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40% off All Shoes @ Running Warehouse Australia


Time to move some product!! Code:

40% OFF everything including Sale. Only exception is Watches/HRM


Enter the code runfor24 at checkout.

No backordered items allowed. Only applies to what’s in stock.

All orders over $150.00 are posted free. Orders under $150.00 is a $5.00 flat rate.

Any issues give us call on 1800 959 970. Otherwise enjoy and happy running!

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Running Warehouse Australia
Running Warehouse Australia

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  • +1

    Too many shoes. Not enough time to run in them :(

    Edit: Skechers GOmeb Razor 2 in Red or Lime at $84 + postage seems to be a good buy for a light weight tempo run shoes, and them GOmeb Speed 5 at $60 + postage for the race day. Plenty of sizes available. Why aren't Running Warehouse stock more Skechers Performance shoes?

    • +1 for more Skechers stock

  • Omg I bought a pair of brooks for $229 a week ago form athletes foot might have to stock up lol

  • +4

    I was looking at ASICS kayono for wife Yesterday. 2 pairs were 149. Now there 259, with 40% there more expensive than yesterday..

    Good deals to be had otherwise I'm sure. Have purchased previously

  • It seems that the coupon is not working on

    • Seems fixed, thanks

    • I get an error message, but it works.

  • PERFECT timing, needed to update my shoes. Thanks, just grabbed some Nimbus 21s

  • +1

    nice one Tom

  • +1

    Running Warehouse

    Must have some big shoes!

  • Thanks so much! Was just thinking of updated my runners :)

  • I don't know how you guys order shoes online with any confidence… I can try on two brands and get different sizes (I'm an Australian size 8 or 9, and an 8.5 in Redback slip-on work boots). How do you know you'll get the right size AND width, without going to an Athletes Foot store? I'd feel like a user to get measured by them, then leave without buying anything, LOL. But their prices are CRAZY so I don't even walk in there anymore.

    I just want something I can walk around in every day, not for running. For years that WAS Dunlop KTs from BigW, great shoes that lasted 3-4 years and then a couple more as mowing shoes. But they're junk now and their fit has gone all 'weird'.

    And joggers from those cheap shoe stores in supermarkets from $30 to $50… I bought a pair a few months ago and they're truly awful… Really painful to walk in because there's a grid of open squares under the cardboard insert (which had a thin piece of synthetic material glued to it - both peeled off by day 2). I still wear them because I paid for them and can't find anything else.

    • It's definitely a gamble! Running Warehouse do let you return shoes that don't fit well though. You can even return shoes that you've used, within 30 days, for store credit. If you pay with Paypal, they can cover the cost of return shipping.

    • Well it depends. I've been running in the same road shoes for a while now so I order online with complete confidence.

      If I'm trying a new pair I order two different sizes and read the vendor's returns policy beforehand.

    • The shoes I ordered today I currently wear so I know they fit. I run in 'On' shoes and they had a chart on their website showing the comparison between different running brands and how the sizing compares which was really helpful. At the time they had a 'try for 30 day' return policy which was great as you could really run them in before committing to the shoe.

      I guess it can be a gamble the first time you buy but just make sure you check the return policy before.

  • Does this apply to purchases/items in store?

  • That's frickin awesome! Asics 2e neutrals aren't always easy to find at a decent price. Cheers!

  • Rep- are there any more glacier grey/black Kayanos in regular width?

  • spewing. just bought the nimbus off catch :(

  • Great deal!

  • Thanks Op
    Love waiting for these sales, makes running adorable

  • Still waiting on a bona fide sale on Feetures socks :(

  • +1

    I was like WTF since when does Bunnings Warehouse sell shoes. Fair enough

    • LOL

    • Bunnings have always been selling shoes. Probably not a good idea to run a marathon in those.

  • Spewing about this - ordered a pair of Pureflows from RW just two days ago. I rang to see if they could apply the discount retroactively, but no dice. Annoying, but I’ve gotta buy some new marathon shoes anyway, so they’ll be getting more of my money regardless.

  • Thank you. I love you. My fav coupons.

  • Awesome deal. Thank you!

  • Any idea when this started, or in other words when it finishes ? Just that the code says FLASH SALE 24 hours of 40% Off Sitewide … mo idea when it finishes

  • Thanks, been needing some new sneakers!

  • +1

    Another outstanding deal. Just loaded up on shoes. Shame you don't have much going on in the shorts and jackets departments.

  • Great deal, I just bought two pairs of Salomons.
    I love OzBargain.

  • Thanks. I had just bought a new pair of Brooks, but this was such a good deal I couldn’t resist. Now I’ll have a pair on hand for when my current pair dies.

  • Just ordered new shoes, needed to update. Thank you so much!

  • Perfect timing! New Brooks for me ol' feet… Thanks!

  • Can you please confirm what time the promo finishes Sunday?

    • Tom - please can you extend coupon?
      Read it as follows finishes today:', hexne question

  • Anyone able to recommend a good trail runner with good grip?
    Looking for something that can be used for hiking.

    • Many of the brands RW stock make good trail running shoes. but wouldn't it be better to buy hiking boots? If you really want shoes, go into a running shoe store and try some shoes on to find what fits and feels comfortable.

      I used to wear Saucony Peregrine and now wear Altra Superior. I like both for different reasons. I found Salamon too narrow and I don't have wide feet but many people love them. I didn't get trail shoes until I got into ultras. You don't necessarily need trail runners.

  • Ordered a pair. Thanks OP. But no confirmation email!

    • They're notoriously slow with confirmation emails. Check previous deals.

      • I ordered about 5pm yesterday arvo and got a automated email reply at 8pm.

  • Any chance of NB Minimus 10v4 women's stock?

  • Has this offer finished? I had some shoes in my shopping cart but the discount is now zero. I've readded coupon and it's saying valid but discount is zero :(

    Was considering 4 pairs but I realistically only need 2 pairs. Took too long to decide…

    Was thinking it may expire at midnight but seems to have stopped working after about 11pm

    • It has finished.

  • +1

    I put an order in yesterday and also haven't had a confirmation email yet. But I did get the Paypal confirmation….

  • Damn missed this.

  • +1

    Shoes arrived today. Very pleased with the service.

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