Logitech G413 Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard (Black) $91 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Well reviewed Logitech G413 Mechanical : https://g.co/kgs/3ajdQR
Can also get from HN for $91 but Amazon comes with free delivery plus cash-rewards.

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    I got this keyboard.

    Really nice feel to it. Unfortunately, my space bar is double tapping now maybe after 6 months of use. :( Start to notice it become a problem when your writing resumes/letters and you double space it.

    Don't know how to fix it.

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      Contact where you bought it or the manufacturer.


      I have the same issue with an g910.
      I've tried compressed air which helped but didn't totally eliminate the problem.
      Next is alcohol and air after taking keys off.
      Alternatively, try the chatter fix program in the below link, it worked for me.
      Best Way to Fix Key Chatter in Mechanical Keyboards


      Buy a new switch off eBay or Ali Express and solder it in. If your out of warranty ofc


        This doesn't use a cherry (or compatible) key, it's uses a romer-g switch - which is logitech's own version and is significantly different to cherry mx style. I'm not sure if you could find a new switch TBH.


          I know what switch it uses and I know they are available on eBay and Ali Express.
          I own a Logitech g pro keyboard that I don't use any more.


      I would guess that's a known issue, my best friend had the same keyboard with a similar issue with the spacebar if IRRC. They contacted Logitech and without too much hassle they sent out a replacement.


    I have one of these as well, it's kind of half way between a cherry red and a rubber dome keyboard. I rate it as nicer than a blue, but not as good as a brown for general use (my opinion).