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Genuine Leather Shoes $20 + Delivery @ Target


Hey guys,
Always been a serial (and daily) OzBargain stalker and found a killer deal from Target I had to share.
Seems to be online orders only, well for Melbourne anyways (no stores with stock around my area)
$20 for genuine leather boots with brilliant reviews.
Free click&collect

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Target Australia

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  • $9 postage to Brisbane

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    Yeah was $9 for me in Melbourne too

    • Hey op, welcome to Ozbargain.

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      Cheers :).

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    I added a $29 item in addition to these shoes and got free delivery. Saves $9 or makes my $29 item only $20. Thanks OP.

    • $49 free delivery ?

      i thought it's $80

      • Just added an xbox game and there was no delivery charge for the transaction.

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    Free Shipster delivery if $25 or more.

    • Thanks, forgot about that two months ago when I ordered a trimmer and bumped up my order to I think $50+ with the addition of a shirt just so I

      could C&C although I have Shipster subscription, did no know that lol.

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    Free C&C

    • Haha, yeah,….I just did that wondering why all these other so called OzBargainers have not picked up on that ( pun intended ).

      • Nothing within cooee of me

      • No stock anywhere within 500km from my place

        • Me too, but when I went to checkout to see how much delivery would be, C&C ( free ) came up as an option so I just went for it. Assume it must be delivered from a Target warehouse to my allocated store.

          Last order order something similar happened as I had to wait 4-5 working days before getting message was ready to pick up, only then I had to spend $50+.

          Just try and see what happens. Maybe the warehouse is out of stock in your state?

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      ahh, didn't know you can C&C even if no stock in-store

      too late, size 8 is gone

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        I'm glad I ordered my Size 8 few minutes ago before I gave OP an upvote as that might have been too late to order.

        2225+ clicks and only 27+ upvotes ( yes, one is mine ), looks like people are voting with their feet lol.

        Well done Op, great first post, Thanks.

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    I can confirm these shoes gets the ladies

    • Not so easy if your size foot is below 10 lol.

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        I know! I purchased the last size 12 and will put tissues to fill the gaps.

        • Hahaha, tissues will hopefully come in handy later ( for the lady I hope ) lol.

  • I have ordered twelve pairs with free delivery as I often leave them under the beds of my one night stands. Anyone got a voucher / deal for bulk (say) 3000+ condoms?

    • You leave your shoes there? Must be in a rush to get out…

      • yes, to escape the 9 month suprise..

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      Shout out to the 2988 girls not getting a pair of boots.

    • can get you a free referral to a STD clinic..

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    Vegan protesters are on their way

    • found a killer deal


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    There's a few around where I live according to the website. Was going to Target at St Mary's (NSW) today and got myself a size 10. There was another pair of 10 and a size 7 there.