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[Switch] Nintendo eStore Sale - Zelda BOTW $62.95 (Was $89.95), Mario $53.30 (Was $79.95), Skyrim $39.95 (Was $79.95) & More


As expected, the Nintendo eStore has just gone live with a bunch of deals. I'll update the full list shortly but for now:

I think I've captured all the 'big deals' for now (it's time for bed, after all) but there are many more now available on the estore. Some of these games are now cheaper than physical, and others are just equal to the equivalent best price for physical.

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  • +56

    Oh, yay. This makes digital prices about the same as everyday physical prices. I can barely contain my excitement..

    • +4

      I prefer digital because they cant get lost or stolen and there is no need to be swapping sd cards

      • +8

        And game sharing

        • +3

          What is game sharing?

          • +13

            @YellowKnight: My son and I both have my account on our Switches. He can play any game I purchase digitally on his Switch and on his own account. (The only downside is that I must have internet to verify my have licensees before I can play)

            Not sure why I was negged for mentioning this above.

            • +1

              @Where's_That_Cake: neg is the default vote lol … id say they took it as sarcasm due to your avatar .. hahaha

            • @Where's_That_Cake: One more thing about game sharing is that it's impossible for you to LAN even with two Switch using the same copy of the game. Online, however, would work but for games without pre-made group good luck with finding each other in random matching lobby.

      • +3

        And resell value.

      • +1

        Be VERY careful buying digitally from Nintendo or Sony (Steam and Microsoft seem more reasonable). I've had bad experiences with both companies and now only buy physical media from them apart from indie titles. Sony's PS+ auto renew got me and they refused a refund the next day and Nintendo implied that the pro controller could be used for all Wii U games and refused a refund for me when I bought Resident Evil 4 and found out it wasn't supported. Both companies were quite rude about it too. Nintendo were more professional than Sony though. The Sony rep literally laughed at me when I asked for a refund.

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      I'm not gonna get it digitally, but if you could find me where Skyrim for Switch has ever been $40 I'd be super appreciative

      • +1

        I reckon I've seen it for about this on gumtree before, but could be mistaken.

      • My thoughts exactly.

      • -1

        Would love to pick up a physical copy if it was priced close to this - recommendations for gumtree are not exactly helpful or consistent :P

      • +1

        I've been seeing it on gumtree and Facebook marketplace for a few years around that price. In Brisbane anyway.

    • its not as bad if you got nintendo shop credit in previous sales :) so its an extra % off …

    • Aren't Nintendo still horribly behind with digital, too? In the Wii days your games were flushed when your console died, weren't they?

      • Yeah, but now they're tied to your account. As long as you make your new console your "primary", all licences will move to that one (you'd now have to be online for the old console's games to work after migration). That's how people like "Where's_That_Cake" do game-sharing. :-)

        Game saves are more difficult - you have to have an online subs ($30/yr) to get cloud saves, & so far you can't physically transfer to a new console (eg. on a microSD).

  • +2

    Decent price for BOTW. Hoping for an Amazon price match

    • +4

      Don't think Amazon will match the physical price to the digital

      • But I bought physical copy from amazon for the same price during black friday… So it can happen ^_^

        • +12

          I got laid back in 2007. So it could happen again!

    • Was hoping it would include the DLC, oh well :(

  • 3DS?

    • +5

      Try turning on your 3DS and making a post? This guy has accessed it from his Switch.

  • +3

    Jump on the Russian eshop store now boys.

    • +2

      Australian credit cards work, or requires purchasing Russian gift cards?

    • +1

      Sweden eshop is good as well.

    • How? Do I need to create a new id for russian eshop?

      • No just go to your account on the internet and click change region.

        • My MasterCard and PayPal is getting declined, any idea on how to buy games

  • +4

    Seems only skyrim is much lower than physical price

  • +10

    Am I the only one who has a physical copy of Mario + Rabbids (regular version) and would really like the DLC to go on sale for once?

    • +16

      You are not alone, my bovine friend.

    • +1

      Me too. Maybe buy the gold version and sell your regular one on gumtree.

      • Try Facebook marketplace. I was able to buy the gold edition DLC for $10

  • +4

    Mario Kart not on sale, whyyyyyy, I've been waiting for 2 months

    • Yeah same. Regret not getting it when it was on sale in Dec/Jan.

  • +4

    Still no Celeste sale I see, do the devs have a vendetta against the "Europe" (i.e. including us) Switch regions or something?

    • +2

      I too was waiting for a sale on Celeste.

      Couldn't wait.

      Worth it at full price to be honest.

    • +1

      I’ve been waiting on Celeste also, it’s crazy they never discount as it was literally given away for free on Xbox not long ago!

      • I'm playing it on Xbox. It's pretty great. I am impressed with it.

  • +7

    Very tempting…but I want physical games…

  • +1

    Oh sick! We got the EU discount! Nice!

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Not sure why some people are acting like this isn't a good price. BoTW for $62 is pretty good. Cheapest physical copy i've seen was like $70.

    • +4

      It was $59 back in 2017..

      • -3

        digital != physical

        • Did you even read what he posted? He said cheapest physical copy was $70

      • +2

        Oh damn, I didn't know it was ever that cheap. Well I still think its a good deal anyway. I like having the digital versions :)

    • buy preowned from facebook or gumtree $40-$50 it is HARD COPY

    • -1

      $62 as a "sale" price on a 2 year old game is not a good price. It's just good by Nintendo standards.

