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[XB1/PS4] Just Cause 4 $19 (Free Delivery with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Came across this price drop as I was looking to buy Battlefield V. Price has dropped to $19 for both consoles (Update: Xbox price raised, PS4 price still at $19), probably to price match the Gamesmen who have also got this listed for $19… links to the Gamesmen for those that prefer to C&C.

Note: Just Cause 4 is part of the Xbox Games Pass so it is 'free' to play if you have the membership.

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PS4 Gold Edition - $48

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    on xbox gamepass btw

    • Thanks for mentioning that! I recently signed up and hadn't checked the games list yet.

  • A very fast price drop. Was the game any good? I loved to screw around in Just Cause 3 but didn't really do many missions.

    • Was a bit disappointing to be honest. The best part about the series, blowing stuff up to take over a base, is no longer how you take over a base. The core mechanics are still there but that key aspect is just meh.

      Also on launch graphics on PS4 Pro were shite. Kicking myself I pre-ordered cos I love the series as well. They've done a few updates since then which has gradually improved it but to be honest, it still doesn't look as JC3.

      TLDR; for $19 it's worth it or via Xbox Gamepass. Full price? Heck no.

    • I enjoyed it. Definitely worth it for the price.

      I payed full price and was not disappointed.

      • @edshays It’s because it’s very similar to the first. Whilst fun, there’s only so much blowing up silos one can do before they need a bit more substance.

    • Was the game any good?

      I didn't like it for the same reasons I didn't like JC3: you start off as a character with superhero like powers already so there's no progression.

      Then the game has you doing the same two missions repeatedly (kill this or destroy that), which is boring, but the character is supposed to make their own fun (always a bad sign) by drawing the missions out as they crash a 747 into an oil pipeline or topple a building into an oil refinery. But it's just quicker to shoot everybody to pass the missions rather than dropping six LPG storage tanks onto their heads in a tornado.

      I loved to screw around in Just Cause 3 but didn't really do many missions.

      Well at least you can do that.

  • for this price it's worth it. The game gets real old real quick, it's very repetitive and the coolness factor of all the vehicles wears off soon.

  • Yeah, average game compared to 2 and 3.

  • I got over it within half an hour

  • I have ganepass, but not sure how long this will be free for. Might be worth buying.

  • Wish Tetris Effect would hit this price point already.
    I am tempted here at $19 but I have 3 from PS+ and on PC and seems same-same. So… undecided…

  • Does it lag ? Just Cause 3 runs terrible on my Xbox one s

    • Yes
      It looks really bad and the fact that it drops below 30fps is bad in my eyes. It's better than JC3, but I still wouldn't buy this on a base console.

  • Will EB price match this? Still have some unused store credits…

  • Thanks OP - price matched at JB as had a voucher.

    • really? sometimes JB only price match the physical store, not online seller.
      I have price matched Amazon once before
      After that , never succeed

      • I've found that there's no harm in asking - was surprised when I got a $10 voucher from linking the receipt to my online account, especially given I only spent $19 on the game.

  • This is a <$10 game. Or Gamepass.
    Really ordinary, was very disappointed at how boring it is.

  • I never played 1 or 2, but did play 3 and finished it, had good fun. JC4 I played for about an hour and was bored, nothing like my experience with 3. Seriously, for xbox one players, try this out on game pass first

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