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Trade 2 Games (PS4, XB1, Switch) and Get Days Gone (Standard Edition) for $35 @ EB Games


Games traded in needs to have a minimum trade-in value of $10, which is pretty standard for these trade in deals.

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    Trade in 2x working games and pay 35$ on top, to only see this game on sale in 3-4 weeks for 45$

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    Currently $66 at most places while $99 at EB. Why not just sell those 2 games on gumtree for $20 each or something?


      You’re not wrong, but I think these deals are good if you have quite a few crap games laying around that just meet the >$10 value. I took up the similar deal for The Division 2. I was able to offload two games that I would have been lucky to get $15 on eBay, minus postage and fees. I didn’t have to deal with time wasters, meet up with anyone, drive to post office etc.


        I sold RDR2 on gumtree pickup infront of my work for $40 and also HZD for $30 infront of my work via gumtree. I do work in Syd CBD though. Agreed though, certain situation and games make this a decent deal. Realistically you are trading two games for $31 to get the game.


          Yeah, one of the games I traded in for The Division 2 deal was an Amazon $5 copy of Battlefront 2 (which I think is now less than $10 value at EB). I wouldn't be using games like RDR2 or even HZD on a deal like this, but if you've got some junk games laying around and you want Days Gone, it can work out to be decent value.

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    This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals.


    This the “must have a $10 ebgames trade valued” trade deal?

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    Darryl: The Game

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    These trade 2 games deals are getting worse.


      Yep. This one is $6 worse that the last one. Mortal Kombat for $29 when you trade two games. And that wasn't a good deal.

      I agree with the spriggan's reply. Wait for a month and get it cheap. Game prices drop pretty fast.


    needed to be the special one


    i have zero hopes for this game