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[PS4] Free Online ID Change for all Users - One Time Use then, $13.45 for Normal Users, $6.75 for PlayStation Plus Members


For those of us that created their account when they were 12 can finally rejoice with a free online ID change!

Please note:

Your previous Online ID may remain visible to you and other players in some areas.
You may lose progress within games, including game saved data, leaderboard data, and progress towards trophies.
Parts of your game and applications may not function properly both online and offline.
You may lose access to content (including paid-for content) that you may have acquired for your games including content like add-ons and virtual currency.

You can revert back to any of your previous IDs by contacting PlayStation Support.

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    How do you delete old IDs ?

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        Doesn't work.

        There's still unused ID's in the family account and no option to delete them.

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        Playstation said there'll be critical issues relating to disc jam if you do this change.

        Im going to leave my name as is, don't want to risk it.

    • I don't think you can since they're allowing you to change back

    • Are u trying to delete jv and start a new id?

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        No, I want to delete IDs from the family account but can’t work out how.

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          Go to Settings.
          Select "Login Setting" from the menu.
          Select "User Management"
          Select "Delete User", then select the profile you would like to delete. That's it! You've successfully deleted that pesky profile off your console

          This way? Probably u did this..if u dis, pls ignore this msg. Thanks

          • @aladdin: I've tried to remove them under family management… Will try what you suggested. thanks.

        • can you delete jv

          • @Hinee: I don't want to delete my account, it's someone else's

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      why is this question being downvoted? lol wth/

      It's not like he's jumped onto this post and asking 'What is the ration of Mustard to Ketchup in a standard McDonalds Cheeseburger'

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        Do you know said ratio off the top of your head?

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          I'm guessing 2:3.

  • I think it's only US and Europe at this stage.


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    Hmm is it time to retire L33tDemonSlayerPu$$yLuva69?

    That's a lot of notes. May as well just start a new account

    • +1

      If you don't want it

    • +3

      omg you fully guessed my password

      • +4

        … mum?

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    Goodbye BigDong42069 handle, we had some great times.

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      That's what she said

      • Whooooooww

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    There are about 45 known games with issues 10 with critical issues if you do the name change so make sure you are careful

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    Heads up;

    -Your previous Online ID may remain visible to you and other players in some areas.

    -You may lose progress within games, including game saved data, leaderboard data, and progress towards Trophies.

    -Parts of your game and applications may not function properly both online and offline.

    -You may lose access to content (including paid-for content) that you may have acquired for your games including content like add-ons and virtual currency.

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      This does not seem like an acceptable side affect of simply changing a display name.

      • Going by what they are saying 10 or so old games will have critical issues when changing your ID, the games that have issues but aren't critical I think can be fixed by reverting your ID back to the original. in the FAQs it say you can revert to any of your IDs for free.

        Heres the list of Games with Critical Issues

        • +1

          I'm assuming thats only if you already have the game?
          If you dont yet have the games affected then it should be fine? Is that right?

            • @FabMan:

              Parts of the game may not function properly, both online and offline

              Does it actually say anywhere that it only affects people who have played the game before?

              • @mekktor: The issue, from what I've read, is that games have content linked to your PS user name and not your PS user ID, so when you change names, the content purchased or created with your old name does not link up.

                If you have not played the game, content is not linked up to any name yet. You change your name, play one of these games, it will be fine, unless you change your name again.

        • Onrush is an old game?!

          Initial release date: 5 June 2018

      • You may lose progress within games, including game saved data, leaderboard data, and progress towards Trophies.

        Ridiculous! Might as well staet a fresh profile/ID.

        • +1

          Its for 10 specific games that they have listed.

          • +1

            @FabMan: That "10 specific games" represents games they've tested that definitely has critical issues, not that they are definitely the only 10 games that has critical issues.

            So everyone should definitely go through the full list of tested games and compare it against their game library before taking the dive:

            Oh, and theoretically all games released on or after April 1st 2018 is supposed to be compatible, but "they have not been specifically tested with the online ID change feature and we do not guarantee that they are fully compatible with the feature". So people should keep that in mind.

