.

      • +5 votes

        Why should they get over it?

        I won't buy a phone without headphone jack or sd card support.

        • Same here.

        • What's wrong with using a USB to heaphone adapted or god forbid wireless headphones! Well your choice of new phones will be getting smaller and smaller every month. I suppose you want a micro USB charging port instead of USB type C… Lol. As for no micro SD card slot, most decent phones offer plenty of onboard storage 128gb upwards and you have the option of cloud storage.

          • @solrak: Proper analogue audio will always be higher quality looking at LG. People can still have their wants. You're comment on micro USB is just plain stupid and unrelated. Bluetooth headphones are far inferior sound quality wise and no one wants adaptors.

            It is fine for you to not want them but don't be trying to tell other people they can't still want them

            • @Simster275: There is nothing wrong with you wanting those features in a phone. Simple fact is phone makers are moving away from headphone jacks to make phones slimmer and increase internal space for other components. As for Bluetooth headphones being far inferior to wired headphones on a phone that's absolute bollocks. Have you tried any decent Bluetooth headphones recently? Pretty bloody good

          • @solrak: Have absolutely no problems finding phones with microsd or headphone jack.

            Current onboard storage such as 128gb not enough for my needs and i don't use cloud storage.

      • It wouldn't be so much of an issue for me if bluetooth headphones weren't double the price of wired headphones/earphones. I'll give up the fight when they remove it from laptops and PCs as well.

  • Price shows as $819.04 when I put in my post code. Is there a way to get it closer to the $800 price in title?

  • for $200 more you can get the 8 pro on toby deals

    • The Pro has a bigger battery but significantly higher power consumption. So keep that in consideration.

      • The pro only has higher power consumption because of a high refresh rate screen, this is an optional feature that can be turned off

  • Specs doesn't have Band 28 so it's not the "Global" version but the IN2020 version

  • Shipping to Perth is more than double that of Syd/Melb. Very strange for something coming from overseas that is likely going to be sent via DHL/FedEx/UPS. Usually the cost of delivering a parcel to Australia is flat rate, unless it's going to a rural area.

    • They dump it in Melb/Sydney.
      Unfortunately one thing Mcgan has missed out on is attracting more overseas deliveries to WA.

      • DHL mail for example comes in 3 times a week, even throughout Covid. It comes on a Scoot flight direct from Singapore. Prior to that it's usually Hong Kong > Mainland China.
        Not sure which courier they are using but I know FedEx sometimes goes via Singapore, more often via Syd.

        • In my experience, my order got shipped using DPEX with TOLL as the local courier

        • I have 3 dhl shipments from US. Thsnks high AUD :)
          2 coming from Germany, one via Singapore. Singapore is held there for 1 day.

          • @sn809:

            Singapore is held there for 1 day.

            "Shipment on hold" means it's waiting for a flight. There's 3 flights a week to Perth at the moment due to Covid, it won't be too far away.

  • :( rip i bought a 7T Pro like a day before this price for the 8 popped up on ozbargain.

    • How does the 7T Pro compare to the 8?

      • 855 plus vs 865 processor I think is under or around 5% diff in power

        Both 90hz

        Qhd on 7tpro is better than then 8

        I rkn U are good with 7t pro my bro

        Unless U paid heaps for it?:

      • 7T pro has a better screen (1440p vs 1080p). Probably slightly better cameras as well (since the 8 has a macro lens over a tele). no hole punch in the display, instead has a pop up camera. 855/adreno 640 vs 865/adreno 650, definitely slower but still really good in 2020.

    • Nah bro 7T Pro is still a very decent phone.

    • I would argue that the 7 pro is even better than the 8. The 7T pro is way better than the 8.

      The no notch - all display front, the camera is better on the 7T. The battery life is killer on the 7T. The 2k screen is better.
      The SD855 is still amazing in 2020 - you won't notice it slower than the SD865.

      I would buy the 7T pro over the 8 all day and every day. I have the 7pro and it's epic.

  • For those who want to know:

    OnePlus 8 Pro:
    There are four model variants available depending on the country of intended use: IN2020 (China), IN2023 (Europe/Asia), IN2021 (India), and IN2025 (NA/USA).

    OnePlus 8:
    There are four model variants available depending on the country of intended use: IN2010 (China), IN2013 (Europe/Asia), IN2011 (India), and IN2015 (NA/USA).

  • It's showing as $750 + $25 shipping for the green colour for me.. why is it cheaper?

    Also I'm concerned about the bands.. I'm with Telstra and my area isn't that great, and I'm really worried this phone won't have good reception as some comment above said it lacks Band 28 (?).

    One more thing, this is a reliable shop to buy grey imports from, right? (In terms to sending phone back for their warranty and all)

    Thank you so much so anyone who can help me. I really want a new oneplus phone.

    • I bought a 7 pro from them recently, arrived quickly but warranty might be harder than getting something local. You can't buy oneplus phones locally at all unfortunately.

      I would avoid this in your situation, band 28 handles most of Telstra's regional stuff I've found, my reception improved a lot going from a phone without to a phone with.

    • Since no-one has actually addressed the question - you probably defaulted to the 8GB/128Gb option. You have to manually select the higher spec version on the store.

  • Waiting for a NORD deal!

    • Yep, will need a Europe model for Band28 though!

      Also consider a Oneplus 7T if you have no desire for 5G. Might be better value.

  • This or Huawei Mate 20 pro for $599 ? Any suggestions/ recommendations ?

    • Definitely go with the OnePlus 8.

      Mate 20 Pro came out almost two years ago now. Whereas OnePlus 8 has the latest processor, high refresh rate screen. It's a much more modern phone overall.

  • Punched hole = eye sore

  • This one or OP Nord?

    • Nord looks quite promising. Good reviews so far from Marquees and Mrwhostheboss ! Prob too early to say as it is just released. For 25,000 Indian rupees ~ 500 AUD - it might be worth considering.

      • I would get the OP 8, given that Nord has plastic frame and SD865 is better than the SD765G. With the OP 8 you are getting 12/256GB whereas the INR 25k Nord will only be 6/64gb and the 12/256GB Nord is retailing for INR 29,999 that is 600 AUD.

        • If the Nord is going to be $200 cheaper than the OnePlus 8 then I would go with the Nord unless you game on your phone a lot. Day to day use with both phones would be similar

          • @solrak: 750G would be better as it's a better efficiency chip wiyh a bit of gaming ability.
            The 855 needs good thermals and gets warm.

  • Will it run rings around the Oppo Reno 5G?

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