Walk-in-Robe and Bathroom Shared by 2 Bedrooms

Most new homes now have a Walk-in-robe and bathroom in a master bedroom. Are there any homes that have a Walk-in-robe and bath room shared by two bedrooms? I would like to have an idea how to design such a WIR/Bathroom. If someone's home has such a design, would you mind sharing your floor plan? Thanks in advance.


  • .. bath room shared by two bedrooms?

    If it's a bathroom in between two bedrooms (so that it appears as there are two ensuites), I picture there being issues around how the bathroom gets used. For eg, if occupants from both rooms were going for the bathroom at the same time.

  • There's a reason you won't find many designs with a shared bathroom between 2 minor bedrooms…

    • Jack and Jill bathrooms are quite common though.


      What's the reason?

      • You need 2 doors, with locks. In doing so you've just lost wall space in the bathroom

        It's impractical, it's why having a separate bathroom serving 2 or 3 bedrooms is much more common.

  • How can one upload a drawing? I have a design that works well.

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      my account—> files.
      click on file
      cop'n'paste url.

      or copy to an image host , and then copy&paste URL

  • Not to exact scale, however this will work quite well: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/84209/68350/1555072165...

    • Looks like wasted space in WIR. probably get just as much storage with separate WIR's.

      How do you escape the bedrooms?

      • They call it a corridor… an inherent feature of a walk in robe. Separate walk in robes will require seperate corridors which wastes more space. There is a secret tunnel which gets you out of the rooms, but I didn't draw it as they are secret.

    • Thanks Logical for your upload.

  • What if entry to bathroom be via the WIR, so the WIR will have 3 doors, 1 to each bedroom, and 1 to the bathroom, so there won't be any conflicts with the bathroom having 2 doors.

    • Just ensure the bathroom has excellent ventilation as the steam from a hot shower entering the robe will leave clothes mouldy.

  • Didn’t the Brady bunch kids share a bathroom like this? 🤔

    • God you'd have no privacy in that layout. Could hear everything in each bedroom, even down to the toilet activities.


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        It gets worse… This is unit 2 in the same complex. The view from the masterbedroom : the watertank! The balcony has a nice overview of the ..carpark!🙄

  • Thank you all for your ideas and comments. I have decided to scrap the idea of sharing WIR with 2 bedrooms and am now thinking whether I should also scrap the idea of sharing the ensuite. I have been looking at some of the Jack and Jill bathrooms layout in Google search.