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Kicker 11HS8 Hideaway 8" 150W Subwoofer and Amplifier $277.20 Pickup or + Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi


8" in-car subwoofer and amplifier, 150W RMS, fits under most seats
Fits under most seats!
150 wrms
Remote Bass Control included
GREAT PRICE WITH LOCAL WARRANTY $204.94 + $47.60 Shipping

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  • How hard are these to install?

    • It’s comes with all wires and accessories which you need ,it’s took me to install only 2hrs ….but depend on your vehicle

    • buy wire + inline fuse

      connect to +ve of car battery

      find hole to pass through firewall into cabin

      connect to +ve of this unit

      another wire connect -ve of this unit to bare metal

      audio cable from headunit to this unit

      depends how neat or messy you're after

  • How was the sound OP? Much better than the default sound? Got a boring corolla

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      yes, you get doof doof with whole car/seats trembling

      you can feel the fizz through your dong too

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        you can feel the fizz through your dong too

        I've been paying $277.20 every Friday night for that feeling.

    • definitely Perfect for a small car …..

  • I had one of these a few years ago in an Accord, comparing to the Focal iBus20 which I also had at the time, this one produced lots of "doof doof", sometimes a tad too heavy, was to a factory headunit. It won't break windows, but provides a decent punch to the low end to a standard factory setup

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      Quick question.. What sort of accord did you have? I'm trying to work out what to splice as there is no RCA or subout on most standard head units. Might be something I could wire in

      • It was a 2004 Accord (non-Euro) and the standard one (no heated seats)
        I believe they said it was installed on speaker level, not via RCA

  • I've had one of these in my Amarok for a few years now, love it! Great upgrade to the factory sound system without much mucking around. Fits perfectly under the passenger seat too

  • i've had this for just over a year now and it's great for its size. Don't expect anything like a 12" or 15" but for an 8", it performs well. This is great price too. From my understand, the cost price is $300.

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    I researched these a ~4 years back and ended up going with a "MBQ AW-10E" instead:

    1/2 the price and it's 10" vs 8". It has a remote to control it and I usually keep it at ~60% power because anymore than that and it overpowers the music.

    It's a no-name knockoff brand but has worked flawlessly for ~4-years and it's "just bass"; i.e. used to fill out the bottom end Hz range. I doubt this kicker unit would be any better, particularly at 8" versus 10" unless you only listen to rock. I put my money towards a quality head unit, amp, and component speakers.

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