[PC] Star Wars: Battlefront II $5.99 @ Origin


Just saw that Origin is having deals of up to 85% off on a selection of their games.
Personally picked up the game a few days ago for $15 before this deal was up.
There were some major backlash after release due to all the pay to win features, but they've since removed most if not all of those features and have been balancing and updating the game frequently with future new maps/heroes planned.
Definitely worth the $5.99

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    What's the activity level in that game? Multiplayer still active?


      Aussie servers are most active around 6:00pm, if you're not playing at peak hours though you'll probably have to connect to the US oregon servers to find a match, latency isnt too bad from my experience when connecting to US servers, only thing that feels particularly broken is the melee hit detection when playing at high ping.

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      I can usually find a game in 1-2 minutes. I don't even bother checking au server these days. Us Oregon and Germany have 200+ping, but I don't have any issues playing. :) multiplayer is great fun though!


      Theres normally i think 1 or 2 AUS servers up for Galactic assault after 5-6pm. seems theres a lot more people playing during weekends. i've managed to get into a full server every day for the past week.
      Seems theres always people playing Capital supremacy, though i only found out about this mode today.

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    Aw cool campaign bad multiplaye

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    At this price it'll provide the buyer with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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