I Can't Tell if I Got Paid, or if It's a Scam? Gumtree

So someone contacted me over gumtree for the service I provide.
And they sent me this screenshot/ picture of their payment.
Here it is:

I blocked out some of the details,
but this photo was sent using ebayimg, so i assumed that paid through ebay to my bank details for a gumtree advertisement.. is that possible?

EDIT: Also forgot to mention, i have a heritage bank account, and they paid with ANZ..
does anyone know how long until the transaction appears in bank account for heritage? because right now nothing is appearing.

The service i have to provide is on a tight deadline, and we agreed to commence once payment was made.

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    Login to your bank and see if the money is there.

    Also make sure via the bank it is not a deposited cheque


      Hi, thanks for the response. I did check my bank account, but nothing is there. I edited the thread to include additional details about that.

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        "hi buyer, thanks for your prompt payment. once the payment appears in my account then I will provide the service"

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        You have answered your own question - if the money is not in your bank account, you have not been paid.

        Now to the matter of the screenshot. You can not purchase anything with the screenshot - it is worthless. It's certainly not proof that a payment has been made as such screenshots are trivial to fake. Imagine what you would feel if you had not received the screenshot. If you are smart, you should feel exactly the same way after having received the screenshot.

        Perhaps the screenshot is less than worthless because it is a confusing distraction. I have read many stories in forums such as this one about scammers sending a screenshot of a payment. I am yet to read a story about an honest person sending a screenshot of a financial transaction.


    this photo was sent using ebayimg,

    I think thats how gumtree shares photos? I'm not hundred percent sure on it, but I bought something a month or so back and the image I was sent of the postage is also from ebayimg. I was actually super worried at the time that he stole it from some ebay payment or site, but got my package fine.


    In May 2005, Gumtree was acquired by eBay's classifieds group for an undisclosed sum, - wikipedia


    Whilst I havent heard of ebayimg, that payment looks like it was sent using the ANZ mobile banking app.


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    I have read cases where payments images are doctored (apparently pretty easy to do with the page source code or html)

    Until funds cleared you need to be cautious.

    if you have tight deadlines from payment made to provide the service , consider using PayID, Paypal F&F to receive funds.

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      It is incredibly easy to doctor any image of anything.
      The money is not yours until you see it in your bank account.

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    I would wait til it clears before handing over/shipping goods. I have seen scammers photo edit bank transfer statements. The transfer usually takes 2-3 day to clear, same bank is same day.

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      Agree. If they need to have the work done on tight deadlines, they should have made a payment that could be verified under tight deadlines


    Looks like a Photoshop job to me

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    Usually 1 to 2 business days.

    Next time provide them your PayID



      Hi. Thanks for the response, I set up a PayID… should i tell them to cancel the transaction and repay with my PayID?

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    what did your online banking show when you logged in to check your online banking to see if there was an actual deposit?

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      But seriously, why neg altomic for this? I mean, how the hell are we meant to know if this receipt is genuine or not? Only OP can know for sure, and only by calling their bank.

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    It will not clear into your bank account until Tuesday. There are lots of instant payment methods such as Beem it or Oslo. These pay instantly into your bank account. This could be a scam and there is no way of knowing for sure if you have been paid until Tuesday.

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    The bank's electrons are typically slower than normal. Takes about 1 to 2 business days for inter-bank transfer.


      Intrabank transfers atre typically instantaneous. The timing for Interbank transfers depend on the banks involved. Most banks now have several "batch" runs of transfers during the same day. Where the remitting bank is not one of the big4 then it may take 24-48 hours.

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    Jesus that is some really poor quality photoshop edit.

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    For an ANZ transaction receipt, the 6 digit receipt # seems far too small…..

    You're most likely going to get scammed. Gumtree client, easily doctored jpg receipt, no way of checking with bank till next week. It has all the hallmarks of a scam…

    I wouldn't agree to do anything like this till such time as funds show up in my account. Even then you can still get scammed in a scenario where the person transferring uses a cheque to deposit $ in to your account. Funds may show in your account temporarily until such time as the cheque bounces.

    Exercise caution and protect yourself..

    "The service i have to provide is on a tight deadline, and we agreed to commence once payment was made."

    Does this mean you start working on it and provide whatever it is you do once funds clear, or just taking their word that they paid and provide them the goods.

    If the latter, I would always wait for funds to clear before handing over anything..


      I use ANZ. All my reference numbers are 6digits. Checkes randomly back over 8months of screenshots.

      Did some payments at 8:30pm AEST, the reference is 125###


        Interesting, thanks. I checked back through my ANZ transactions and found them to be 8 digits, so maybe different types of accounts.


      Does this mean you start working on it and provide whatever it is you do once funds clear, or just taking their word that they paid and provide them the goods

      I was about to post this too. If you can withhold the "outcome" of whatever your service is until you have confirmed receipt of payment then you should be fine.
      Just make sure you don't "finish" whatever it is that you do, before your bank has confirmed you have received the money

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    The service i have to provide is on a tight deadline, and we agreed to commence once payment was made.

    Payment isn't 'made' until you have the money free and cleared, that's all that matters here.

    If a service is time sensitive then it's on you to offer a fast enough payment method and on the buyer to use said fast method or understand that a slower method delays things.

    This is the modern day cheque bounce scam in essence.

    You are 100% in your right to say work doesn't commence until you have the money, if they don't like it they can have their money back, if it actually turns up

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    you dont know if you got paid???????


    Would you provide the service if they just promised to pay next week?
    If yes, go ahead. If not, wait for payment.


    Give an update Ezzie? Was the transfer legit or scam?

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