      By comparison, the <5 months old Red Dead Redemption 2 is currently $64 on PSN. Horizon Zero Dawn which came out almost the exact same time as BotW is $25.

      • Nintendo games retains price well. This had been true for 2 decades.

        • -4

          That doesn't make it any less sh*t.

  • +4

    Excellent, picked Skyrim and realised I still had credit in my wallet from the last time I stocked up on 15% off eshop cards! Not that I really needed to add to my growing pile of shame.

  • Nice nice I’m in to broke to buy anymore.

  • Diablo 3 on Switch would interest but not a chance at that price.
    Plus I’ve alrwady played hundreds of hours on pc so hmmm

    • +1

      Yeah. $30 I’d maybe consider it again.

    • +1

      FWIW, I preordered (with Amazon discount, but more than this). No regrets!

      I haven't played any other game since! :)

    • +1

      I picked it up around 50 a month or so back when cheap, I've also owned on PC and Xbox and for me Switch version is best of the lot!

    • +1

      Haha yeah, I'm kind of in the same place. I want Skyrim, but i kind of already have it, AND modded it. I'm not sure if I want to pay so much for the switch version.

  • +1

    Any discounted eshop gift cards available at the moment? I haven’t seen a sale since the JB HiFi deal.

  • How did you find these games to be able to purchase from the website?

    I can't find games with prices for the life of me.

    • +1

      I generally use this site for pricing info:


    • I use canspend.com or nintypricer.com

    • Use https://switcher.co/deals/

      The site also lists the cheapest the game has ever been and when it was. And it is much faster than eshop-prices and the other ones linked.

      • What's a good site for physical prices? Been using dekudeals, found some good deals but it's not always completely up to date :/

        Or just any site that shows the best price whether physical or digital

        • Canspend.com is brilliant as it tracks Australian physical and digital prices

  • Monster Hunter is probably the best discount there; it's slightly cheaper than Amazon's price for it.
    Got a JB gift voucher I'd like to use for it but you can't buy them online which sucks.
    Gonna have to get up off my arse and go down there I guess.

  • +1

    Overcooked 2 is at a good price,
    really tempted to pick it up

  • +1

    Starlink Deluxe edition is a great price, and something you can't get elsewhere. $60 for what is the complete game is an awesome price. Might trade my physical copy into EB Games to take advantage of this.

    Also Overcooked 2 is a great price. Love the first one so finally bit the bullet. They seem to place this game on a 30% off sale every two months, so if you miss this, just wait till June - when I'm sure they'll pass it off as an end of financial year sale.

    • +1

      re. Starlink - agreed!! The digital versions have a ton of DLC, saving you from buying all those toys.

      Including Switch-exclusive Starfox:
      * "Standard" digital includes 5 ships, 7 pilots 12 weapons
      * "Deluxe" has +1 ship, +3 pilots & +3 weapons (so 6 ships, 10 pilots & 15 weapons)

  • Has Kirby ever been on sale on the Switch eshop?

  • Celeste ever going on sale? I want it so bad!

    • +2

      Just buy it. It's only what… $20 or so? It is a masterpiece. Pretty damn hard - I bounced off it the first couple of times I tried playing it, but the third time I went back it finally stuck and I smashed through it and actually managed to finish it. One of my proudest gaming achievements :D

      • Now beat battletoads and double dragon 3

      • Did you manage to finish the C sides? I got stuck half way and gave up after sinking a few days into it..

    • It goes on sale a lot in the US region, apparently AU is just on auto-pilot =/

  • Thinking of picking up Zelda, but is this close to the regular price you can find online?

    • +2

      Don't think, do. You're talking about a few dollars here and there potentially for a game that you are going to invest potentially hundreds of hours into, it's well worth it

    • yeh it probably won't drop to something too ridiculous anytime soon, but like soundpimp said, it's something you will spend so much hour on it, I personally reckon it's well worth the money

  • +2

    Stardew Valley???

    I’ve waited since I’ve owned a switch. Destined to never play cause I’m a cheapass

    • In the same boat, I'm thinking I might as well wait to see if a physical copy gets put out instead at this rate

    • It's pretty cheap, even at full price. Imagine the fun you could have had over the last few months!

      • Years*

  • Is the DLC for Zelda worth it? I noticed only the base game is on sale here.

    • +2

      I personally bought the DLC, but what I would recommend is to play the base game first and see if it's the type of game that you like, I only bought it the DLC when im close to finishing the base game.

    • +1

      The master sword trials were some of the most fun I had playing botw, and it fixes the painful weapon deterioration mechanic.

    • +1

      Dlc feels like it was meant to be played after beating ganon but it really doesn't matter

  • Thanks - been keen on a new Switch game for a while and Mario is a staple on any Nintendo.

    • Odyssey was fun but painfully easy

      • That's how I'm feeling about Pokemon :\

      • All Mario games are.

        • +1

          Really puts into perspective how bad I've gotten at twitch platformers in my old middle age.
          Mario was my bread and butter in the Snes era, nowdays I've lost count of how many times I've failed and needed to replay levels or segments over in Mario U Deluxe/Odyssey :P

      • Not that easy to get all moons but definitely easy to best bowser. Also the music is fantastic

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