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2x Aberlour 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky $108 ($54 Each) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ First Choice Liquor eBay


Great price on this popular whisky. Enjoy :)

Original PEARL 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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  • +3

    Omg, are they mass producing these and getting rid of them!? got 2 from last deal, tempted to get another 2.

    • +11

      My thoughts exactly. I now have 20 in stock. The wife's gonna kill me when she finds out.

      • +2

        Drinks on you then :P

        • +3

          You're welcome mate. Anytime.

      • +8

        She won't. If you had 20 of the range bottle, 22 looks exactly the same . Unless she's an auditor in which case rip friend…

        • Rofl 🤣

        • +1

          He's screwed, all wives are auditors.

      • +1

        20! My wife would kill me at about 8. 😂

      • +3

        Your wake should be great fun.

      • Are you planning to sell later at a high price? ;)

  • +1

    Time to stock up for winter.

  • Curses. I bought a single bottle just this afternoon.

    • +1

      A true ozbargainer would return and then buy again

    • +2

      never buy anything without an eBay code, the basic requirement for an OZBer
      never buy anything without an eBay code and a discount eBay gift card, the basic requirement for an advanced OZBer
      never buy anything without an eBay code and a discount eBay gift card and an extra seller discount, the basic requirement for an astute OZBer

      • Never buy anything without an Ebay code and a discount eBay gift card and extra seller discount and Qantas Shopping tracking and Flybuy attached!

  • +1

    When I pay for the item, error code 70049 70084 shows up.

    • Has happened to me in the past and think its to do with the quantity. When I reduced the quantity it worked.

    • Well happens that I got the same error for this deal. It worked when I changed the pickup location. It think that the "In stock" may not be accurate and works when they actually have stock.

  • U sure this is a Pearl discounted item. T+C's say Pearl must be in description, which I can't see on this listing

    • I got up to checkout and it did apply the discount.
      Haven't bought now so can't confirm, too much stock already.
      Perhaps someone else can tell if they've been successful.

  • +2

    Worked for me

    • Thanks for the confirmation. Enjoy the drink. Cheers!

  • +1

    worked for me too, many thanks.

  • Not one of the best drops in town, but it is a well-balanced Scotch.

    • For the price range, I think it’s definitely up there.

  • Got 2 just now

  • Pretty good price for the JW Green as well. Got two.

  • +1

    I believe you can get 2 bottles of this through the Groupon/boozebud deal for $87 shipped, which is a fair bit cheaper.

    2x Aberlour 12 year old for $60 each = $120
    +$7 shipping
    +$10 to purchase boozebud groupon credit
    -$50 discount when applying the credit at boozebud (it's $50 off orders over $100)


    Possibly a couple of dollars further discount if there is a Groupon % off voucher floating around.

    Limited stock left, so not enough to qualify for its own separate post.

    • It sounds like a very good deal. I reckon you should post the deal on ozbargain.

    • Shows as out for me….Although it looks like it would work on some of the Johnnie walkers.

    • +1

      I think Boozebud has sold out :(

      • -1

        That's because First Choice has bought them all to resell

    • +3

      Never had any issues with First Choice. They have always been awesome.

      Email them your experience. I'm sure they will compensate you.

  • cheers OP. Got x 2

  • Thanks OP placed an order for 2 at nearby store. Could have done free delivery with ebay plus but didn’t mean to take a chance with my wife.

  • Ordered from first choice earlier this month for $60 freeshipping on 3rd april , no update sent email asking whats going on they emailed this morning saying they have no stock and offered to replace with Glenlivet 12yo! which I like also so will accept have done a click and collect order for a Bottle of Aberlour so hope will be able to get that one as only have 1 full bottle at home

  • +1

    Ordered in wife's name

  • Hi guys

    need help here..this is my first time buying here. how to order this deal because if i press on the deal button it takes me to different deal ($60).

    • Need to use code PEARL at checkout.

      • thanks a lot

  • Thanks, bought 2 from this deal. Now up to 4 bottles of Aberlour because of OzBargain

  • Something went wrong. Please try to check out again…what am i doing wrong?

    • +2

      the store you tried to click and collect from doesnt have stock. Try a difference store.

      • In stock on eBay doesn't mean that local store has stock though. Our nearest shop said so. Just be patient.

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