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        Yeah, and to have to pay for the privilege of having these issues is even worse

      • -3

        Then don't change it.

      • Mostly because it's not just a display name. Unlike almost every other online game service, your user data is tied directly to your username rather than a hidden unique identification number. So to implement name changes they've had to hack their system to support either a UUID they've recently introduced (would explain why all games released after mid-2018 don't have these issues) or track previous usernames and inform games how to link them.

    • +1

      35 games have minor issues, such as configured settings switching to default settings being actived.
      10 games have critical issues, such as content and currency you've earnt not being attached to your account anymore.

      List provided above.

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    No edit button for me

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      Pretty sure Microsoft has allowed users to change their IDs since the Xbox 360 days…

      You can change the default Gamertag once for free. At least that's how I remember it .

      • +1

        I must have changed mine at some point. It’s always asked me to pay as far as I remember.

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    I've wanted to change mine for so long, I think I'll wait a few months to see if they can iron out bugs though, I still play PS3 and Vita a lot and they don't mention anything about that at all, which is a bit scary.

    I'd rather keep my shitty ID then have my account shit the bed and lose 10 years worth of games and trophies.

    • +1

      Playstation games released prior to April 1st 2018 are not coded to implement ID change. This isn't a bug just an oversight by PlayStation ever since the release of the PlayStation Network. Unless the publishers of older PlayStation games push updates out (highly unlikely) the problems will never be fixed.

      • +2

        Yeah it's so damn vague and uncertain though, I doubt even Sony knows what will happen.

        If the problems are just minor quirks, such as my old name being reflected online using PS3 games etc. then that's fine, I don't expect that kind of foresight from PS3 devs or expect an update.

        But if for example I can't play online for some PS3/Vita games, can't sync trophies, can't DL games, lose my Fight Night Round 4 platinum or my copy of The Simpsons Arcade then I'd be pissed at myself.

        We can't even use names which had previously been acquired and left dormant for the last 10 years anyway, so I don't see the rush.
        If they released all ID's which had never actually been used and you now have to chance to grab an awesome one then I'd be more hesitant to take the risk.

    • They specifically state in the blog post and FAQ that PS3 and Vita don’t support the name change. It’s not vague at all. So if you still use both, don’t change your name.

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    Bloody hell this must have been so badly designed/coded initially if finally implementing the ability to change your ID can potentially cause such a clusterf**k when you use it

  • +12

    From a programming perspective it would appear they’ve been linking save data and purchases simply to usernames and not the user id… what an absolute rookie error.

    • In this case isn't the user id the same as the username? Hence the stuff around

      • +1

        Nah, in a database there is usually a unique ID per row of information. So if they’d linked to the unique ID wouldn’t matter what username you use as it’s irrelevant.

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    For those that still value and use their PS3 and Vita content, I would definitely advise against doing this…

    “You may lose access to content (including paid-for content) that you've acquired for those games, including content like add-ons and virtual currency.

    You may lose your progress within those games, including game saved data, leaderboard data, and progress toward trophies.

    Parts of those games might not function properly, both online and offline.

    Your previous online ID(s) may remain visible to you and other players in some places.

    You may have permanent game issues as a result of the online ID change that cannot be fixed with a revert back to your old online ID.”


  • not working for me… hopefully nobody takes xXD34m0n_Sl4y3R_666Xx before me

  • -1

    Wake me, when you need me,
    When I can change PSN username now.
    The option to change my PSN username isn't coming up for me yet

  • Many years ago I wanted to change it (for some reason I made mine all caps) but now I just live with it, and now these potential issues it’s not worth it st all

  • -3

    Is it true that if you change your OzBargain ID you lose your. comment count?

    • Yes that's why you need OzBargain Premium.

  • +2

    CreamPieFC will live strong.

    • +1

      Name checks out

  • No option to edit it beside mine?

