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[PS4/XB1] Rage 2 for $29 When You Trade Two PS4, XB1 or Switch Games @ EB Games


As with the previous deals. Trade 2 games worth over $10 credit and get the Preorder title for $29.

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    Trade 2 games worth over $10

    Worth $10 to me, or to them?


    Is there a trade list?

    If so where?

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      They probably have a list but they won't let us see it. If we want to know we have to ring up or go in and ask about games trade in price.


        Good old efficient EB. I wonder if they could answer that via email.


          Quicker to call them. Email is so slow, even an Aus Post letter would arrive before getting an email back.


            @silverrat23: they never give a list - they prefer to place customer on hold - and restrict game values given to around 12…. so why you think that is quicker than being sent an automated email list beats me…


              @petry: Because I asked a simple (non-related) question via email and got a response 6 working days later.

              If you’re calling over the phone for values, just ask for 3 or 4 games at a time, repeating this multiple times. Still quicker than waiting 6 days for the same result.

              I find it annoying too with the lack of a proper list, but hey, it’s a minor inconvenience compared to the little effort exerted from just calling.

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                @silverrat23: yeah the point I was making was that

                a. the list as a list is never provided by eb because it doesn't really exist and
                b. as a consequence eb wastes staff and customer time by running sales promotions that are deliberately misleading.

                but this ozzwhalia, run by unaustralian governments, who effectively hate Australians - so its all ok…

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    Any pre-owned or new game that EB Games sells for over $40 is worth over $10 trade value.


    Do i have to preorder rage 2 first in order for the trade-in deal to work? or can i just do it on release day?

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