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Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB/64GB Dual SIM $369 / $357.75 (With Coupon) (Import Stock + Regional Shipping) @ TobyDeals


This says $375 on the website. It seems to be the cheapest listed on OzBargain - however, I am not certain whether this is Global ROM.

  • Optional freebies include a Glass Screen protector or a Generic phone case
  • Shipping charges apply if you are in regional areas ($33.9), free shipping to most cities.
  • CART3 coupon takes an additional 3% off your order, unknown expiry date.

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  • Anyone have info whether the store is selling global ROM?

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    I ordered this phone back on Tuesday - I still haven't heard anything about tracking/shipping. Is anyone else in a similar position?

    • +1, was actually going to post something similar to this myself… I received the confirmation email for my order when purchased, but still no email with tracking/shipping after ordering over 48 hours ago & no updates on my TobyDeals account, says that my order is still Processing…

      Going to be honest, I probably won't be using them again due to this as it plays up with my Anxiety & I think 48 hours is well enough time to process an order, I understand that they're busy, maybe they need to expand operation with a couple more staff members to process orders quicker? Also hate how you NEED to pay via Paypal instead of a simple Visa checkout without using a Paypal account.

      I'm sure Support will help out if you send them an email, I will be shortly… I know it'll arrive eventually just a bother playing guessing games on when is all :]

      • I had the same problem when I ordered the Nokia 8. I sent them an email enquiry and they got back to me within 10mins and subsequently it was shipped out the next day. Once it's shipped it's approx 3 working days for it to be delivered to your door. They use toll priority and you can track it online.

        • Sent a sincere message to support over 24 hours ago now, still no reply or update so won't be using them again.

      • Maybe it was getting two free gifts that pushed them over the edge.. I pushed my luck too far!

  • Very good spec! Sadly not AMOLED screen

    • No band 28 and no NFC too

  • These slow fools at TobyDeals are never getting a cent from me again, will be avoiding like the plague from now on…

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    like the others that have ordered this phone through tobydeals my order is still processing 5 days later.. and with 2 unanswered emails from "support"

    ordered tuesday the 9th credit card payment processed on friday the 12th still waiting for fulfillment of order

    • +1

      Exact same position… emailed "support" twice now with no response :/
      I'm sure they'll get around to it… when it suits them? Would be nice to receive before the end of this week though -.-
      Never had to wait this long for an order to be sent out or a response from support ordering products online in many years so not a great experience for me so far although will still half appreciate the deal if it ends up coming through…

      • UPDATE:

        Still no response after sending two emails & one ticket via website…

        Read these really concerning reviews from there UK website:

        Looks like TobyDeals is just another Chinese scam site with unresponsive and staff who only want to scam you? No wonder price are so cheap, I reget making my purchase now. Wether we will receive what we paid for is only a guessing game now it looks like…

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          Thanks for your updates folks. I missed out but it looks like those who got one are having a bit of difficulties.

          DWI/eGlobal used to be good, I guess the standards have dropped.

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            @Deridas: They finally replied.. seems they "Sold out of stock" even though though were still selling it for about a week after the discount ended for $400 or something.. Really sus… Said they'll have stock in 1 day or so…

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      Thank you for your email

      We regret to inform you that the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB/64GB Dual Sim - Blue has sold out due to high level of orders received on this item. Please be assured that we more stock to arrive in the next 1 working days. Meanwhile, please bear with us during this inconvenience or advise if you would like to cancel the order
      email received 1.49 pm monday

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        Apparently that new stock hasn't arrived…I've heard nothing further since that email several days ago.

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          I emailed support again - starting to look like they are stalling:

          After checking on your order, we regret to inform you that the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB/64GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Blue has been delayed by our suppliers for 1 week. Please advise if you wish to wait or advise if you would like to cancel the order

          We apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused. If you have any question about your order, please feel free to contact us.

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    Received an email from tobydeals saying they are refunding my money owing to "stock levels" I'll never buy from them again . I offered to accept an alternate colour if it was easier but no.

    • (profanity) TobyDeals

  • I got a dispatch notification late last week and it arrived today. Seems like some others got a bit burned but for me I'm ultimately fairly happy. It took two weeks from order to arrival.

    • hey drillvoice i ordered the pocophone on the late 10th of April, when did you order it for reference. Thanks. Checked you ordered tuesday my bad. anyway haven't got anything yet not very happy/

  • Has anyone recieved their pocophone ordered on the 10th

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      Ordered on 10th but still waiting on mine. Customer support keeps responding saying their incoming stock has been delayed constantly.

    • Ordered on 10th, received multiple emails of "awaiting shipment" and then all of a sudden received a refund email on Friday 26 April at 6pm. So annoyed, would have been happy if they just asked if I wanted a Black one instead.

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    Purchased a POCOPHONE on the 10th ago on sale from TobyDeals AU website.
    2 days later I asked for an update on shipping time but they told me that incoming stock was delayed by 1-2 day but they did not decide to tell me.
    2 days later, I checked in but they stalled by saying stock was coming in within the 1 week.
    1 week later, I checked in but they said they were still out of stock despite the website saying they were still in stock and they were still selling the same device.
    No response since. Terrible customer service as they have not provided any solutions to any of my concerns. Absolutely shocking experience. Don't recommend purchasing from TobyDeals.

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      Thanks for the replies everyone, it helps the community form an impression re: TobyDeals.

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