  • So, I want to change my username from lowercase to uppercase, and have since I created my user name in 2008, silly mistake. But a bit worried about the issues. do you think as its the same letter combo but just capitals it will just be fine? Don't think im willing to risk it tbh. There is trophies and gave saves, from when trophies went live back in 2008…

    • Good question. Case shouldn't be an issue, as it seems to be checked when creating a user id (aka I can't get Michael by trying MiChael, mIChaEl etc…)

      However, if some dumb shit thought user IDs would never change period, it would be easier (lazier) to just compare case too…

      Since PlayStation seem to use the user created username as the actual account ID (I hope someone for fired for this), I wouldn't be surprised if case checks were ignored.

      Probably not worth it. Unless your username is something that gets you targeted in games…

  • Anyone with a GTA Online account tried this yet? Any issues?

    • There has been issues on GTA V reported by Sony, (on the site) so best not to change your username if you’re worried about data loss online

  • So I have a Jap account and my normal Aust account. I want to change my Aust account name to my Jap account name. How do I do this if it can be done that is?

    • You won't be able to do that as the Japanese account name is already taken. Changing it to a different name won't make the original name available.

      • Ahh ok was hoping if I changed the Jap account name to something else would then allow me to use that name in my Aust account

        Damn ;(

        Thanks for the reply

  • +1
    • Sir, where are we going to get the budget to test the new nickname change system?
    • Budget? What budget? Just release it to the public, claim it as a "feature" and say it is "free"!
    • say no more fam

    Bloody brilliant Sony, now you got thousands of beta testers who will do your work for free! And some dumb ones will even pay for it!
    That's a no from me. Not going to change mine so I never have to worry about any bugs at all.

  • is it working for anyone? im unable to change my ID

    • It’s not yet live.

      • When will this go live?

        • Meant to be shortly in the US, not sure whether we’ll be at the same time or later today/tonight.

  • +1

    I still play my PS3 as much as my PS4, but I hate how there’s data loss, trophy loss etc and issues on the older consoles. Why would Sony release this with all the bugs rather than fixing them and then releasing a more stable online user ID change…

    • +2

      Because it sounds like it is an unfixable bug.

  • +1

    I just love company's with a worldwide audience making big announcements with timing such as "tomorrow".

    When the fk can I change it ?!?!

  • Now live in the US, doesn’t seem to be live here yet though.

    Update: Live on console but not through the browser for me.

    Update 2: Now live on both.

  • Live now, I've got an edit button next to my ID

    • It let me check a few different IDs, now timing out

  • Not worth the risk of having save file corruption for the SoulsBorne titles. So much time and effort into those games. I’ll keep my handle for now I think.

  • So will the first name change be free forever or this for a limited time, beta test time period only?

  • Ah yes i can finally change oneshot1killudie
    And stuckonyou69

  • Rockstar statement on changing your PS name:


    Summary - you'll be fie.

  • Just changed my PSN, GTA Online is fine, :)

  • Been trying to change mine and I can't believe how many times it says "ID Invalid" I know for a fact no one would have this ID but it still says it, even with a bunch of random numbers at them end

    Whats the go

    • There’s how many millions of PSN users the world over that have been creating ID’s for years, how can you be so sure that what you’re trying isn’t taken?

      I’m assuming you’re also following the criteria required? i.e not starting with numbers, no banned (or what Sony sees as inappropriate) words etc….

      • Yep
        I created a username in the Jap account which I can't use in the australian account name so I just added a bunch of numbers behind it to use in aust account and it still doesn't let me

  • +1

    About trophy loss -
    Copied from user Super_Bright via Reddit

    You can't lose trophies. You can lose progression towards trophies. So if a game has a trophy for killing 10 monsters and you've killed 5 then change your name it may reset to 0 but if you already had the trophy you're fine

  • Everything I want is taken.

    And I don't want to add Xx and xX to the start and end of my name.

  • "The connection to the server timed out."