NBN Access Point

A relative is getting their NBN connection on Tuesday. They currently have cable.

It's a double brick two storey house. The cable access point is into a top floor room.

Do you have a say in where the NBN access point to the house is? E.g. the relative is elderly and it might make sense for it to be downstairs.

Would reception be okay on the level not where the modem/router is, or would extenders be needed?



    They'll install it where it's the easiest for them BUT you can request where you want it

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    hfc re-use old telstra foxtel port

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    As of Jan 1 2019, You have the right to request the point be placed where you want, however they will only do it if its feasible and also this point can not be moved in the future without significant expense.
    even if you have an old Foxtel point you can still ask it to be placed where you want (never on second story though)


      So I can request them to install it in my router room? I've worried about this before, currently on optus HFC but getting FTTC soon. Will I be able to get them to place the lan port into the room where my router currently is? Currently, the optus cable comes into the router room…


      OP's wall may never be the same again if they start requesting the contractor to install the internal wiring to the other side of the house.

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    HFC uses the Telstra/Foxtel coaxial cable. You have Optus HFC, so NBN would not use the Optus cable, they would run a new HFC cable in from the street to the easiest point possible for the installer.

    Someone else mentioned FTTC. That doesn't use coaxial cable, it uses the old fashioned copper telephone wire. If the house already has a telephone cable in from the street, NBN will use that wire and will do no installation at all at your house. The NBN modem will have be plugged in to wherever the phone line socket is now.

    If the house doesn't have a copper phone line already, the NBN installer will run a copper cable to the easiest point possible for the installer.

    As far as the wiring in from the street is concerned, FTTN is exactly the same as FTTC - it uses the old fashioned copper telephone wire.

    People say that you can now ask the installer to put the NBN point in a particular place, but good luck with that. Unless it's dead easy, the installer will say "too hard" and leave without doing the job, and you'll then have to make another installation appointment and that can take ages and be lots of bother. Or, everything might just happen as you hope it would. No-one can tell until it happens.

    You can get your own cabler in to do virtually anything you want, but it will cost you.